She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1181 - 1181 Obtaining the Power of Faith (1)

Chapter 1181 - 1181 Obtaining the Power of Faith (1)

1181 Obtaining the Power of Faith (1)

The pale-haired mayor flew down from the head of the giant snake in Ice Blazing City and landed outside the city gate. Then, he knelt in front of Yu Huang.

The old mayor held the ancient book in his hand as he said piously, “Lord, you’re finally here!”

As Yu Huang lowered her eyes and looked at the old man in front of her, she felt terrified and uneasy.

How could she let an old man kneel to her?


Yu Huang hurriedly walked in front of the old man and knelt down as well. Then, she held the old man’s arm and said in a low voice, “Sir, please get up. Don’t kneel. If you kneel, I won’t feel at ease.”

Hearing this, the old mayor stood up with Yu Huang’s help.

The old mayor said with tears in his eyes, “Lord, you’re finally here!”

Even now, Yu Huang was still baffled.

She didn’t know the old man’s identity, nor did she understand why the old man called her a savior.

What was a savior?

Only a hero who saved the world was worthy of the title ‘savior’.

What right did Yu Huang have to be called a savior?!

“Sir, there must be a misunderstanding.” She took a few steps back and pointed at herself as she said, “Sir, look, I’m not even 27 years old. I’m from a bottom-tier small world. I’ve never done anything for Ice Blazing City. Calling me a savior really makes me feel fear and trepidation.”

After the old man heard Yu Huang’s words, he still said, “Lord, you’re the savior! If you don’t believe me, look around!”

As he spoke, the old man opened the ancient book in his hand and pointed at the last page. He read the last paragraph loudly and excitedly, “Heavy rain starts, the flames vanish, and the phoenix appeares!” The savior is born under the desert!!”

The old man said, “Twenty days ago, there was heavy rain in Ice Blazing City, which hadn’t rained for thousands of years!” The old man pointed at the Blazing Mountain behind Ice Blazing City and said, “Today, the magma that has been erupting for thousands of years suddenly stopped.”

Then, the old man pointed at the blue sky above him and said, “Just now, all the citizens in the city saw with their own eyes a Divine Feather Phoenix burning with raging flames in the sky of Ice Blazing City! And you!”

The old man’s gaze was filled with reverence as he looked at Yu Huang with tears in his eyes and marveled, “Lord, you happened to appear from under the desert!”

“If that rain just happened to fall on Ice Blazing City, what about the flames that stopped erupting? What about the phoenix that is completely in line with the prophecy? And what about you, who appeared under the desert?”

The old man firmly believed that Yu Huang was the savior.

Yu Huang fell silent.

Sheng Xiao came out of the ground too. However, the old mayor was so focused on Yu Huang that he didn’t notice a man in a bathrobe not far away.

Yu Huang suddenly turned around and pointed at Sheng Xiao, who was behind her. Then, she said to the old mayor, “He came out of the ground too.”

The old mayor glanced at Sheng Xiao, but his attitude was still firm as he said, “But I saw the phoenix fly into your body with my own eyes.”

Yu Huang still wanted to argue. “But I’m really not a savior…”

“Perhaps you are.” It was Sheng Xiao who spoke.

The old mayor only noticed Sheng Xiao when he heard Sheng Xiao agree that Yu Huang was the savior. He nodded and said, “That’s right!”

Yu Huang turned around and stared at Sheng Xiao with a frown as she asked, “What do you mean?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Look at the ground.”

Yu Huang lowered her head and looked at the ground.

Only then did she notice that countless tender green grass buds had appeared on the originally barren desert ground. “There’s actually life in the desert.” But wasn’t Ice Blazing City a legendary lifeless city?

“That’s right.” Sheng Xiao stared at the grass on the ground and said thoughtfully, “I guess the reason Ice Blazing City has been barren for thousands of years and became a lifeless city is because of Senior Jing Lan. You successfully purified the grievous energy deep underground and extinguished Senior Jing Lan’s Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame. Naturally, you resolved Ice Blazing City’s curse.”

He stared at Yu Huang and said with a smile, “What’s the most important thing in the desert?”

Yu Huang pondered and said, “Green plants and a water source.”

“That’s right. When the Blazing Flame Mountain stopped erupting, when the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame underground stopped burning, this desert lost the suppression of the true fire. The glaciers underground quickly melted, and the desert’s soil structure was altered, so grass grew. Since grass grew, this soil revived. In the future, Ice Blazing City will become an oasis. The citizens here can finally live in peace.”

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