Seoul Station’s Necromancer

Chapter 208 - Epilogue


The subway stations had become a means for the monsters to pour into this world.

Humanity had to fight for their survival, and they had done pretty well in the fight.

Still, a population that was about to reach 7 billion was reduced to half its size in just 5 years.

The monsters appeared in the world, while following certain sets of rules.

Humanity explored the Dungeons, and they obtained a profitable result. They started taking advantage of the situation.

They went wild over a new resource called Bloodstones, but soon they were hit with a bigger tragedy.

Trahnet and earth had completely synchronized.

Afterwards, the Dimensional lords, who were indiscriminate about their killings, had appeared. They were on track to take ownership of earth.

It was rare to see a country, who hadn’t lost their capital, and about half the countries of the world lost their government. The people of these countries turned into refugees.


One couldn’t simply categorize all of them as monsters. Many different types of life forms gathered on earth.

There were humanoid races like Elves, Dwarves and Orcs. There were even humans….

The tens or hundreds of new species had been about to fight an endless battle to take possession of earth.

However, all the Dungeons had been Reset.

It was a clean Reset.

The Dungeons, which had acted as Dimensional tunnels, disappeared. Humanity once again had hope.

It looked as if peace could be achieved once the invaders, who were the Dimensional Refugees, were driven out.

While the Dimensional war was over, the battle to seize earth remained. A war where the Dimensional refugees would have to fight the original owners of earth remained. It was a battle for their survival.

The population was being categorized as either being humans or monsters. However, this identification of friend or foe was an ambiguous process, and it seemed another period of bloodshed was imminent.

However, Alandal intervened to stop the war. They forcefully brought about peace.

Of course, not all countries and Dimensional refugees agreed with the decision.

Japan disagreed with Alandal’s decision. They started a war with the Dark Elves living in Hokkaido. Japan lost in a brutal manner.

It wasn’t a battle where each side poured their forces into all-out war.

The minister of Japan was the first to fall. All the members of the government, who pursued this war, were assassinated. The war fizzled out.

Anyone, who talked about starting the war, was killed the next day. The battle never came to be.

It wasn’t as if the Dimensional refugees were exempt from the violence. If they showed any signs of invading a country, they received a ruthless punishment.

God of Destruction.

His name was slowly spread across the races, who took root on earth. His name was carved into the consciousness of each and every one of them. Under his reign, peace returned.

However, not all the problems could be solved through controlled responses to those trying to start a war.

The secret terrorist activities and land disputes occurred constantly.

The other intelligent races on earth was a problem. There needed to be an expedient way to solve the disputes.

Therefore, it was a given that a United Earth Coalition was formed with its strongest country as the centerpiece. Alandal was chosen to be the mediator.

However, the one to spearhead this problem wasn’t the king of Alandal Kahng-woojin.

The first chairman of the United Earth Coalition, which would be pursuing world peace, was none other than Alandal’s Prime Minister Jung-minchan.

The amount of Dimensional refugees equalled the number of humans killed in the Dimensional war. The peace was forged through a hard fought effort that spanned a year.

Destruction and Slaughter.

The people of earth was freed from the threat of war and terror. This sweet period of time had been peaceful, and it was enough time for the name of the god of destruction to fade from the memories of the people.

It didn’t matter how many humans and monsters he had killed. It didn’t matter how many beings were killed by his Undead army.

He was the reigning absolute being, who had severed the tethers linking earth to the different dimensions.

Kahng-woojin wasn’t the god of destruction. He had become the hero of earth.

He was to be revered instead of feared. However, his whereabout was unknown for the past couple months

Several thousand people were gathered on a sunny spring day, and they were looking up at the platform. Several dozen camera drones were floating in the air, and the speech was being broadcasted to the world.

"It is unfortunate that I cannot share this historic day with him."

Jung-minchan looked as if he had aged 10 years. It seemed he had received a lot of stress in the past year. He spoke with a calm voice into the microphone.

"It has been an year, since we’ve established the United Earth Coalition."

Some called it the Dimensional Independence day. Others call that day the start of a new era.

It had been a year, since the new history of earth began anew.

"Today is also a historic day where we will meet humans from the old world."

Michan stepped back from the podium as he pointed behind him. The Seoul Station was behind him.

The real world had overlapped with the VR world.

There was no reason to differentiate between the VR and the Reality..

The two very different world had merged to create a new reality.

Instead of the Dungeons, humans were found sleeping inside the subway stations. They were within capsules. They dreamed as they waited for a new home.

For the past year, the United Earth Coalition brought order to the world, and they were successful in brokering peace between the different races.

They had built centers on each continent that’ll help people, who will awaken from stasis, adjust to this new world. The people, who will be conducting the rescue operations, had also finished their training.

The humans from the old world, who were immersed in the fantasy of their dreams, would be called back into reality.

"We will now start this project. We will be rescue the people of the old world."

At Minchan’s declaration, the people cheered.

It didn’t matter that the creations would be meeting the creators. It was merely humans rescuing other humans.



A van was racing down the road.


Cindy turned off the tv screen, which was broadcasting Minchan’s speech. She leaned back into her seat.

"Jiwon always has a knack for scheduling these events at odd times."

It was the one year anniversary of the start of the new era, and people were out to meet the people of the old world.

Jiwon decided to do a fan meeting on such a day.

"Shall I turn the car around?"

"Who will go if I don’t go? Everyone is busy today."

All their friends and acquaintances were busy today.

Cindy was a world-class singer, but Jiwon’s circle of friends were only full of incredible people….

"Will Soonghoon oppa be able to come today?"

"Huh? I think Mr. Soonghoon is on live broadcast today."

At the manager’s words, Do-jiwon turned on her tv again.


<World Variety Woo-soonghoon Show! Today is a special day. I’m interviewing a very important guest today. Please give an applause for the professor. He is Dr. Toppler from the Moon base.>

On the screen, the panel gave an applause as Dr. Toppler appeared with a broad smile on his face.

<You are our first alien, who arrived on our earth without riding in on a UFO. Or should I call you the man from the future?>

At Woo-soonghoon’s joke, the panel and the professor laughed. Then they started exchanging stories.

The fact that it was a joke didn’t mean it was a falsehood.

Toppler had been on earth on that historic day.

<Please tell us more about what happened that day, professor.>

<It was a unique event that will never be seen again. In truth, I’m still having a hard time believing it happened even now.>

<Does this look like an illusion? Do you want to wake up from this dream? Have you been hypnotized?>

Dr. Toppler laughed at Woo-soonghoon’s flippant attitude, and he continued to speak.

<No way. I’m just saying having a closed mind is a scary thing. We found out that the distinction between reality and illusion might be meaningless. When one puts one’s belief into a thought, it could be brought into reality. On the flip side, forgetfulness might lead to the erasure of many things.>

<You are very philosophical today. How are the aliens on the Moon Base doing these days?>

<Haha. It is the same as always. They are showing a lot of interest in the project of rescuing the people from the old world. Moreover, It is almost time for the probe to land on Mars, so everyone is focused more on that event.>

<How about you, professor....>


Cindy turned off the screen, and she closed her tired eyes.

There were several dozen different races existing on earth now.

Woo-soonghoon was able to converse with all of them.

He was fast with his word so much so that he had been able to sell an old phone to the god of destruction. He had used the Passive Skill he possessed to become a world famous talk show host. His success wasn’t a fluke.

"Uh-whew. Soonghoon oppa can’t come…."

"Why don’t you try asking your boyfriend?"

At the manager’s words, Cindy furrowed her brows.

"Uh-whew. Why would the world’s busiest jobless person pick up my call?"


Her manager laughed at her reply.


Unlike her words, Cindy tried calling him, yet the phone kept ringing. There was no sign that the phone would be picked up.

Kwah-ahng, doo-doohng.

At that moment, the car rocked and vibrated. When she looked out the window, she saw the roof of a building billowing with smoke.

"Aigo. It seems it is another terrorist attack."

The terrorists weren’t affiliated with any specific country, so it was a problem that the United Earth Coalition was having a hard time solving.

Moreover, Kahng-woojin had hidden his whereabouts recently, and it had emboldened the terrorists.


The flames were burning black as it climbed up the building. It headed towards the roof of the building. Cindy’s eyes turned round as her eyes laughed in amusement.


The black smoke gathered, and it was sent away in a stream towards the sky. The flames acted as if it was being sucked into a blackhole. The flames gathered to form a phoenix.

"He really is the busiest one of them all."

The phone was still ringing, but Cindy ended the call.

The fact that he was in Korea made her heart race in an odd manner.

The man of flame fought the terrorists, and he didn’t take any money for his services.

He was the world’s hottest jobless person, and he was her boyfriend.

It seems she would be able to see his face today.

"I want you to cancel everything from my schedule from tonight to tomorrow."


The manager was surprised, but she had requested numerous times before. Therefore, the manager assented.

He took a peek at the black mirrors, and he saw Cindy smiling like a teen.



A deft hand was signing her name within the cover of the book.

"You are too pretty."

"Ha ha. Yes."

She liked the compliment, so she smiled as she shook the man’s hand.

The next reader in line came up to her as he pushed the book forward.

"What is your name?"

"Spotted Dog."


The elegant movement of the pen came to a stop.

"What did you just say?"

"I’m Spotted Dog."


Do-jiwon shot to her feet.

" are the one in the comments…."

"I always planned on dropping your novel, but I always wondered about what would happen in the next chapter… I kept reading it…. Again and again… I entered into the fan meeting lottery for fun, and I was picked….."

He scratched his head as he acted stand-offish. However, Do-jiwon still had a bright smile on her face. She had written 200 chapters to her book, and he had commented on every single one of them. She had never expected to see him here.

"It is so good to meet you"


"I was really curious about you. Heh heh"

Do-jiwon’s smile was pure. The man with the name, Spotted Dog, on his nametag felt awkward by her eager greeting.

"I really wanted to say something to you."

If she wanted to speak to him, why didn’t she write it in the afterward of her book?

Do-jiwon had a bright smile as she bowed towards the confused man.

"I'm really thankful to you. You motivated me greatly.."

"Hmm hmm."

He was unnecessarily clearing his throat when he caught sight of Cindy. She ignored the long line of readers waiting in line for their chance to meet the author.

"Jiwon! Congratulations on finishing your book!"

"Uh? Hey, Cindy."

Jiwon was surprised by Cindy’s appearance, and the people waiting in line whispered to each other.

"Isn’t that Cindy?"

"Uh? It really is her. I heard they were friends, but they look really close."

Jiwon sat back down as she looked at the gossiping people.

"Ms. Haesol and Jaemin is here inside the waiting room."

"All right. You should hurry up and finish this. I’ll be waiting for you."

Cindy bowed towards the readers in line, then she headed towards the waiting room provided as a convenience for the busy Jiwon.

"Aigo. You should just sit, my little muffin."

"No, my back hurt when I sit."

"Uh-whew. What should we do about this?"

Familiar voices could be heard across the door of the waiting room. Cindy smirked as she opened the door.

"Uh? Noona."


Do-jaemin turned around in surprise. Soolgi was also surprised, but she greeted Cindy with a welcoming smile.

"Hmmph hmmph. You are here?"


It seemed Cindy had intruded, while Jaemin and Soolgi was acting lovey dovey with each other. Haesol looked very grateful that Cindy had come in. Haesol grabbed her hand in greeting.


"Uh-whew, girl. Are you in you third trimester?"

Cindy looked at the very pregnant stomach of Soolgi.

"Yes. The baby is expected next month on the 12th."

"Why didn’t you stay home?"

"Eh-ee. This is Jiwon-unni’s fan meeting. I can’t skip this."

"Aigo. Is it because she is your sister-in-law?"

"Uh-muh. No way."

Do-jaemin laughed with his eyes. It was heartwarming to see this reunion.

"Are you that happy about becoming a father?"

"Heh heh. I love it."

"Aigo. Do you think Woojin’s arrived?"

"You mean hyung? Hyung can’t make it here. He is too far away."

"Of course, I know he can't make it here. I’m asking if you think he has arrived there yet."

"Uh....... Mmm. I’m not sure."

At Do-jaemin’s words, Cindy let out a dumbfounded laugh.

"Aigo. What can we expect from this sexy idiot?"

"Heh heh."

Jaemin felt great even though he heard her rebuke.

"It is useless to worry about Woojin-hyung. He probably arrived there safely. Heh."

"Of course...."

There was nothing on earth…. No, there was nothing in the Solar System that could threaten Kahng-woojin. It was a waste of energy to worry about him.


"We are on track to enter the atmosphere of Mars. We are approaching it slowly."

"Mmm. All right. Contact the headquarters."

"Yes, sir."


"This is January 5th of year 1 N.E.(New Era) Leone’s ship was able to enter the atmosphere at 11 hundred hours. We will revolve around the planet as we start our exploration."

The party members worked busily as Captain Leone walked away.


Leone had gone through many hardship, but he always trembled when he had to go meet the man.


A doorbell like button was pressed, and a voice was heard from a small speaker.



The door opened automatically, and Leone walked in. He stood in front of Kahng-woojin.


Woojin had been doing handstand pushups. Woojin dropped to the floor, and he wiped the sweat away.

"What is it?"

Leone maintained his stiff posture as he gave his report.

"We've successfully entered the atmosphere of Mars. I thought we should revolve around the planet for a scan. After we conduct a clean research, we can send the landing module…."

"Ah, you should have just stopped at the first sentence."


Woojin wiped the sweat away from his head as he grinned.

"So we’ve arrived?"

Woojin walked out of the room, and Leone followed after him.

Something was amiss. This man always made things happen.

Across the thick window, he could see a blue planet.

Woojin’s eyes shone brightly.

Trahnet was gone… In a world where the Portals were gone, spaceships were the only way to travel between planets.

Thanks to the advance technology of the Moon World, it had taken him only several months to get here.

"Finally, we are here."

Woojin’s eyes was filled with great joy.

"We are at Alphen."


"Open the door."

"What? We’ll have to survey the place, while in orbit…."

"Shall I just break open the door?"

"......we’ll make preparations."

Leone knew this was a losing proposition, so he turned around.

The preparation was finished in short order…. The landing module shot out from the spaceship.


The landing module slowly broke apart in stages as the gravity of Mars accelerated the speed of the landing module.

It was designed to withstand the heat and pressure of the descent, but it broke apart after a minute.


The exploding fragments were letting out flame as it fell. Accompanying the explosion, something white expanded.


Leone swallowed a moan as he saw the Bone Dragon rip out of the landing module.

Leone didn’t have to even look at Woojin’s expression to tell he was excited. He could imagine what Woojin looked like as he headed towards Mars on the back of the Bone Dragon.

"We’ll maintain our orbi. Let’s launch the observation satellite."

Mars.... No, this place had been Terraformed alongside earth. It was time to do an earnest exploration of Alphen.

The Bone Dragon with Woojin on its back stopped its rapid descent. It started gliding across the sky.

The Portal was gone, but he had promised that he’ll return.

He did it for the person waiting for him….

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