She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: How Can You Humiliate My Yu Huang?

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From the side, Yu Donghai scolded this group of people like a shrew on the streets. Yu Huang felt that it was funny, but she was also deeply moved. Ever since she was disfigured, the people around her all revealed their true colors. Only her crippled father was still willing to protect her and treat her like a treasure.

When it came to family, number wasn’t what mattered. One person was enough.

Yu Huang tugged on Yu Donghai’s sleeve and said, “Father, you don’t have to lower yourself to the level of rabid dogs.”

The term ‘rabid dog’ was heard by quite a number of people. Immediately, someone let out a cold laugh and openly mocked Yu Huang. “Do you think that you’re still Young Master Xuanyuan’s fiancée and that everyone has to give in to you? That was in the past! Without the protection of the Xuanyuan Clan, who in the Prosperous Capital would care about you, Yu Huang?”

Yu Huang tilted her head and looked at the person who spoke.

The other party was a young man dressed in a black suit and had the face of a passerby. However, the tall and sturdy man sitting beside him was someone Yu Huang knew. That man’s name was Ao, and he was a beast tamer at the level of a teacher. He had entered the Xuanyuan Clan many years ago and became Xuanyuan Jing’s personal bodyguard.

The Xuanyuan Clan thought highly of Ao. Xuanyuan Jing brought this person along when he went to Divine Realm Academy to study. Xuanyuan Jing came back to the Prosperous Capital today to break off the engagement with her, so his follower naturally had to follow him back.

In the past, Xuanyuan Jing cherished Yu Huang. As long as Yu Huang attended large-scale business events, Xuanyuan Jing would send Ao to protect her.

He and Yu Huang could be considered old acquaintances.

Being stared at by Yu Huang with a pair of indifferent eyes, the gaze of the man called Ao flickered slightly, but he didn’t say anything to stop his companion. In the past, he respected Yu Huang and treated her as the future young mistress of the Xuanyuan Clan. Today, Xuanyuan Jing broke off the engagement with Yu Huang, and he also saw that Yu Huang no longer had a place in his young master’s heart, so he didn’t take her seriously.

Yu Huang could not help but feel sad.

The servant had treated her with great respect in the past could even order others to hit her while she was down. This made Yu Huang understand the principle of ‘a good horse is ridden by others, and a good person is bullied by others’ deeply.

However, as the number one expert in Doomsday World, Yu Huang was prideful as well.

Although she was bullied by bastards when she was down, how dare these rats look down on her?!

Yu Huang suddenly raised her right arm, and two extremely thin poison needles flew out from her sleeve towards the person who dissed her. The poison needles accurately pierced into the person’s lips, and there was one on each of the upper and lower lips. It was very symmetrical.

“Ah!” The man in black howled in pain and hurriedly pulled out the poison needle. With a pained expression, he shouted at Ao, “Ao! She ambushed me! You have to back me up!” As he spoke, the man’s lips gradually lost their feeling, and in the end, his lips actually couldn’t move anymore.

“Yu Huang! How dare you use poison?!” The injured man was Ao’s cousin. He was the only Beast Tamer in the clan. If his cousin was harmed to the point of being unable to speak in front of him, how could he continue to stay in the clan?

Yu Huang tilted her head and looked towards Ao’s table. She looked at Ao fearlessly and her clear and domineering voice spread throughout the hall of the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant——.

“I met Xuanyuan Jing when I was 15 years old. Before I met him, I was already the youngest movie actress in the Divine Moon Empire. What has the trophies, honor, recognition, and praises I received got to do with Xuanyuan Jing?! Now that my looks are ruined, without Xuanyuan Jing’s protection, how can trash like you who only knows how to curry favor with others humiliate me?”

After she finished speaking, Yu Huang stared at the corners of A’ Ao’s dark green mouth and said, “Since you can’t speak, then it’s better to keep your mouth shut forever, so as to avoid offending others with the wrong words in the future and losing your life directly.”

Ao’s patience had run out, and he shouted at Yu Huang coldly, “Yu Huang, hand over the antidote!”

Yu Huang sneered. “There is no antidote!”

Ao flew into a rage and stood up to walk towards Yu Huang’s table.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Manager Zhang hurriedly stepped out to mediate the situation. “Sir, you are a powerful Beast Tamer. Miss Yu Huang is just a weak woman, and she is old friends with your young master. You used your status to bully an unarmed weak woman. If this matter gets out, I’m afraid it will damage the Xuanyuan Clan’s reputation.”

Ao immediately regained his senses when he heard that the Xuanyuan clan’s reputation would be tarnished.

Because of Yu Huang’s disfigured face, the young master’s request to annul the engagement had already attracted a lot of rumors and slander. If he were to bully Yu Huang in public, then it would be even more humiliating for the young master!

After weighing out the pros and cons, Ao could only suppress his anger.

Seeing that Ao had calmed down, Manager Zhang turned around and said to Yu Huang, “Miss Yu Huang, you’re a kind lady. I know that you must have said those words out of anger. You must have the antidote, right?”

Yu Huang couldn’t help but look at Manager Zhang with a look of admiration.

This person was really sly. His words would even make Satan laugh.

Yu Huang gave Manager Zhang some face and said, “It’s just an ordinary numbing medicine. After a day of meditation, it will naturally go away.”

Hearing this, Manager Zhang heaved a sigh of relief. The Beast Tamer called Ao also relaxed. He looked at Yu Huang meaningfully before bending down to help his injured cousin up and leaving with him.

Just as they were about to leave, they bumped into a guest who had just entered.

Upon seeing that person, Ao’s eyes became filled with surprise and suspicion.

When the Divine Realm Academy started school this year, Ao had accompanied Xuanyuan Jing to enter the Divine Realm Academy. He was fortunate enough to admire the face of the top genius of the Divine Realm Academy, Sheng Xiao, from afar. And the person in front of him, whether it was his looks or his domineering aura, was very similar to that person!

But that person was very busy and shouldn’t have appeared here.

But when Ao saw the pen in Sheng Xiao’s pocket, his expression turned serious. It was the ‘iron rule pen’ of Divine Realm Academy. Only Sheng Xiao, the disciplinary officer of Divine Realm Academy, had the right to wear it!

Ao quickly let go of his cousin and bowed to him. He greeted respectfully, “Greetings, Master Sheng!”

Hearing the title of ‘Master Sheng’, everyone in the room fell silent.

Master Sheng?

Which Master Sheng?

Was it some powerful Master Sheng of the Sheng family? Or was it the legendary top genius of the Sheng family?

With curiosity and shock, everyone raised their heads to look at the entrance of the restaurant.

In front of the restaurant, there stood a tall and radiant young man.

The young man was wearing a dark green shirt with the hem of the shirt tucked into the waist of his pants. It clung tightly to his narrow waist and his long legs could be seen clearly. The button of the shirt extended to the center of his collarbone and was neatly buttoned to the top to reveal his slender neck and a small black mole beside his Adam’s apple.

The young man had a handsome face, but his stern and cold demeanor made people dare not to look at him directly.

The more they looked, the more they felt that this person resembled that legendary person.

At that moment, the owner who had been waiting at the back of the restaurant hurried to Sheng Xiao. He arched his back slightly and looked at the young man as if he was looking at a god. He said respectfully, “Master Sheng, you’re here. The food is ready.. Please follow me into the room.”

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