Shadow Queen

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Take it.”

Hurelbard, who received the gloves that Elena handed him back, looked down at them.


It was written mainly in the Imperial Household of the Empire. The meaning was difficult to understand, so it was mainly used in state events and ceremonies, but few nobles even used it. Hurelbard could also read the letters, but he had no idea what they meant.

“Always keep it on your hand.”

“… Does this word mean that I’m not good enough?”

Hurelbard tried to understand the meaning of the letter with a serious face. Elena said earlier that she would give a punishment, so he guessed that this letter also has a meaning of reprimanding.


Elena gave a meaningful smile.

“This is my punishment.”

“I have no idea what this is. What does this mean?”

“Think about it. That’s my punishment.”


Hurelbard’s brows furrowed. Like in the sea where the depth of the water is unknown, he could hardly measure the inside of his master. Elena said one more word while looking at the frustrated Hurelbard.

“Just remember this. Since our first meeting, I have always been sincere to you.”

“I really don’t know anything about the princess.”

Hurelbard, who did not know Elena’s intentions until the end, stepped back and was polite.

“I, Knight Hurelbard, swear that I will always carry this letter in my heart as the punishment of Her Majesty the Princess.”

Elena smiled silently.


It is an ancient Imperial language that only the royal family can write and read, and the meaning was light. When it was read in single-spoken words, it meant Elena’s initials.

“Don’t ever forget your oath.”


Four days have passed. There was an official request for a visit from Madame de Flanrose. The formal reason was the return of a handkerchief from the birthday banquet.

Leabrick was troubled by Madame’s request for a visit. She wanted Elena, who has a lot of inadequacies in many ways, to avoid contact with Madame de Flanrose, who is good at manners, education, and culture.

But if she refused, there was so much that could get outside. The current Veronica princess has re-emerged in society for the first time in two years. Despite her robustness, bad rumors were still circulating, and the nobles constantly questioned her past activities.

In this situation, the meaning of Madame de Flanrose’s visit was great. Any nobleman wanted to invite her to interact, but Madame de Flanrose never met anyone. In the first place, she drew a line with aristocratic self-interests and profitable groups. It was no different even if it was the Grand Duke. If she felt that they were not meeting the aristocratic standards, Madame de Flanrose would never interact with them, even if they were the Grand Duke.

It was said that Madame de Flanrose was going to visit the Grand House to meet Princess Veronica. It was a great opportunity for Veronica, who had not yet fully recovered her status as a princess. It was because the reputation, prestige, and trust that had been lost would follow just by interacting with the prestigious Madame de Flanrose.

‘I heard that even the slugs have a talent for rolling.’

She didn’t even think that Elena would take on a big shot like this. Even though Elena’s words and actions that were not aristocratic were still insufficient, she seemed to be cute. Otherwise, even if Madame de Flanrose was in return of courtesy, there was no way she would show this kind of favor.

Leabrick folded the letter requesting a visit and pushed it into the desk drawer. Then she took out a high-quality parchment and penned it down with a single pen. She said she would welcome Madame de Flanrose’s visit and specified a date for the visit. Finally, the writing of the reply was finished by stamping the seal of the Grand Duke.

Four days after that. Madame de Flanrose formally visited the great house.

“Madame de Flanrose greets the princess.”

In front of the mansion, Madame de Flanrose, who was obliquely covering the sunlight with a parasol, greeted with an elegant figure.

“Welcome, Madame.”

Elena returned the courtesy with polite but not excessive manners.

“Viscountess Leabrick came out too.”

Leabrick was well-mannered.

“Madame is coming, so I have to come out myself.”

“I do not know what to do because you are so welcoming.”

“Don’t stand here, come inside. We have tea from the East.”

“If you say so, I can’t be rude.”

The three women moved to the reception room inside the mansion. Madame de Flanrose kept her mouth tight, looking around, as the ladies followed the etiquette of not talking frivolously while walking. Then, when Elena’s eyes met, her eyes shook.

‘You can do it as you are now. Then there will be nothing for Madame to worry about.’

Madame de Flanrose, who knew what Elena meant by her eyes without having to say, nodded quietly. She seemed willing to do anything to hide her disgrace.

The three people who moved to the drawing room had a cup of tea and had a little chat. Mainly, Leabrick led the conversation, and Elena and Madame de Flanrose were in confrontation.

“I was really surprised. To give me a handkerchief willingly. I should be able to keep my heart from moving with the pure and pure mindset of Her Majesty the Princess.”

“I don’t know what to do with your kindness.”

At this moment, Elena was praised and acted like a girl who didn’t know what to do. Leabrick laughed at the level of Madame de Flanrose, who opened her heart to Elena’s clumsiness. Contrary to public criticism, she seemed to lack discernment.

When the atmosphere was somewhat ripe, Elena took a teacup to her mouth and stared at Leabrick.

‘Shall I get the intruder out of here?’

As soon as the decision was made, Elena went into action. The teacup, which was still warm, was laid down on the pedestal and relaxed. The cup, which had lost its support, tilted and the tea water poured down.


Elena didn’t know what to do. The flowing tea spilled over to Leabrick, and the bottom of her skirt was soaked.

“I-I’m sorry, Liv.”

Frustrated, Elena took a handkerchief out of her arms and wiped the water. But it didn’t seem to mean much because the water had already soaked through. Nevertheless, her constant touch was seen as helpless at the mistake she made.

“It’s all right, Your Highness. I can change, so don’t worry.”

Leabrick smiled casually, adroitly controlling the rising anger and irritation.

“Madame, I think I’ll have to leave for a while. Is that okay?”

“I’ll be having a chat with your Highness, the Princess.”

Leabrick, who asked for her understanding, hurried out of the reception room.

Elena’s expression and attitude changed when she kicked out Leabrick as planned and was left alone in the reception room. Her foolish appearance was invisible, and she treated Madame with a completely ladylike figure.

“How have you been, Madame?”

Madame de Flanrose was nervous. It was already well asked throughout the conversation. Nevertheless, bringing this up again was seen as a way to share the main point.

“… I’ve been well.”

“That’s unexpected. I thought you wouldn’t be able to.”

“There’s no reason why I can’t. With all due respect, I’m not a woman easy enough to be swayed by scandals.”

At the same time, Madame de Flanrose took a look at Elena’s reaction.

‘Rather than lady among ladies, wouldn’t ‘old fox suit’ you better?’

Elena looked at Madame de Flanrose’s intentions. It may be her intention to find out how far she knew the fact that she had committed adultery with the coachman, and whether she had the evidence, and then deal with it. If she had followed her, Elena wasn’t a generous woman enough to just look over the Madame de Flanrose who turned her head up and raised her chin.

“Of course, who dares to regard Madame as a light woman? I’m just talking about what I heard.”


“Madame, who is known for her precognition, has been engaging in adultery with the horseman, and it’s usually the stable where you share love.”

Madame de Flanrose’s face turned pale. She tried to pretend as if nothing was wrong, but she couldn’t hide her trembling lips.

“Is that all? She’s very bold. She put her crippled husband to sleep with medicine and called the horseman into the room. Her husband was sleeping right next to her.”


Madame de Flanrose’s trembling voice entreated her. She didn’t know it when she was committing adultery, but when she heard what she did through the mouth of others, she felt shame and couldn’t bear it.

“What’s wrong, Madame? We still have a lot more to talk about.”

“Please, that’s enough.”

Madame de Flanrose was hopeless. Elena knew what had happened in detail as if she had seen it with her own eyes. It meant that people were planted in the family and that they were more likely to have evidence.

“… I-I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. So please bury this.”

“Oh, what’s wrong with you? I have no intention of reprimanding you, Madame.”

“Please, please, Your Grace.”

Madame de Flanrose begged with her head down. Elena did not want to talk about her adultery anymore. It only made her mouth dirty when she spoke more.

“I heard that you have a clever maid, Madame.”

“W-who are you referring to if they’re a maid?”

“I believe her name is May?”

“Ah! There is a child named May among my direct maids. She came about two years ago, she’s very quick-witted and well-behaved, so she’s affectionate. But what about May?”

Elena grinned.

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“Give me the child.”


Madame de Flanrose couldn’t figure out how to take those words.It was not an exaggeration to say that Elena, having learned about adultery, held her leash. But she wanted her to send a maid. Contrary to what Madame de Flanrose was concerned, the requirements were too weak. But she had no choice.

“Would you mean that if I send that child, you will pretend to be unaware of my immorality?”

Madame de Flanrose, like an old fox, tried to confirm it again.

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