She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Even after I return, I’m still a god out of your league!

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Yu Huang was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly felt a burning pain in her left eye. She pressed her hand against her left eye that was suddenly in pain, but the pain continued, and it was unbearable.

After turning off the shower, Yu Huang grabbed a towel and wiped her body. She put on her clothes and walked to the mirror. She saw that the small mole in her left eye was emitting black smoke.

Yu Huang was stunned on the spot.

What the hell?

The mole in her eye could emit black smoke?

Yu Huang blinked her eyes. When she looked again, she realized that the mole was no longer moving. It was still near her eyes. It was no longer painful, and it was no longer emitting smoke. It was as if the pain just now was just an illusion.

Yu Huang moved closer to the mirror and examined the mole seriously.

Her mole grew on the white of her left eye, near the tail of her eye. Very few people had a mole in their eye, but Yu Huang’s mole was extremely beautiful. Her fans loved her mole the most.

Yu Huang suspected that the Host might have an eye disease.

Lying in bed, she opened the browser on her phone and searched for a question—

[What kind of disease could a mole in the eye whites be?]

She found a post called [Yu Huang has a mole in her left eye. Her fans call it ‘God’s Gift’. I want to ask everyone, is it normal to have a mole in your eye? Is there something wrong with Yu Huang’s eye?]

The OP added a funny emoticon at the back of the question. Combined with the previous content, it was full of mockery and ill intentions.

Yu Huang immediately understood that this was an anti-fan.

Yu Huang opened the thread and browsed through the comments.

First post: “Identification complete. This is a professional hater!”

Second post: “OP is crazy, crazy! You just can’t bear to see her as beautiful as a flower!”

Third post: “Actually, OP’s suspicions are reasonable. I suspect that Yu Huang’s mole was from plastic surgery.”

Fourth post: “Previous poster, don’t slander her! When Yu Huang debuted at the age of four, she already had that mole in her eyes. A four-year-old child can have plastic surgery? There should be a limit to slandering! That’s clearly a birth mole.”

Fifth post: “I know a little about physiognomy, so I’ll objectively say a few words. Generally speaking, a mole in the white of eyes is considered a prominent mole, and also a fierce mole. I guess Yu Huang’s personality must be very overbearing and fierce in private, and she’s not easy to get along with. The so-called beauty and kindness are all part of her persona. In addition, people with a mole in the white of eyes are relatively horny and promiscuous…”

When Yu Huang saw this, the corner of her mouth twitched. She opened the user’s personal page and reported it.

This trashy post was full of crap!

However, seeing so many fans defending her, Yu Huang felt a little guilty towards those fans.

After Yu Huang’s disfigurement, her anti-fans and her family were all laughing at her while hoping that she could get out of the entertainment industry. However, her true love fans were worried about her and hoping that she could live happily and overcome the trauma of disfigurement early on.

She should give her fans an explanation.

Yu Huang knew in her heart that with her ugly appearance now, she could no longer establish herself in the entertainment industry. Retreating from the industry was the wisest move. Furthermore, she still had a year’s promise with Xuanyuan Jing, so she couldn’t break it!

Entering the Divine Realm Academy was what she should really do.

She had done some research and found out that the Divine Realm Academy would also recruit three ordinary students with outstanding results and powerful Spiritual Strength every year, aside from the outstanding Beast Tamers. After these students entered the academy, they would receive special training from the academy and would be able to enter the Purifying Spirit Academy to work after graduation.

When it came to the Purifying Spirit Academy, one had to mention the Purifying Spirit Masters.

Because of the relationship between Beast Tamers, there was a special profession called Purifying Spirit Masters in this world. A Purifying Spirit Master could purify the turbid things in a person’s soul. After the soul was purified, there was a high chance that the person would awaken into a beast form!

The Purifying Spirit Master was the most respected profession on the Holy Spirit Continent. Even the Beast Tamer respected them because powerful Purifying Spirit Masters could level up the beast form of Beast Tamers!

Purifying Spirit Masters were simply heaven-defying existences!

Yu Huang was an old monster who had transmigrated from another world. Her soul spirit was bound to be extremely powerful. She was confident that she could become a powerful Purifying Spirit Master!

Having made up her mind to leave the entertainment industry, Yu Huang did not hesitate and immediately logged into her Weibo account. She solemnly wrote on her personal page—

[To every small Yu Huang:

Long time no see. Everyone must have been worried. Many things had happened during this period of time. My face was disfigured, my engagement was broken off, and my relationship with the Yu Family was severed…

What I want to tell everyone is this: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. I still believe in the existence of true love; severing ties is just scraping away the gangrene attached to my bones.

I’m doing well. Please don’t worry about me.

After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to quit the entertainment industry.

It’s a pity that I can only accompany everyone to this point. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s love over the years.

Please don’t be sad. After I leave the entertainment industry, there’s a bigger sea of stars waiting for me to conquer.

To the anti-fans who cursed me:

Even after I return, I’m still a god out of your league!

Yu Huang’s declaration of retreat was simple and graceful, but it was filled with arrogance and provocation. However, this was her nature. As the number one expert in the end of the world, Yu Huang had never understood what it meant to be low-key and humble.

Her post was both a provocation and a warning to herself.

After posting on Weibo, Yu Huang went to bed. However, she did not know that the Weibo post that night had been buzzing the entire night because of her arrogant exit statement.

That night, the words # Yu Huang quits the entertainment industry # occupied the Weibo hot search list for the entire night.

Seeing this announcement, Yu Huang’s loyal fans couldn’t help but burst into tears.

As they cried, they left messages to give her their blessings while wishing that she would give up one industry but eventually make a name for herself in another one. Meanwhile, those anti-fans who were waiting to see her make a fool of herself were livid.

She was an ugly monster without any power or status. Without the protection of the Xuanyuan Clan, why was she still so arrogant?!

Besides, she was already disfigured. Why was she still so arrogant?

Who gave her the confidence?

There was an uproar on Weibo all night, but Yu Huang had a rare peaceful sleep.

When she woke up the next day, Yu Huang put on her vest and hid all kinds of hidden mechanisms and hidden weapons in her bag. She then used her long-sleeved jacket to hide them.

She had obtained these hidden weapons at a high price during her stay in the hospital. They were mainly used for self-defense. The police had yet to find out the identity of the culprit who had poisoned her in the Alliance of Gods. Yu Huang was worried that the culprit had a backup plan. If she did not carry a weapon with her, she would not feel at ease.

She packed up and walked out of the room with her bag.

Yu Donghai had already prepared breakfast, which was steamed meat buns and cooked porridge. When Yu Huang was eating, she asked Yu Donghai, “Father, what time do you usually go to sell alms bowl chickens?”

Yu Donghai said, “Noon.”

“Where do you sell it?”

Yu Donghai, unwilling to answer, fell silent.

The intelligent Yu Huang immediately thought of a possibility. She asked, “It’s beside our school?”

Yu Donghai’s expression instantly became panicked.. He sized up Yu Huang’s face and probed, “Why don’t I go to another place to set up a stall?” He was afraid that Yu Huang’s classmates would laugh at her if they knew that her father was someone who sold alms bowls and chickens.

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