Shadow Hack

Chapter 5: Ancient Battle Skill

Chapter 5: Ancient Battle Skill

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[Congratulations, you have obtained an A Grade cultivation method "Admiralty Cover". Do you want to practice it?]

Li Yunmu opened the dimensional box without any concern and immediately, this information flashed in his mind.

"Admiralty Cover? A Grade cultivation method? What was that?"

As an ordinary person, the only things that he had heard of were flux energy, ultra flux energy, sacred flux energy and things of that nature.

He had only heard of flux energy battle skills which were produced by using a higher dimensional force like flux energy, but what was this cultivation method? He had never heard of it before but when he took out his stellarcomm and searched for it online, he was astonished.

"Cultivation method, ancient martial arts used by people of the dark ages at their peak, known as cultivation method....."

Li Yunmu kept on mumbling this, completely dumbstruck.

Once he checked this news, he was greatly astonished. Weren’t the flux energy battle skills based off cultivation method?

Why was every piece of information about the history of the dark ages that was discovered within ruins on the countryside considered priceless? Moreover, whenever they were auctioned, why were they all sold for Fifth-Dimensional coins?

That was because all the formidable high-levelled fluxers all try to find even the tiniest trace of ancient martial arts from the hard disks of computers from the dark ages.

Even if there was a tiny bit of hope, all those fluxers that were considered unexcelled would rush in like a duck, plundering every last bit of information. This was because all the formidable battle skills used by fluxers had been derived from the ancient martial arts left behind from the dark ages.

Thus, this term ‘cultivation method’ was known to people of the new age as ‘ancient martial arts’, which were considered supreme in the eyes of those people with power.

And now? By using the Super Shadow Hack System to casually get rid of an ant, he had obtained an ancient martial art? Moreover, it was only an A Grade cultivation method as determined by the system?

At this instant, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. Only now did he realize that he had brought some kind of godly object from the Antique Street.

Indeed, describing it as a godly object wasn’t wrong at all.

"Not good, I must keep this a secret till death, otherwise, if information about it got leaked to others, then..."

Li Yunmu didn’t dare to think about what would happen next, but this outcome was definitely not something he could support. Even if it was some other formidable fluxer, he also wouldn’t be able to bear the disastrous consequences.

[Reminder, do you want to practice the Admiralty Cover cultivation method?]


Li Yunmu snapped to attention, after taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down.

[Cultivating Admiralty Cover requires 1 ability point. 1 ability point has been deducted. You have successfully learned the first level of Admiralty Cover and your defense has been substantially enhanced.]

Next second, Li Yunmu had sensed a warm feeling coming from his inner core. From inside to outside, in an instant, it spread to the other parts of his body, overflowing with a trace of faint golden light.

Deep within his brain, a load of information was pouring in.

[Admiralty Cover, this is the first Fourth-Dimensional ancient martial art created by humanity, for every level that you upgrade it, it will increase your damage resistance. For every ten levels that it is upgraded, you will acquire a miraculous attribute.]

[You have grasped the first level of Admiralty Cover, causing the damage you receive to be reduced by 30 percent, to reach the next level of Admiralty Cover, you require 20 ability points.]


Information kept on pouring slowly into his brain, but Li Yunmu’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. An ancient martial art, I learned one that easily? The whole process only consumed 1 ability point? So ability points has such a great use!

At this moment, Li Yunmu discovered that on the surface of his shadow, there was a golden layer of protective armour.


He thought within his heart without saying anything aloud.

In the next instant, the layer of golden protective cover, which was enveloping his body like the shell of a hen’s egg, gradually hid within his skin. However, for some unknown reason, with just that one thin layer of protective cover, Li Yunmu felt a lot safer inside the grass forests. Reducing the total damage received by 30 percent was quite unprecedented.

Li Yunmu quickly realized the profoundness of an A Grade ancient martial art. When he continued to hunt down monsters, he made a big mistake that resulted in the ant that he encountered biting him fiercely on the arm.

Originally, it would have been ripped apart due to the formidable power in the ant’s pincers. But this time, because of that layer of resistance, Li Yunmu’s hand was surprisingly able to support it.

"Formidable, formidable indeed..."

Even if Li Yunmu didn’t have much experience, he was able to realize what this meant. The Admiralty Cover defensive cultivation method was much more powerful compared to the flux energy battle skills. Was this power really only from the first, most basic level of this cultivation method?

At that moment, Li Yunmu became even more excited, the next level only required 20 ability points? That meant killing nineteen more ants would be enough?

He continued hunting down monsters. Li Yunmu forgot about time, forgot about everything else. He threw all of his mind into fighting monsters. As time passed, he became more and more skilled. Gradually, he could even face the combined assault of two ants at one time.

"Kill, kill, kill, I must gain even more experience and ability points! For our future, so that we don’t have to move to slums..."

While he was indulged in killing monsters, time passed quickly. After some time, night had arrived, but the shadow seemed to possess night vision. Even within the grass of the District Garden, Li Yunmu’s visibility wasn’t affected at all.

However, as the night advanced, the number of monsters within the grass also increased, they also became increasingly stronger.

Grade Three caterpillar, Grade Four grasshopper, Grade Five spider, Grade Seven lizard, Grade Ten frog....Li Yunmu had never expected that those small lives, which he could casually crush by stepping on them, would become so frightening.

Although he cautiously avoided those he could not defeat, he had finally suffered a loss. After he had killed forty six Grade One ants, seventeen Grade One fleas, five Grade Two ladybugs, three different types of Grade Two earthworms, he was finally eaten by a Grade Seven lizard which suddenly appeared from within the grass.

When he came to his senses, he was already back in his body. Li Yunmu closed his eyes and analysed for a long time, only after thinking over his weak points and deficiency did he then lightly release a breath of impure air.

Seemingly, it would be better if he used the hack during the day until he becomes more powerful…...the neighbourhood garden’s lawn becomes exponentially more dangerous at night.

"System, calculate the amount of experience and ability points received this time."

After summarizing his merits and flaws during the fights, now was the time to reap the harvests; Li Yunmu couldn’t suppress his excitement, the harvests were indeed enormous.

[Ding, in this life, the host has managed to obtain a total of 79 experience points and 79 ability points...….the existence of some kind of unawakened force in your body was detected, as well as the Admiralty Cover cultivation method, do you desire to use the experience and ability points to assist in its awakening and the advancement of this cultivation method?]


This time, Li Yunmu didn’t have any hesitation. In next instant, he sensed a warm sensation coming from his stomach and dantian simultaneously. He thought that his life for the past dozen years was simply a waste. This sensation of obtaining strength little by little was truly exciting.

[Reminder, the flux energy seed inside your body had been further strengthened and your Admiralty Cover had also been upgraded by two levels, your damage resistance had been increased to 32 percent....]

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