Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 453 - The Mystery Behind the Medal【2】

Chapter 453: The Mystery Behind the Medal【2】

Since Xie Xuning was here, the three of them could return to Jiameng Town and tell those people that Ye Tianxin had a father.

“Xuning, are you busy lately? If not, let’s return to Jiameng Town. I need to move and entertain guests. Most importantly, I have to ask Zhu Dongmei why she said I was dead when I’m alive and well…”

“I’m at your disposal, Mom. When Tianxin is fully recovered, we will take her back with us,” Xie Xuning promised.

Xie Xuning realized that compared to finding the truth of what happened back then, being able to spend time with his mother-in-law and daughter was more important.


Yan Ge glanced at the two of them.

He sensed that something wasn’t right. Why was his commander so polite towards Ye Tianxin’s grandmother?

Xie Xuning knew exactly what Yan Ge was thinking, so he deliberately said, “I am Tianxin’s father.”

Yan Ge couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

This news came all of a sudden.

Yan Ge was extremely frightened and almost choked on his own saliva.

Didn’t Tianxin’s father die in action?

A military medal was given to his wife as a token for his service. How could he be alive?

“All this fuss…”

Xie Xuning thought about how gratifying it was to say “I am Tianxin’s father.”

On guard against love, Xie Xuning had been alone for more than 10 years.

He had been prepared to go through this life alone. He didn’t expect that the appearance of Tianxin would brighten up his lonely world.

In an instant, there was a spark of light in his dark world.

“Is it astonishing that Tianxin is my daughter?”

Yan Ge wasn’t able to respond right away. When he managed to do so, he stammered, “No…no, it’s not.”

“What’s not?” Xie Xuning was probably in a good mood, and he sounded lively. “Can’t I have a beautiful daughter like Tianxin?”

“You…you can.”

Just when Yan Ge was still processing this shocking news, when Xie Xuning got a call from Xie Xinghe.

“Uncle, Lu Jijun is dead.”

Xie Xuning was startled. Lu Jijun was taken away with Ye Tianxin.

He was contemplating Lu Jijun’s involvement in the abduction and with those people. It was shocking for Xie Xunghe to learn that he was now dead.

“How did he die?”

“He was doused with gasoline in Baijiabang and was burned beyond recognition,” Xie Xinghe replied.

“Are you sure it’s Lu Jijun?” Xie Xuning inquired.

Xie Xinghe shook his head. “I’m not sure yet, but Lu Jijun has a daughter who is currently participating in the military training at Capital University. We are going to bring her over for a DNA test.”

“That’s good. I’ll leave this to you. By the way, sort out Lu Jijun’s information and give it to me.”

The death of Lu Jijun made Xie Xuning even more convinced that the person behind this was beyond evil.

“Okay.” Xie Xinghe quickly added, “Uncle, when are you going to tell the family about Ye Tianxin?”

Xie Xinghe thought that if his great-grandfather found out that he had a great-granddaughter, he would be very happy.

Xie Xuning was going to ask Ye Tianxin first regarding this matter.

Ye Tianxin was now an adult and could decide on her own. He couldn’t just impose his own thoughts on Ye Tianxin.

“Let me ask Tianxin. This matter will be kept secret for the time being.”

After Xie Xuning finished speaking, he hung up.

At about 11 in the morning, Ye Tianxin finally woke up. Her stomach was growling. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday. Now, she was so hungry that she could eat a cow.

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