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Chapter 940 - Chase

Chapter 940: Chase

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The three late stage tribulation passing experts looked at Jue Qingzi who had turned into a sword rainbow with calm expressions. Golden cannons appeared in their hands out of nowhere, and they shot three rays of golden light, which blossomed into a large mass of golden smoke, in the direction of the Alliance.


After seeing the large mass of golden smoke behind them, Jue Qingzi turned back and saw an illusionary barrier appearing in front of the Alliance’s palaces in the horizon. The next instant, he changed his direction to the one in which Li Yunmu had said he would go—southwest.

Even if Jue Qingzi belonged to the sword lineage, he wasn’t an enemy of three late stage tribulation passing experts. If they were really brought to the yin son of heaven by the disciples of Yin Manor, they would be executed without ability to fight back.

Right then, their only way out was Li Yunmu. Although collaborating with him was similar to digging their own grave, but when all was said and done, they would retain their life while being on his side.

Jue Qingzi released all of cultivation as he rushed southwest. When the three disciples of Yin Manor saw that, they instantly changed their direction and rushed in the same direction as well.

The presences of three immortals flew out of the Alliance palace and stayed in the sky for some time.

“People of Yin Manor? When did a lord of Yin Manor come to this night pearl small world?”

“According to a report from a subordinate of mine, the yin son of heaven of Yin Manor has arrived and killed Yan Tian. Haha, Yan Tian was really out of luck, offending the newly promoted yin son of heaven.”

“Just one manager less and nothing else. Another portion of resources of this world will be divided among us. The three disciples of Yin Manor are chasing someone. Should we assist them or not?”

“We must assist them. Although the Alliance is also considered a large power, the Yin Emperor is only one step away from stepping into the sage realm. Once the seal of the Origin World is broken, it is possible that he will take that step.”

After speaking, the three true immortals rushed southwest at a fast speed, which was comparable to that of Jue Qingzi’s sword.

The sword rainbow streaked across the sky for only a fleeting moment. Soon after, the black fog surrounding the disciples of Yin Manor turned the whole sky into hell, with roars of spirits and ghosts echoing in it from time to time.

Some tribulation passing powerhouses just happened to come out of another god ruins at that moment, and they raised their heads to look at the sword rainbow streaking through the sky. After a moment, three disciples of Yin Manor appeared. Among the roars of ghosts, threads of green smoke appeared in their yin domain as they increased their speed.

“What’s going on? Where did that cultivator walking the path of sword immortal, rushing in the front come from, and what kind of hatred does he have with disciples of Yin Manor? All three disciples of Yin Manor were tribulation passing stage experts, so I am afraid that cultivator will fall.”

“Yin Manor’s power is enormous. Those who offend it will naturally not have a good ending. What a pity.”

The two cultivators who had just walked out of the god ruins stood atop the mountain with heads raised and discussed what they saw. As they watched, the presences of the three disciples of Yin Manor disappeared, and the pressure of three true immortals from the Alliance appeared. The sight of them turned the two cultivators standing on the top of the mountain deathly pale.

“What offense exactly did this sword immortal commit? He actually managed to attract a joint hunt from the disciples of Yin Manor and the Alliance’s true immortals. This sword immortal will certainly die in this hunt.”

“Let’s go. It’s not appropriate to learn more about such matters.”

The two cultivators standing on the mountain hurriedly left.

Jue Qingzi was a sword rainbow flying toward the southwest, but he didn’t sense Li Yunmu’s presence and felt gloomy in his heart. When they separated, Li Yunmu had said that he was going in this direction, but he had rushed for a few hundred miles as a sword rainbow but did not see Li Yunmu’s silhouette. It made him suspect that Li Yunmu might have returned to the Origin World.

If he had returned, then that would be really bad…

Once that thought appeared in Jue Qingzi’s mind, he immediately killed it. Yin Manor had dispatched three late stage tribulation passing powerhouses and then asked the Alliance for assistance. With such a group of hunters, only a golden immortal almighty like Li Yunmu could save them.

Jue Qingzi gnashed his teeth and continued to rush southwest while searching for a particular figure.

After a moment, his face turned deathly pale as the energy in his body reached its limit. He could only continue flying at full strength for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. After that, the three tribulation passing experts and people dispatched by the Alliance would overtake them.Read more chapter on our

“Why are you running, disciple of Profound Sword Pavilion? Yin son of heaven only wants to ask you a few things, but you seem to have a guilty conscience! Did you really obtain something?”

“If you obtained something, then follow us to see yin son of heaven to exchange for it. Yin son of heaven is magnanimous and will naturally spare your life.”

“But if you wait until you exhaust your strength, then not only will you die, you will also implicate your sect.”

The three late stage tribulation passing experts tried to persuade Jue Qingzi one by one.

“I don’t believe your words!” Jue Qingzi shouted out in a cold voice.

The sword energy rising from his body increased dramatically, and he used the wind to increase his strength slightly. He rushed southwest like a fish through water.

The sword rainbow in the front and the yin domain behind it moved at the same speed. They maintained an equilibrium without any change.

Yet another power appeared in the sky then—the three immortals of the Alliance. The three managers rushed after the disciples of Yin Manor with their hearts filled with resentment.

The three of them were shrewd people so they knew that if they didn’t continue the chase together with the disciples of Yin Manor, they would commit the crime of not respecting their senior, and the gains would not make up for the losses.

Thus, the three men used their full strength to rush over to the side of Yin Manor’s disciples.

“You all have been chasing a tribulation passing expert for so long, you all are really…”one of the managers said.

One disciple of Yin Manor coldly snorted and gloomily said, “He is a sword immortal. If you were at the same level as him and could catch up to him, I would pay respects to you as my master.”

The manager who had spoken just then began to laugh without refuting it. Sword immortals were recognized as the most powerful cultivators among those on the same level. Their speed was the fastest, so only if someone trained in the laws of wind, they might be superior to them in this field. The disciples of Yin Manor really had some ability based on the fact that they were not falling too far behind.

As the manager thought about that, resentment began to rise in his heart.

Another manager’s gaze flickered, and he enquired, “How did this disciple of Profound Sword Pavilion make yin son of heaven unhappy to the point that he even issued the order to make us, the Alliance’s managers, assist you?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t know, or your heads might roll and your soul will be destroyed,” the disciples of Yin Manor said in unison with a hint of threat in their voice.

The managers looked at each other, then revealed smiles, and the manager who had ridiculed them at the beginning said, “Since yin son of heaven wants us to assist you, the three of us will naturally do our utmost.”

The moment he said that, his true immortal’s body was surrounded by immortal energy, which transformed into a cool breeze as he turned into a blur and went after Jue Qingzi. The distance between two sides began to shrink at an astonishing pace.

“The three of you take your time. We will go first and subdue the sword immortal of Profound Sword Pavilion!”

The other two true immortals also used their immortal techniques and rushed toward Jue Qingzi. In the blink of an eye, the three of them left behind the three tribulation passing experts.

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