Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Let you be my empress (4)

At noon people become very busy, all their hands and feets were full. Even though this wedding happen in such a short time but many people knew about it. No one dare to neglect, afterall this is the crown prince wedding!

When Ming Luo woke up it was already a little pass noon. She rubbed her eyes and everything slowly cleared up. She looked around the room, everything seems simple but it exudes an unexplainable elegance.

She just felt his body very heavy. Ming Luo looked down at herself, “Ahh!” She was wearing a dark red luxurious robe. Everything appears so glittering and expensive. She was at a loss, when did she changed-

Her thought weren’t finished when an relatively dull and lazy voice resounded. “Wake up!” Ming Luo look up again, she was scared to death! Indeed very surprised, she instantly all the drowsiness has been swept away. Yu Ji Wen lazily sitting on the chair and he was looking at her.

Ming Luo suddenly felt so poor. This man, she cannot afford to offend but why does he keep finding her to trouble? She just felt that he is very dangerous! Too dangerous! Her small voice trembling almost like a mosquito. “Wang ye…how can Wang ye be here?”

(Going to use Wang ye instead of his highness)

The man simply hook his lips. “If benwang isn’t in his room then where will benwang be?” He simply redirected the question back to her. Room? Where? She again looked at this unfamiliar place and suddenly understand. What? Is this a joke! She think of herself that she is lying on his bed.

She jump off from the bed and quickly kowtow “Wang ye, slaves doesn’t know how will get here, asking Wang ye not to be offended!”

He look at girl, his eyes are unpredictable and his face appeared an unknown smile “How? But benwang doesn’t like people coming in and out of benwang’s room, especially women.” Ming Luo doesn’t know what to say because she doesn’t know herself how will get here in the first place! “But..”

Ming Luo looked at the crown prince, but what? He deliberately paused a bit and said “but since it’s benwang personally put, how will mind?” Ming Luo, the more she listen the more she doesn’t understand. What? Personally put? “What does Wang ye want? Slaves can’t understand the meaning of Wang ye.”

Ji Wen doesn’t reply but continued “Benwang has a wedding today.” Ming Luo brow twist. So? Everyone in the capital knows that even if he doesn’t tell her. Ming Luo directly bow low “slave apologise for taking Wang ye’s precious time.” Ji Wen looked deeply at the girl kneeling before him.

“Ah! Benwang intends to marry you.” His seems to say like ‘today is a very sunny day’ but the impact is very different. Ming Luo blinked. Boom!! What? What did this guy say? “Wang..Wang ye please don’t joke. Slave almost believe it.” Infact she wanted say slave almost died but after some pondering, change it.

“Do benwang seem like joking to you?” Dull and magnetic voice but expression is very serious! Ming Luo seem to have millions of thought in just a few seconds, “Wang ye…, but slave heard Wang ye is going to marry princess Qi yue.”

She isn’t lying. This is what she heard from Zi Yan. Ji Wen eyes cold “Benwang never said to marry her.” Ming Luo look up at him. “But Wang ye, slave is not…” Ji Wen directly interrupted her words “I don’t want to hear any refusal. If refuse, must not live.”

Ming Luo choked at his words. Can anyone be more overbearing then him? “What! a big man but also threatened a little girl to marry. The world really know no shame!” Ming Luo snappily muttered and roll her eyes.

Ji Wen squinted his eyes. “What did you say? Did you just ridicule me?” His body exudes terrible aura. Ming Luo really didn’t think he will hear it. “If you heard, why ask again?” She lowered her voice then before so that he couldn’t hear it but can’t help but say with displeasure. Ji Wen narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Ah..”

Ming luo immediately cover up and very well-behaved “No,No. Wang ye, slave doesn’t dare.” Ji Wen looked at the girl showing completely dissatisfied even if the mouth doesn’t dare to. “Well, then it is settled.” Ming Luo subconsciously refuted “this matter…” She wasn’t someone who could be easily tame. She doesn’t love him nor does he then why should they marry?

“Or should benwang let the people bring the poison wine?” Ji Wen lips hook up into a wonderful curvature. Ming Luo immediately knelt down. “It is slave fortuned to be able to marry Wang ye.” Ming Luo although very tough but is very treasure this little life and she can’t afford to risked it again. She knew this guy, whatever he says he will do. This is the feeling she gets.

Yu Ji Wen looked at the girl obviously very unwilling but was forced. He just felt very satisfied. “Later, benwang’s people will pick you up.” Then he waved his sleeves stood up and turns to leave. “That Wang ye..” Ming Luo saw the crown prince turn to leave and immediately stood up wanted to walk up to him but who knew’d her legs would strongly hit the table and the tea cup will straight in front of her fell and break. She had no time to considered and she would directly fell on the broken pieces of glass.


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