Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse

Chapter 27

I stayed by Chu Kong’s bed for three days and three nights. This is the first time I saw arrogant Chu Kong being so weak and pale. I’m still really not used to it, even though he’s a woman right now. So well behaved laying in bed, letting people look at him, made me think about the time he was Lu Hai Kong.

Very strong and yet very fragile; only letting his guard down when he’s with me…….even though he’s a woman now. Even I myself didn’t know that I’ll panic like that when I saw him bleed. It felt like the sky was falling down. It’s my first time feeling such a strange feeling……even though the other party is a woman.

I covered my face and sighed. I didn’t know that after that sigh, the person lying in bed for three days without moving suddenly groaned. I was startled, immediately moved closer to his head and said softly: “Chu Kong, princess Kong? Are you awake?”

His eyelids moved and with extreme difficulty he opened his eyes. I stared at him and was afraid that he’ll lose consciousness again.

Chu Kong narrowed his eyes and stared at me for a while. Suddenly his eyes closed again. My heart panicked. It couldn’t be that just now he used his last power? This can’t happen! I used my fingers to open his already closed eyelids. Against the whites of his eyes, I called out: “No! Don’t ! Don’t die!”

“Die…..don’t die, will it go according to what I say……”

Chu Kong voice was hoarse and weak. He rolled his eyes. I finally can see his pupils. My mind is at peace now. I let go of his hand, took a deep breath and said: “When you kept rolling your eyes, I was afraid that you were dying.”

Chu Kong glanced at me and immediately turned away. His voice sounded quite disgusted when he said: “The moment I woke up and saw a dirty rough man crouched by my bed really sucks.”

I knew that he wouldn’t die when he spoke with such a tone. The big rock that has been pressing my heart finally fell down. I didn’t care about his attitude, sat on the bed and laughed: “It’s good that you’re alive.”

Chu Kong’s eyebrows moved. He looked at me sideways.

“Were……were you really worried about me?”

“Really worried.”

It seemed like he didn’t expect that I would answer so straightforwardly, Chu Kong didn’t say anything. He buried his head in the quilt. Then I saw that his ears turned red again.

I wiped my sad tears.

“If you’re gone, who’ll run to the front to protect me against knives? By then I’ll be dead and need to kiss Yanwang’s cheeks in the netherworld. Beside you already kissed him. It’s terrorizing thinking about it, right?”

The room was quiet for a while. Chu Kong pulled his head out of the quilt. He glared at me and ruthlessly said: “Get out.”

“Out to where?”

I suddenly realized.

“Look at me being confused. I should’ve let the physician check your pulse first!”

I hold Chu Kong’s hand tightly: “I know that you’re sad about losing the child, but in life, there’s nothing that won’t pass. Every time when there’s something difficult, just think about it as enriching our wealth.”

I looked at Chu Kong’s pale face that is a little dark now.

“You must be strong!”

Chu Kong used all his strength and pulled his hand away. Trembling and pointing at the door while gritting his teeth, he said: “Out!”

I did as he wished and left the room. I called physician Zhang and several maids into the room. I earnestly said: “The princess just lost the child. Inevitably, she’ll be depressed. You serve her well.”

Even if the general’s body was made from iron, keeping watch over Chu Kong for three days without rest, I couldn’t help but be tired. I went back to my room and went straight to my bed. I closed my eyes and was about to sleep. In this peaceful darkness, I can hear the beating of my heart more clearly. I touched my somewhat hot cheek. I looked up at the sky and sighed. The situation is a bit bad, ah……

“You…….worry about me?”

“Really worried.”

Thinking about this conversation, I couldn’t help but cover my mouth. It simply felt like I blurted it out. Not even covering will help.

What’s wrong with me? What went wrong?


XXZ sure knows how to break the mood (sigh). Chu Kong is darn cute with all that blushing (I’ve a soft spot for alpha males but who are also shy hihi).

Part 2:

I woke up at the first daylight. I rolled out of the bed, pushed the door open and was startled at the sight in front of me.

“Why are you kneeling again?”

Chu Yi was kneeling in front of the door. After hearing me, he knocked his head on the floor and said: “General, please punish me. Those people escaped.”

I touched my nose. I was wondering what for temper did the former general has. Why do the people at his home like to kneel so much? I waved my hand and said: “Forget it. Let them escape.”

In a blink of eye, I was already walking in the direction of Chu Kong’s room. Chu Yi didn’t stand up yet and knocked his head again on the floor.

“General, Xinyun lady…….you set this trap for so long and now you’re letting her get away.”

I stopped in my tracks. My eyes fell on Chu Yi. The former general really became suspicious of Xinyun lady! It appears that Chu Yi knows really well what kind of trap the general has set. I narrowed my eyes and said: “Things has already gone this way. Now we can only take a step and calculate the next.”

Chu Yi’s head is still glued on the ground. He said with a voice full of remorse: “Blame this servant’s incompetence for letting Xinyun and those spies of Wei country escape together!”

I nodded. It turned out that Xinyun lady is a spy from Wei country. The former general must’ve seen through Xinyun’s identity. So he went along with their plan and kept her by his side. Then he can get information about Wei country. He really is a clever general. I said: “No harm. Even with a soldier’s blocking, water can still pass. You get up first.”

Chu Yi finally stood up. He glanced once at me and said with a worried voice: “General, each day that passed the situation at the border gets worse. I’m afraid that there’ll be war again. And since the last injury, your body……”

His worried words went into my ears. The four words that stayed in my heart were “there’ll be war again”. I suddenly felt that what Chu Kong and I said about the temple and the jianghu are not that dangerous. The place where most people die is at the battlefield ah! Among the powerful army, even your dead body won’t be found.

I rubbed my forehead and pretended to be calm.

“En, I have my own plan.”

After saying that, I didn’t look at him and went straight to Chu Kong. This is something we need to talk about.

The moment I walked into Chu Kong’s room, he was drinking medicine. The maid is feeding him with a beautiful little spoon. I saw him frown while drinking the medicine. It must be painful for him to drink medicine that way.

I walked towards the maid and took away the bowl of medicine.

“I’ll do it. You can retreat.”

The maids looked at each other and didn’t go away, until Chu Kong opened his mouth to let them retreat. They walked out and shut the door.

I unceremoniously sat down on his bed and handed the bowl to Chu Kong to let him drink it himself. Chu Kong looked at me dissatisfied.

“You said you’ll feed me, ah.”

My heart was anxious. After hearing those words I didn’t bother to fight with him. I rose, lifted his chin and pinched his mouth. The bowl of medicine went in with “gudong gudong” sounds.

It felt like that day when he forced me to drink the soup of oblivion.

I put the bowl aside and said with a serious tone: “Big bad news.”

A fist landed on my face.

“You go die!”

This fist of him felt like tickling but it let him cough half to death. I grabbed his hand, patted his back and continued to say with a serious tone: “Chu Kong, I felt that now is the time that we should elope.”

Chu Kong stopped coughing. He looked at me with narrowed eyes and said with contempt: “What did you do again?”

“Do you know that Xinyun is a spy from Wei country?”

“En, I know.”

“Qi country and Wei country may start war again. I might be the one who’ll be going to the battlefield!”

“I already guessed that.”

I gritted my teeth angrily: “How come you know everything, but don’t say anything to me?! You, sinister man, you must want to see me die on the battlefield and then remarry!”

“All of this, I got to know when I was at Xinyun’s house. Xiaoye just didn’t find the opportunity to tell you,” Chu Kong said. “If my stomach didn’t suddenly hurt, those four guys would have been caught.”

I wondered: “Didn’t you lose all your powers?”

Chu Kong laughed: “Some things are deep in the soul. Forget it, even if I tell you, you won’t understand. Now only this body is in xiaoye’s way a bit. If we two change, see how I’ll play with those few mortals.”

I sighed: “The fact is that we don’t have a way to change, ah. So let’s just run away. If you still want to stay and play, then I’ll run away first.”

My words just left my mouth when someone suddenly knocked on the door. A maid voice can be heard: “General, the emperor has sent a decree. The general must go to the palace immediately.”

Chu Kong looked at me and said: “Well, it seems that now you can’t run away anymore.”

I covered my chest and silently let my sad tears drip on my face.

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