She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Fiancé Is Here to Cancel the Engagement

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Yu Rufeng and Li Pingping were busy dealing with the media and partners. Seeing that Yu Huang was still asleep, they left in a hurry.

After they left, Yu Huang opened her eyes and silently absorbed all of the Host’s memories.

The original owner of the body, Yu Huang, was also an orphan. When she was only two months old, she was thrown into the abyss and left to fend for herself. The abyss was the most dangerous primordial forest in the Holy Spirit Continent. There were all kinds of strange vicious beasts living there. The original owner of the body could have been swallowed by the vicious beasts at any time.

But she was lucky to have been picked up by a man who had stumbled into the abyss.

The man who had picked her up was called Yu Donghai. He was a crippled man. Because of his illness, he needed to rely on drinking alcohol to relieve his pain. Thus, his entire body reeked of alcohol.

Yu Donghai raised Yu Huang until she was three years old. However, social workers took away his custody of Yu Huang with the excuse that he was an alcoholic and that he did not have a healthy body.

After social workers carried Yu Huang away, they found her a good family.

And this good family was Yu Rufeng’s family.

At that time, Yu Rufeng owned a company, and her family was quite well-off. However, after Yu Rufeng’s investment failed, the company also declared bankruptcy. After bankruptcy, Yu Rufeng was never able to recover.

When Li Pingping saw that Yu Huang was beautiful and exquisite, she came up with the idea of turning Yu Huang into a child star to earn money.

Li Pingping had used her connections to send Yu Huang to the production team for filming. She did not expect Yu Huang’s acting skills to be so good. She was beautiful and adorable. The moment she debuted, she became popular and famous.

During these 14 years, Yu Rufeng and her husband were like leeches that relied on absorbing Yu Huang’s blood for a living, and used her to gain wealth and glory. However, Li Pingping still felt that it wasn’t enough, and even schemed to use Yu Huang’s beautiful face to get a wealthy husband.

The Xuanyuan Young Master they were talking about was called Xuanyuan Jing, the youngest son of the Xuanyuan Clan’s patriarch. Xuanyuan Jing was two years older than Yu Huang, and when he was 17 years old, he fell in love with Yu Huang at first sight and started to pursue her.

The Xuanyuan Clan was one of the six great cultivation families of the Divine Moon Empire. They had a powerful family background and produced many talents. When Xuanyuan Jing was 13 years old, he awakened his beast form and became a beast tamer. In this year’s beast tamer examination, Xuanyuan Jing’s performance was even more outstanding and he was accepted into the Divine Realm Academy.

The Host was also an ordinary girl, so it was hard for her not to be moved when she was pursued by someone as outstanding as Xuanyuan Jing. Under Xuanyuan Jing’s passionate pursuit, Yu Huang finally agreed to Xuanyuan Jing’s pursuit and got engaged to him a year ago.

Because she had the backing of the Xuanyuan family, Yu Huang’s life in the entertainment industry had always been smooth sailing.

Her life was so smooth that it made people jealous and hate her.

In fact, long before the fire, Yu Huang had already been poisoned and died in the dormitory. The fire was deliberately set by someone who wanted to destroy the corpse and the evidence!

Who wanted to take the Host’s life?

As Yu Huang thought about this, she fell into a daze.

She only stopped thinking when the doctor came to check on her.

Seeing that she was awake, the doctor lowered his head and was about to ask her how she felt when Yu Huang grabbed his hand. Yu Huang stared at the doctor’s eyes and said, “Doctor, please give me a blood test. I suspect that I was poisoned last night.”

After living in the Doomsday World for 200 years, Yu Huang wasn’t a pushover.

She would never forgive those who harmed her!

The doctor looked at her in surprise. He knew Yu Huang, the most famous actress in the nation. There were many posters of her hanging in his son’s room. There was a stack of her cover magazines on the bookcase.

The doctor suspected that Yu Huang was traumatized by the disfigurement, which resulted in disorientation and paranoia of victimization.

He consoled Yu Huang. “Young lady, you seem to be in good spirits. You don’t look like you’ve been poisoned. You…” The doctor saw that Yu Huang’s gaze was getting colder and colder. The rest of his words were caught in his throat.

What a terrifying gaze!

“Alright, wait for the results.”

The doctor drew Yu Huang’s blood and asked the nurse to send her to the laboratory.

At night, the results of the test were out. To the doctor’s surprise, there was indeed a lethal poison in Yu Huang’s blood. The doctor immediately called the police. The police came to the hospital to ask Yu Huang some questions and set up a case. Then, they left with the medical report and set up an investigation team to investigate this matter.

When Yu Rufeng and her husband found out about this matter, they hurriedly secretly spread this news, with the topic of # Yu Huang being poisoned # toping Weibo rankings. When it went viral, Yu Rufeng and her husband started to settle accounts with the production team and demanded a huge sum of compensation.

They were so busy that they had no time to visit Yu Huang at the hospital.

After another few days, the bandage on Yu Huang’s face could finally be removed.

After removing the gauze, Yu Huang picked up the mirror and examined the girl’s appearance. The girl in the mirror had a beautiful left face and eyes. Her hazel-colored eyes were sparkly, and there was a small black mole in her left eye.

That mole was called ‘God’s Gift’ by her fans.

But the right side of her face was covered with terrible burn scars that turned this beautiful face into the face of a terrifying protagonist.

Yu Huang, who lived in the Doomsday Era, didn’t care about her appearance. However, when she thought about how the original owner of her body used to be so beautiful but was now ugly, she still felt pity.

What a pity.

She put down the mirror and found a handkerchief to cover her face to go out for a walk.

The afternoon drizzle had just begun to subside. Sunlight seeped out from behind the clouds and sprinkled onto the dew-drenched Chinese roses. It was a beautiful sight. Yu Huang held onto a parasol and stood on the winding path in the small garden while counting the number of China roses that had bloomed today.

Just as she counted to five, a young male voice entered her ears. With some hesitation, he said, “…Yu Huang, I want to talk to you. Can we talk in private?”

Yu Huang paused slightly, but she did not turn around.

She could tell the identity of the person from his voice. It was none other than the Host’s fiancé, Xuanyuan Jing. It had been over twenty days since the fire and only now did Xuanyuan Jing appear. It could be seen that in his heart, his fiancée didn’t have much weight.

Without turning around, Yu Huang continued counting. “Six, seven…”

When the man saw that Yu Huang was still counting flowers and couldn’t be bothered with him, he couldn’t help but feel irritated. “Yu Huang, what I’m about to say might not be pleasant. I think you don’t want others to hear it.”

Sensing that the man had lost his patience, Yu Huang deliberately took off her veil and slowly turned around.

Upon seeing Yu Huang’s ugly face, the man was shocked. He took a step back in shock and exclaimed, “Your face…”

Xuanyuan Jing used twenty days to accept Yu Huang’s disfigurement, and he finally mustered his courage to come and see her. However, when he saw Yu Huang’s current appearance and saw her extremely ugly face, Xuanyuan Jing was still a little frightened and lost his composure.

How scary! How disgusting!

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