Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Unintentional attention(1)

The warm sun shines , by the side of Nanlin river a young girl stood there silently. Her beautiful pair of phoenix eyes seemingly unfocused, from a distance it seems like nothing can disturbed her peace.

(Nanlin river is created by the author just for this novel….Lol)

Her clothes were all drench sticking to her body, Highlighting her figure which was breathtaking . But the shabby cloths , her pale dry lips and her ashen complexion gave her beauty away.

Ming luo was deep in thought, if she remembers correctly she was with her friends from medical school and suddenly someone push her resulting to a car accident . After that she lost consciousness , she thought she was going to die. But she suddenly felt like suffocating and she slowly open her eyes only to find herself drowning.

But that’s not the important part , the most important part is she can’t figure out where this place is. How did she ended up being here? Wasn’t she dying? why is it that she is perfectly fine aside from her head hurting a little? She was seriously thinking that she can’t possibly be this lucky to survived!! Ming luo was a little excited.

Some time later….

Ming luo was walking along the busy streets, The more she walks she feels like shes stepping on broken glass pieces bare foot. How can this be? Where is this place?

Sure thing, She can’t be that lucky , everything has a price!

She can’t help but inwardly mock herself. Great! Ming luo , You’ve finally done the things that others haven’t done , Travelling Behind times?? But seriously, when the heroine travels in time in Novels Don’t they usually get the other persons memory? I thought that was a fact but what th heck!! Why don’t I remember anything about this girl? or maybe she died without regrets. But seriously , Drowning? That’s just a cowardly act. From the looks of it this girl looks like she from a very poor family.

But her skin is too good to be from a poor family. Did she commit suicide because she steal some money to buy skincare but was caught in the act and out of guilt she tries to give up her life!!!

Argg!! I should probably stop making up story in my head . While she was lost in her thought she didn’t realize someone was calling out to her. She looks like a maid.

“Miss…Miss!!” The whole person was out of breathe as she appears in front of Ming luo making her frown . Ming luo asked “Who are you??” with that said she turns to another direction to leave but the maid came up . The maid look at her for a while and said “Miss, stop this act. Master is really angry this time, You shouldn’t develop the habit of writing a suicide note every time Master punish you..”

while reprimanding her the maid drags her to a carriage .

“Wait..hold on! What are you doing? How do you know me? Speak.” Ming luo spoke coldly. The maid was taken a back with her tone but after a while She started smiling “Miss, you only know how to be overbearing when Mistress is not around.You can’t scare me with that, anyway we really have to arrived at the manor before Master disown Miss”


Ming Luo was speechless. Is she my maid?? Then why is she so disrespectful towards me?

After Some Time they finally arrived at the Manor . Ming luo was getting down from the carriage she felt something flying towards her. She look st the broken pieces of Vase. Thankfully her reflex was fast.

“ dare to comeback . Why don’t you just spent your whole life living with those commoners and we’ll see how you can live past a day..” Ming luo looks at the fierce old lady screaming at her. She can only hold on her laugh,People sure looks funny when they’re angry especially when you’re the initiator .

Suddenly a delicate looking lady walks up to the old lady “Grandmother, Jeijei just came back. let jeijei rest first .” Her voice was very delicate and soft and very pleasing to the ears. With that the old lady look warmly at her and then turn her head to look disdainfully at Ming luo .

“Look how caring is your meimei and look at you always burdening me.” That old lady shouted at her until her throat dries up but seeing Ming luo remain unfazed by her reprimanding she can’t help taking another look at her. Is this the same short-tempered girl from before?.

Ming luo was thinking people from old times definitely has something that makes her have the urged to know what will be the next famous line they’ll say. From behind that old lady a middle aged man appeared.

“Mother, You don’t need to tire yourself because of this unfilial daughter of mine.” Duke Yi comforted her but there was no emotion in it.Like he’s reading out a line. Ming luo couldn’t help taking a glance st her seem-to-be father.

“Why is everyone standing at the side ? Not helping old madam get back to her room?” His word fell and all the servants who were disdainfully looking at Ming luo all came back to sense and help old madam back to her.Now only Ming luo,Her seem-to-be father and her so called meimei.

His chilly cold eyes landed on Ming luo, He open his mouth to say something….

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