Seoul Station’s Necromancer

Chapter 4 Level Up! (2).

Chapter 4 Level Up! (2).

Chapter 4 – Level Up! (2)

“Huh. Is this for real?”

Woojin was taken aback, and he hurriedly opened his Status Window.

Level : 1

Name : Gang-woojin

Class : Necromancer(Advanced)

Grade : Middle Rank

Achievement : 4

Magic Point : 0/0 Energy : 0/0


Strength : 15 Speed : 13 Health : 17 Wisdom : 15

Magic : 0 Vitality : 0 Recovery : 0 Healing 0 Control : 0

Undistributed Points : 99


Combination Box Summoning(lv 1)(Advanced Skill)(Impossible to add points)

Use of Achievement Shop(lv 1)(Advanced Skill)(Impossible to add points)

Undistributed Points : 99

The Status Window differed greatly from the time he was first summoned to the Planet Alphen. He felt confused. However, he was able to realize the implications soon.

“Ha, it hadn’t disappeared.”

He had thought all of his powers he had accumulated on Alphen had disappeared in the process of returning to earth.


As the words indicated, his full level character had become level 1. However, he had received several benefits. At a glance, he had receive two advanced skills. His stat points and skill point was the equivalent to the level he had been before the advancement.

“Also, my class is the same. It’s Necromancer.”

He had achieved everything he could as a necromancer. He had also controlled and used the Undead, which was known to be the ultimate existence.

This wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Seoul seems to have changed in a weird way. He didn’t know what will happen in the future, so it wasn’t a bad thing to have power. He couldn’t see far into the future, but he needed the power to safely escape this dungeon.

When he leveled up, Woojin felt relieved. Also, there was a margin for error for him now. He had recovered the power he thought he had lost. He had less mental fatigue when thinking about how to prepare for the danger.

He didn’t want the monsters to mob him after smelling the blood, so he retraced his steps. As soon as he returned to the pathway where the damaged stores were lined up, he started looking at the newly formed Advanced Skills.

He could combine various ingredients to receive a new item. He might be able to put in items to extract a key ingredient.

“How do I use this?”

It was a skill he had never seen before, so he didn’t have the faintest idea on how to use it. He tried speaking the activation word, and he searched for various methods. Eventually he was able to find the Inventory.

There was a Combination Box located on the lower half of the Inventory. He tried to touch it, and as if another Inventory was opening up, there were buttons on the bottom.

[Combine] and [Extract].

“Chet, the Inventory Expansion returned to it original state.”

The Inventory had only 3 columns of space. As one’s level increases, the Inventory expands. However, it seemed like it didn’t receive any Advancement Benefits, so he was disappointed.

Of course, the most disappointing part was the items he had accumulated before had all disappeared.

Woojin touched the other Advanced Skill called Achievement Shop.

He tried various method, but he was able activate the Achievement Shop through an activation word. He repeated saying the activation word, and he found out it was possible to open the Shop without saying anything.

The Shop was lined up with Skill Books, Equipments and Consumable Items. He needed a large sum of Achievement Points to purchase them.

“This is fun.”

The Alphen Planent didn’t have an Achievement Shop. This was akin to internet shopping where he didn’t have to go to a location to purchase the items.

“There aren’t anything I want to buy.”

The equipments he could buy was low-grade. The thing he needed the most right now is a Skill. Even the lowest skill required 10 achievement points.

Woojin eventually chose three skills.

[Search], [Detect], [Skeleton Soldier Summon]

Each of the skills required 10 achievement points. He decided to get Search to help find items in his surrounding. He needed the skill to find the Return Stone.

Detect was a passive skill. It would accurately alert him of danger in advance. It was an essential skill in helping him survive.

The Skeleton Soldier Summon was one of the basic skills of a Necromancer.

Whether it was the effect of the Advancement or maybe it was the fact that his class was automatically selected, there were constraints in which skills he could learn. He was able to learn common Magic Skills and weapon skills, but he could only learn the Class Skills of a Necromancer.

“Well, I should worry too much about it right now. I’m short on points any ways.”

He looked at the 4 points he had accumulated, so the method was clear. One Drabbit gave 1 point. He’ll be able to purchase one Skill if he defeat 6 more Drabbits.

He immediately needed his fighting capabilities. It would allow him to defeat the monsters safely. It was a problem he could solve without purchasing a Skill.


Strength : 30 Speed : 30 Health : 30 Wisdom : 30

Magic: 10 Vitality : 0 Recovery : 10 Healing 10 Control : 9

Undistributed Points : 0

Woojin distributed his points. He swung the hammer as he looked at the updated Stat Window.

Boo-oong. Boong.

A destructive sound that couldn’t be compare to before emanated. He moved his body a little bit, and his body was lighter than before. Moreover, his reaction speed couldn’t be compared to before.

He possessed 10 times the capability of a normal human. Woojin had 3 times the strength of a normal adult male. He was also 3 times faster, and his stamina was 3 times better.

“I’m not sure if I’m 3 times smarter.”

His ability to memorize and calculate had definitely improved. It felt like his brain worked faster. However, the difference in his body movements were much more noticeable.

“Ok, let’s go.”

He had to defeat 6 Drabbits. He had to acquire the Search Skill. He’ll find the Return Stone, then he’ll escape the dungeon.

Woojin headed back downward as he held onto to his clawed hammer.


“Ha, there are so many of them.”

On the Planet Alphen, there were so many Drabbits that one might trip over them. It basically meant they were easy to find, and they were very easy to defeat. However, he felt fatigued after facing them continuously in the narrow pathway.

Woojin took in a ragged breath.

As soon as he went down the stairs, he had methodically defeated the Drabbits he faced. He was able to steadily accumulate his Achievement Points. He had defeated 27 Drabbits as he traveled through the dark passageway.

He was able to purchase the essential Search and Detect skills with his Achievement Points.

At the same time as he purchased them, the Skill Books appeared in his Inventory, and he learned them immediately.

It consumed one Magic Point every time he used it. He tried using the Search Skill, but he didn’t see any items that could be called a Return Stone.

He had traveled the same passageway, and he failed to find the Return Stone. There was only one place left.

“Do I have to go down there?”

Woojin hid himself behind the handrail as he glanced down the stairs. It was inner part of the station where the wrecked subway was located at.

At a glance, he could see over 20 Drabbits milling about. It was possible for him to face 3-4 Drabbits in a tight passageway, but he wouldn’t be able to face over 20 Drabbits in a large open space. If he became surrounded by them, then he’ll inevitably be hurt.

“Whew. It really isn’t in my personality to move around on my own.”

Woojin smirked as he looked at the clawed hammer, which was stained with Drabbit’s blood.

He opened the Achievement Shop, then he purchased the [Skeleton Soldier Summon] Skill Book with his remaining points.

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