Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 2464 2464-Ending Of The Whole Text

Chapter 2464 2464-Ending Of The Whole Text

Because the bride was pregnant, when toasting, they always treated the wine with tea.

Li Youyou also followed her brother and sister-in-law all the way to the last table.

She just didn't expect to see a familiar face at the last table-Feng Chen.

And beside Feng Chen was his childhood sweetheart, Ning Yan.

little sister, you're so beautiful.

Feng Chen held his wine glass and looked at li Youyou, who was dressed in a bridesmaid's dress.

thank you, " li Youyou replied indifferently.

Li Youyou and Feng Chen would only meet once in their lives.

From then on, they would be strangers.

The life and death situation in his previous life had ended from the moment he died.

Moreover, the current li Youyou was even less likely to argue with an idiot.

A few months later, the second child of ye Jinyu and Shangguan Anning was born.

It was still a son and a daughter.

However, this time, it was her sister who came out first.

The younger brother came out after him.

Shangguan Ling named his older sister "Shangguan sui" and his younger brother "Shangguan CI."

A year later, Tang Xiaoxiao passed away in prison.

Two years later, a man named "Chai Zhen" appeared in li Youyou's life.

Chai Zhen had wooed li Youyou for a full 1000 days before li Youyou finally agreed to marry him.

After that, li Youyou became the youngest female president in the history of the Empire, and Chai Zhen had always been the best wife for President li.

One day, li Youyou had just finished a meeting when she received a call from ye Tianxin.

Aiyo, hurry to the Jade Garden. Your grandfather can't hold on much longer.

When li Youyou rushed to the garden, there were already many people there.

At this moment, Xie xuning's hair had already turned white. He looked at his son, daughter, son-in-law, and so on who were kneeling in front of the bed. Finally, his eyes fell on ye Linlang's face.

He reached out and held ye Linlang's hand tightly as he broke into a smile.

honey, it's my greatest fortune to have met you in this life. I'll marry you in my next life.

Li Youyou's eyes were red. Grandpa, use this to propose.

Li Youyou passed a bouquet of bright-colored roses to Xie xuning.

Xie xuning took the roses and said to her wife, " honey, I'll make a reservation from you. We'll be together for the rest of our lives. I want to marry you and dote on you like a little princess.

Ye Linlang hugged the roses and smiled as she nodded. She held Xie xuning's hand tightly.

"Alright, in your next life, remember to come and find me earlier."

Xie xuning laughed like a child.

Ye Linlang looked at the children who were gathered around the bed and said to ye Tianxin, " Tianxin, take the children out. I have a secret to tell your father.

Xie xuning nodded.

Ye Tianxin LED the children out of the bedroom without a sound.

Ye Linlang got on the bed and lay beside Xie xuning.

The husband and wife held each other's hands tightly.π‘“πš›π™šβ„―π˜Έπ™šπ˜£π™£π˜°Ξ½e𝘭.cπ’πš–

xuning, it's my greatest blessing to be able to meet you and marry you in this life. I'll walk the yellow Springs with you. Don't lose me again in your next life.

Xie xuning turned her head and kissed ye Linlang's forehead.



Xie xuning called her a few times, but ye Linlang did not respond.

Xie xuning smiled. Linlang, I'm here.

On this day, the couple who had been separated for nearly 20 years in the most beautiful years of their lives had passed away on the same day and time.

They were still holding hands when they left.

This was probably the best interpretation of holding hands and growing old together.


Ending speech:

When he wrote the last full stop on the document, he had mixed feelings. He felt relieved, but more than that, he felt reluctant and disappointed.

Every character in the story was entrusted with the painstaking efforts of time and time. Even if he or she was the main character or just a supporting character, from a slow point of view, they were their own children. When they grew up and had to separate, although it was fictional, the mixed feelings in their hearts were real.

In the process of continuing to write stories in the future, new children would appear, and slowly, their thoughts and thoughts would change little by little. To write every story to the best of their abilities, this was the moral principle of a writer.

Perhaps at a certain time or on a certain occasion, he would slowly think of ye Tianxin, li qingcang, Xie xuning, ye Linlang, his grandmother, Youyou, Xiao Jin, little Yu 'er, little lamb ...

Was it a flash of intentional forgetting?

Or was it a faint longing in his heart?

Or perhaps there was a trace of inexplicable sadness?

No matter what, he slowly gained a lot.

Some of it was due to the improvement in writing, but more importantly, it was because I got to know you and received your blessings and expectations.

Please allow me to slowly call you my friends, partners, and brothers.

Some are still studying hard in middle school, some are already enjoying the beauty of youth and unscrupulous love in University, some are struggling hard in the complex society, but no matter who it is, when you open QQ to read < Hidden Marriage 100 points: [ when we meet in < < rebirth as the top student goddess > ], I hope that I can let you feel some joy in your free time. ]

Some of his friends had known each other for three to five years through stories. No matter whether the book was good or bad, or whether it suited his taste, they would always support him as always.

Some of his friends had only found out about Manman's existence through this book, but they had been chasing him until now.

Some friends may have just seen you and slowly hope to capture your heart. They would also thank you in advance.

All of them were words of gratitude. I really don't know where to start. Some of you are slowly getting closer to each other in the book group. You chat every day, share your joy and pain together, follow those bloody TV series that only release one episode a week, outline your favorite Prince Charming together, and some nameless heroes who have been supporting you silently behind the scenes.

From August 8,2017 to August 21, 2018, < Hidden Marriage 100 points: [ rebirth as the top student goddess ] had a total of 2.54 million words.

Thank you for your silent support all this time.

Every recommendation vote, every monthly vote, every comment, every tip, and every subscription is the motivation to slowly work hard and write seriously.

If it wasn't for you guys, there wouldn't be the slow 'Hidden Marriage 100 points: Reincarnated as the top student goddess.

Thank you.

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In his next book, it was expected that he would write the story of li Xingchen VS Xie Xinghe.

In their stories, ye Tianxin and Li qingcang would be childhood sweethearts.

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Ladies, I'm looking forward to seeing you again in my new book.

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