Shadow Queen

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The Frontier Academy is an educational institution that aims to produce outstanding talent by studying learning and developing various qualities. However, few of the aristocrats entered the school to learn professional knowledge or study. Children of high-ranking aristocrats did not pay much attention to the education of academic institutes because they received private education from their young teachers.

Nevertheless, there is one reason why the aristocratic children cross the threshold of the academy.

Personal connections.

It is no exaggeration to say that the academy is a compressed version and future of imperial society. Many of them will be aristocrats who will succeed their parents’ titles and move the empire. In other words, the academy is a social venue for building the necessary connections. It was impossible to measure the value of the institute just by providing a space for talented people to gather and build friendships in the future.

Rumors circulated at such an academy that Princess Veronica returned to school after two years.

The rumor turned out to be true as testimonies continued that they saw a carriage bearing the seal of the Grand Duke.

The current students called themselves a blessed generation.

Prince Sian to succeed the throne.

Princess Veronica, the only heir to the Grand Duke.

Avella, the eldest daughter of Duke Reinhardt.

Young Ren of the Bastasche family of the new aristocracy.

Just going to the academy at one time with talented people who will lead the empire in the future opened up an opportunity to approach the center of power. If you can make friends with those four, your family will change. Students from a small family couldn’t stay still.

“I love the taste of black tea.”

“Your hand gesture is so graceful.”

“Is that all? You treated me to tea, and you’re so kind. May I say hello sometimes?”

Elena smiled and drank black tea without saying a word.

‘I’m tired.’

Students have already visited for two days, except on the day she came to the dormitory. Even now, outside the dormitory was crowded with students who wanted to greet her only.

‘But I have to put up with it now.’

The reason why she continued to have this nourishing tea time was because of Leabrick’s request. Since all the factions of Princess Veronica in the social world have been broken down, she said that it was necessary to build friendships with the current students. Although annoying, Elena’s actions are reported to Leabrick through Anne. It wasn’t even a day since she came to the academy, so she didn’t have to fly out of her eyes to violate Leabrick’s request.

‘To the extent that it doesn’t look easy. Let’s take it in moderation.’

Elena put the teacup down on the pedestal and said softly.

“Yes, let’s have this kind of time often in the future.”

“I’ll get the blended black tea!”

The young girl’s expression brightened with the hope of continuing her friendship with Elena.

“Yes, I’ll take the time to invite you.”

Elena never intended to face them again. In other words, the phrase meant, “Don’t come to see me before I make an appointment.” After that, she had tea time with guests who visited her several more times.

Elena pulled up her body and turned on her flag.

“That’s enough for today. Send them all back. I drank too much black tea and I feel nauseous.”

“Yes, miss.”

May and Anne answered politely and arranged the teacups and plates. Elena, who was going up to the bedroom on the second floor, stopped on the stairs as if she had an idea.

“May has a separate errand to run, so come up for a moment.”

Anne’s expression became fierce when Elena pointed at May.

Anne blazed May violently. She didn’t seem to like having May do something personal, not her.

“Anne, when you organize that, get a carpet. Cookie crumbs are a pain in the eye.”


The carpet weighed a lot, so it was too much for a woman to shake it alone. Elena hardened her face and asked again.

“What if you’re not alone? Are you asking me to help?”

“Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, miss.”

Anne bowed her head with a pale face to apologize. It was because she remembered that she almost got punished for my small slip of the tongue. Elena, who left Anne alone, came up to the bedroom with May. Then she pulled out an envelope from among the books she had put in the drawer.

“Send this letter to Emilio, the head of the Castol Corporation. For urgent use. The only thing to remember is that they can’t know that I sent it.”

May received the letter. Her gaze did not fall off the envelope. She seemed to be wondering why she told her not to let him know.

“Are you curious?”

“How can I.”

“I don’t mind you reading it. There’s no reason to hide it. You’re good enough if you get the message to the Castol Corporation.”


May’s eyes shook violently at the words she threw. It was obvious that she was agitated without understanding Elena’s intentions. Elena gave her a small parchment with a significant smile.

“Get me the things listed here. You can’t leave anything out.”

May’s eyebrows wiggled as she skimmed through the list on the parchment. There were many unknown items such as wigs, glasses without lenses, and color cosmetics. Among them, the most suspicious was the name tag of the academy.


Wasn’t it the name of the girl Elena who asked her to bring her brooch yesterday? Why did she need a name tag with the name of someone other than Elena’s? It was all beyond her imagination.

“What’s all this? Why do they want me to buy this? That’s the kind of questions you have.”


“I want you to take your time to figure it out. If you buy them, pack them well and leave them with Sir Hurelbard. But you should never tell Anne what you bought. Don’t let yourself get caught, okay?”

“Yes, Your Highness the Princess.”

She said she knew it, but why did she tell her not to get caught by Anne? She’s a maid. Questions increased but the answer was hardly found. From the beginning until now, May had no idea what the princess was thinking.

“You’re a bright kid, so I don’t have to say it twice. Go ahead. Oh, don’t forget to get Anne some cookies, because you’ll need an excuse.”


“Tell Anne to come up for a moment on the way.”

May bowed down and hurried out of the bedroom. When she stood by the window, she saw May leaving the dormitory in a hurry.

“Now shall we give the donkey a carrot?”

When Elena’s talk to herself was over, a terrifying knock was heard. It was Anne.

“… You asked for me.”

“Come here.”

Looking at Anne, who was intimidated, Elena spoke kindly. Anne came close, perplexed by Elena’s softened tone. Elena rolled over Anne’s hair, which had been scattered while moving the carpet.

“Anne, do you know? How much I trust and depend on you.”


“Of course. Who’s here but you?”

Anne was embarrassed by Elena’s affectionate touch and tone, but she was a little relieved that her owner gave her this warmth.

“I really didn’t know. I thought Her Majesty the Princess hated me….”

“Me hate you? How is that possible? May may be good at work, but she isn’t very emotional. So you’re the one I always take with me. And I just sent May on an errand didn’t I?”

Anne’s freckled cheekbones rose and a smile spread. Contrary to Anne’s expectations, she was fooled by the idea of keeping her by her side because she trusted and relied on her.

When the atmosphere was ripe, Elena quietly got up from the sofa and took out the jewelry box from the drawer. Among them, she picked up a ruby ring, what’s more, although gorgeous, it’s hard to get the price it deserves because of its rough workmanship.

“Give me your hand.”


“Come on.”

Anne reached out her hand with a puzzled expression. Elena put a ring on Anne’s finger which had become bumpy while doing chores.

“It suits you well as if it was yours. Take it, it’s yours.”

“What? How can I do this…”

Anne’s greedy eyes did not fall off the ruby ring, though she refused to speak. Elena gave an angelic smile.

“You deserve it. Breaking your body every day, don’t you think?”

“Thank you. Thank you.”

Ann was moved to tears and bowed her head to express her thanks. How can she not be thrilled to receive an expensive ring that she would never wear with a maid’s salary.

“Don’t forget to keep it a secret from May.”

“Of course! I’ll keep this forever. Every time I sleep, I’ll thank my princess a hundred times, no, a thousand times and sleep.”

Elena sent out Anne, who was intoxicated with ecstasy. Anne was dazed that she might be dreaming until the moment she left. She told Anne to keep it a secret, but it was obvious that the promise wouldn’t last even a few days. Anne had a proud personality and would try to show off how much she’s appreciated.

Elena was not interested in it either way. May won’t react to Anne’s bragging.

“Liv, you said it, didn’t you? The more blind a human being is, the easier it is to deal with them.”

Greed blinded people. For a while, even if she had May run a personal errand, Anne would not pay much attention to that in the illusion that Elena trusts and relies on herself.

WuxiaWorld.S i t e Only

Making Anne think that Elena trusts her. That means the ruby ring was worth it.


The eve. It is a festival organized by the Academy on the eve of the opening of the semester. The purpose of the event is to turn around the morale of freshmen and students who have to concentrate on their studies throughout the year. On this day, there were many things to see and enjoy as outside stalls came in and performances were held inside the academy.

Students from the aristocracy criticized the eve as a dirty event. However, as it was an opportunity to experience the lives of ordinary people indirectly without caring about their dignity or authority, many students from aristocrats also joined together.

On the contrary, students from ordinary people who received sponsorship or entered the school through donations welcomed the eve of the festival. Art festivals, swordsmanship, and academic events are cited as the three major festivals of academic institutions. However, for students from ordinary people who are under pressure from their performance throughout their school years, the three major festivals had to show results. So for ordinary people, the real festival was only on the eve.

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