Shadow Queen

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Leabrick smiled.

“I promise.”

“You’ll take the name of Knight Lorentz.”

While talking about Elena’s death, neither of them felt guilty or sorry. Elena is just a doll to them. At the end of the puppet show, there was no feeling to waste on the firewood dolls, which would be enough to burn them into ash.

“Let’s have dinner with the princess tonight to get rid of the horns in the short term. The ceremony will be held in a quiet and informal manner within two days.”

The great house’s whole nerves were on the birthday banquet. There was no room for a grand selection ceremony, and there was no need to put Elena, who was not familiar with Veronica, on the official table.

“Then, I will leave now.”

It was just time for Lorentz to get up from the sofa.

Knock, knock.

Even before the knock disappeared, the office door opened.

“I’m sorry. I know it’s rude, but it’s urgent…”

“Lord Bellow? Come on in.”

Knight Bellow came into the office breathing heavily with the permission of his predecessor, Lorentz.

“Y-your Highness the Princess was at the training grounds.”


Leabrick’s voice became sharp. What do you mean, training grounds? She had an ominous feeling that Elena might have committed an unexpected act.

“She made an unscheduled visit, and declared that she would have a major knight appointment in a few days.”

“What in the…”

“She has even ordered my knights to be called in to see and elect themselves at the ceremony. It’s unprecedented, is it okay?”

Leabrick clenched her molars. It can’t be okay. All together, Elena did the opposite of Leabrick’s plan. As if to screw her up.

The bigger problem was that it was not easy to make up for Elena’s mistake. It is not just anyone else, but it is a talk in front of the knights who value honor. Under these circumstances, it is not good to change your words again.

Aside from the lack of credibility among the knights, there was a high possibility of serious damage to the reputation of Princess Veronica. She was already suffering from various rumors because of her long absence.

From Leabrick’s point of view, this and that has become impossible.

‘I warned you to watch your mouth. Do you want a death sentence?’

Leabrick felt pure anger toward a human being for the first time in nearly years.

‘I was so laid back. I really needed to have control measures.’

It’s a mistake. This wouldn’t have happened if she had at least held the reins.

“Lord Bellow, bring the princess here. Right now!”


Under Leabrick’s frosty orders, Bellow rushed out of the office in a hurry.


A breathtaking silence filled between Elena and Leabrick. Leabrick, who called Elena into the Oval Office, had been holding her mouth shut for at least a half-hour.

If it were Elena in the past, she would have had pins and needles and been busy trying to keep her head down. However, this kind of pressure had no effect on Elena. It was widely expected what Leabrick would say, and she had prepared a reasonable countermeasure against it.

Elena was even bored with this time. Eventually, Elena, who hated wasting meaningless time, ended her silence with a very sorry face.

“What else did I do wrong?”

“Are you really asking because you don’t know?”

There was a chill in Leabrick’s low voice. Elena lifted her head and carefully opened her mouth, looking at Leabrick’s face.

“I’m sorry. I honestly don’t know. I took a walk in Sponsorship, and when I got to the training ground, I met the knights and said a few words.”

“How many words did you say?”


Elena shivered in response to Leabrick’s edgy response.

“…… I remembered your promise to me. A saying that I can appoint a noble knight. My heart was pounding like crazy. The fact that there would be a knight for me. That’s why I talked about it. I’m going to appoint the noblest man in the Grand Duchy as my knight. Is this such a bad thing?”

Elena’s speech was clever. She blamed Leabrick for the appointment. She didn’t even mention any questionable issues. What was more spectacular was Elena’s expression. She even expressed her frustration that she really didn’t know what she did wrong, and even gave a tearful face.

“You! You…”

Leabrick held back her anger.

“Don’t you know? I’m upset that the princess said she was calling the knights to the ceremony without even having a word of discussion with me.”

“Was that wrong? Then I’m so sorry, Liv. I didn’t know. When I learned the literature, ‘The Song of Roland,’ or ‘The Ceremony of the Empire,’ I only knew that fellow knights gathered at the ceremony to prove your oath…”

Elena made excuses for the feed in her favor. Nevertheless, she did not forget to give off a nuance of remorse after realizing her mistake.

‘Hah, that’s the only reason.’

Feeling unbearable anger, Leabrick could no longer be questioned. Elena was originally a vain person. In particular, the oath of knights was one of Elena’s dreams even before she left the kingdom. It was also her fault that she had overlooked it even though she knew it.

“I’m sorry, Liv. I have nothing to say even if I have ten mouths. I didn’t know that. I’ll be careful.”

When Elena apologized in a low-key manner, Leabrick bit her molar and calmed down her anger. It was already spilled. The princess’ mouth heralded a major appointment ceremony. Dozens of knights have heard of it, and by now, it will be so prolific that no one wouldn’t know about it. Finding words to make an excuse for Veronica, who hasn’t appeared in society for the first time in two years, would create another scandal.

Leabrick prioritized the appointment of Lorentz as Elena’s immediate knight for the intended purpose. If the goal was achieved, it was not important whether it is a private appointment or an open appointment ceremony.

“If it keeps going like this, we have no reason to wait.”


“Don’t forget your resolution.”

Elena’s wish to say that she will never do it again ended this time. Even though the cold atmosphere eased a bit, Elena was looking at her face and lowering her head. Leabrick, who drenched her throat with a sip of tea, asked Elena.

“Princess, do you remember I said I was going to introduce you to a knight?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for that.”

“He’s been waiting in the drawing room for a while.”

Elena was surprised.

“N-now? I look terrible after taking a walk.”

“Don’t bother. He even admires the look of a princess.”

Leabrick on the sofa pulled a book from the bookshelf on the wall.


The wall on which the paintings were displayed next to the bookcase opened, and the secret door leading to the living room and passage was opened. Elena opened her eyes like a rabbit who was surprised.

‘A clever woman.’

She was once again surprised by Leabrick’s leadership. Elena said earlier that she would choose her own knight at the appointment ceremony, with a nuance that there was no article nominated. Meanwhile, having a private meeting with Lorentz, who is a knight, is conscious that there is a possibility that may raise unfairness about the appointment process internally.

“You miss one, but you don’t miss the other.’

Unfortunately, this card is useless. Instead, Elena was able to pull the reins of her mind, which almost loosened.


Over the secret door, Lorentz, dressed in silver armor, came over and was respectfully courteous.

“Greetings to Your Highness, I am Knight Lorentz.”

“Raise your head.”

Lorentz’s eyes with his chin were on Elena. The eyes of the two clashed and stared at each other.

‘First, act like a shy girl.’

Elena blushed and avoided eye contact. However, she stole a glance at Lorentz’s face and was embarrassed. Then the corners of Lorentz’s mouth crept up. It was a short moment, but he found out that Elena liked him.

“I’ve heard a lot from Liv. You’re much more handsome than I’ve ever heard, and you’re a great knight.”

“It’s an honor, Your Highness. If you do, forgive my rudeness.”

“Excuse me?”

Lorentz boldly approached Elena and kneeled on one knee. Then he reached out his hand and kissed the back of Elena’s hand.


Reflexively swinging his hand, he almost struck Lorentz’s face. This is the last life, but he is a knight that betrayed Elena and put a sword through her body. It’s disgusting to see the hateful side up close, and a kiss on the back of her hand.

“He…. Just…”

Elena stammered as if she were embarrassed. She also flushed red as if she were blushing. Technically, it was because of the anger that boiled up at the moment, but it somehow matched well with the current situation.

“How do you feel?”

“What? If you ask me what should I say…”

Leabrick smiled and said.

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“I’m sure there’s no knight better than Lord Lorentz in the Great House.”

“I-it looks like that. I’ve never seen a knight as wonderful as Lord Lorentz in my life.”

Elena gave a glimpse of the eye in acknowledgment. Then the smile on Lorentz’s lips thickened. It was actually a shiny-looking face, and just looking at it made her upset.

“I told you, didn’t I? I’m sure he’s a perfect knight for the princess.”

In fact, Lorentz had a handsome face. In fact, there were quite a few ladies courting him in the social world, and his graceful appearance played a large part in leaving Leabrick’s recommendation to appoint him as a direct knight in her last life.

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