Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 1446 - Academician Lu Once Said

Chapter 1446: Academician Lu Once Said

The experimental building of Jin Ling University.

Qin Chuan, who was sitting in the dean’s office, stared at the holographic window on the table. He spoke emotionally to the person on the other end of the video call.

“Lu Zhou is a professor from Jin Ling University! We have kept his position for a hundred years! Now suddenly someone who looks exactly the same popped out and claims to be Lu Zhou, we are obliged to maintain the honor of Professor Lu! How does this have nothing to do with us!”

“However, we also have to worry about the privacy of citizens.”

Sitting on the opposite side of the holographic window, the man in formal clothing sighed and said, “In terms of procedures, this is the task of the household registration management department. They will use multiple sources to verify the authenticity of his identity. When necessary, they will use the power of the security department. If they think they need your help, they will contact you. If they think your opinion is irrelevant or cannot provide valid evidence…”

The man in the video shrugged.

“Then I trust their judgment.”

Qin Chuan still reluctantly spoke.

“Then at least help me arrange a meeting with him, let me talk to him in person!”

“Please believe in the fairness of the law, Mr. Qin. The identity verification of dormant people is one of the most difficult problems in judicial practice, we also have our own difficulties here.

“100 years is not 100 days. No hospital will keep his DNA samples for such a long time, and he himself has never donated evidence containing genetic information. We need a rigorous chain of evidence to deal with this matter. Most of the evidence is vulnerable to the passing of time. There are so many things that can be changed in a century. If you are a scholar, you should understand what I mean by this.

“So, my suggestion remains the same. Since you are a university, do what a university should do. Unless you tell me that you are his immediate relative… But that is obviously impossible.”

Facing the man in the holographic window, Qin Chuan went silent for a while. His tight shoulders slightly loosened.

“Okay then…

“If you insist.”

The phone call ended.

Qin Chuan stood up from his office chair and said angrily, “These guys… Actually said the matter has nothing to do with us! I have never heard such a bullsh*t answer!”

The assistant looked at how angry Dean Qin was, he didn’t know what to say.

In fact, in his opinion, Dean Qin was indeed a bit paranoid.

Even if Jin Ling University did retain Lu Zhou’s professorship out of respect and commemoration, this reservation was unilateral. It was impossible for the court to refer to their opinions and make choices that affected the judgment.

He believed in the judgment of the court and the household registration management department.

But then again, even though he thought that Dean Qin was wrong, he still understood the old gentleman’s reaction to this matter and why he was losing his mind.

After all, the savant was back.

It would be strange to remain calm.

“Xiao Yang.”

The secretary standing next to him quickly responded, “Yes?”

“I have a class in a while, you can handle the afternoon meeting.”

The secretary named Xiao Yang nodded immediately and spoke with a polite smile.

“Okay, dean.”

Qin Chuan used the holographic panel to download the courseware, then left the office without a word and walked toward the teaching building.

He became angrier and angrier as he walked.

In his opinion, that guy was purely speaking nonsense, using official terms and the so-called procedures to negatively treat the serious matter of “Academician Lu’s resurrection”.

When Qin Chuan was about to go to the classroom after he arrived at the teaching building, two students walked past him quickly.

The two were talking excitedly while walking.

“F*ck, have you heard? Mr. Facial Paralysis was taught a lesson by a student from nowhere!”

“None of the classes know who this guy is!”

“Maybe a big name from a research institute?”

“No way, he only looks about mid-twenties at most. How could it be possible to get into the institute at such a young age!”

“Why don’t we go check it out?”

“For what reason, we still have a class. Let’s wait and see what other people say!”

When Qin Chuan heard the conversation between the two inadvertently, he raised his eyebrows subconsciously.

This is about Professor Sun Jingwen, right?

Why do I feel like…

Something interesting had just happened?

Inside the lecture hall.

It only took half an hour for the noisy classroom to go completely silent.

During this half an hour, the whiteboard constructed of holographic images placed on the right side of the podium had been filled with rows of dense calculations.

Professor Sun Jingwen looked at the whiteboard filled with calculations in amazement. He didn’t have any expressions on his face. His mouth was open slightly, but he couldn’t say a word.


“… An evolutionary form of Hadamard’s method.”


How come I didn’t think about this.

“To summarize, there is an obvious problem with inference 4 in line 24.”

Lu Zhou took his hand off the whiteboard. He was not used to using the holographic whiteboard. He gently shook his sore arm.

Then he looked at Professor Sun Jingwen, who was standing by the podium, smiled faintly, and continued, “If you are reading what I wrote, you should already understand what I want to express. There is no need to be obsessed with introducing differential manifolds and forcibly introducing the unified theory of algebraic geometry. There is no need to stick to L manifolds.

“I… If I remember correctly, Academician Lu should have said at the St. Petersburg conference that the unified theory of algebraic geometry is not a perfect theory, it is just an introduction to the Riemann zeta function. It may not be as effective when applied to Dirichlet’s L function.

“If you can find a way to improve this tool, I think you are not far from the final answer.”

Did Academician Lu say that?

But this is not important.

Professor Sun Jingwen’s throat gulped. He felt that his worldview was subverted.


When Lu Zhou saw the turbulent emotions behind the expressionless face, he pondered for a while and said, “I read the history of mathematics, especially the modern part. If I remember correctly…

“Academician Lu has never worshiped authority in his life. He often educates his students not to overly believe in himself, so we should not worship him as an authority.

“I hope you are chasing the truth, not a voice from a hundred years ago. If he has done something incorrectly, you don’t have to defend him, just erase that line and rewrite the correct answer.”

Those words resonated in Sun Jingwen’s ears.

“Academician Lu has never worshiped authority in his life, so we should not worship him as an authority…”

Suddenly, as if he woke up from a dream, his stubborn pupils gradually began to change.

Lu Zhou nodded with satisfaction in his heart.

So he can be taught…

Although this guy is a bit stubborn, he still has some talent. The most commendable thing is that his stubbornness is fixable.

At least he listened to my words.

Since what should be said had been said, Lu Zhou estimated that he should probably leave.

As for whether this guy could make something of this, it would depend on himself…

Maybe because he had lived for too long, and this was the university where he used to work, whether it was the student sitting here or a professor standing on the podium, Lu Zhou always felt like they were his own children.

If he could help them, he would.

However, just as Lu Zhou was about to leave, a strange sight suddenly appeared.

A pale golden key slowly emerged from the wall covered by holographic light out of nowhere.

The moment Lu Zhou saw this key, he was stunned. He then glanced sideways at the students sitting in the front row.

Many people looked surprised.

But their surprise was obviously not because of the key on the wall; it was because of the lines of calculations that shocked Professor Sun.

No one seemed to notice the key.

As if it didn’t exist in this world, like it only existed in his own universe.

Lu Zhou raised his right hand and touched the key. The moment his index finger touched the key, the key instantly turned into a ball of golden light. The light went into his fingertips and seemed to be absorbed by his body.

He didn’t feel anything special.

However, after seeing all of this, Lu Zhou felt a sense of fulfillment in his heart.

“I see…”

Lu Zhou muttered quietly to himself, “Achieving a sense of meaning with my past memory…

“Is this the trick to finding the keys?”

So this is where the holy land is…

As a professor, he used to preach and teach his students here, but just now, he did the same again when he revisited his hometown. So instead of looking for the key, the key was looking for him?

Lu Zhou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He didn’t expect that 100 years after he woke up, the system would actually give him such a philosophical mission.

But where will the next key be?

Lu Zhou looked at Professor Sun Jingwen standing next to the podium. He hesitated about whether to say goodbye before leaving.

But seeing how he was in deep thought, Lu Zhou felt that it would be better not to interrupt him at this critical moment.

So, without saying anything, he walked away under the gaze of those who were surprised and stunned…

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