She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Brazenly Biased

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Dean Lin stared at Yu Huang’s slender body that seemed as if it would shatter with a single squeeze. His eyes were filled with shock as he muttered in disbelief, “How could this be?! How could her soul force be so powerful?!”

To be able to release such a powerful and terrifying soul attack, just how powerful was Yu Huang’s spiritual energy? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was as boundless as the sea!

Sheng Xiao frowned. “Elder Lin, what are you talking about?”

Mr. Lin grabbed Sheng Xiao’s arm tightly. He looked at Yu Huang with a fanatical gaze. He said, “This child is born to be a Purifying Spirit Master! She’s a rare one in a thousand year talent!”

With such a powerful soul force, it would be a pity if she did not become a Purifying Spirit Master!

Sheng Xiao was about to speak when he saw a black shadow appear beside Yu Huang. Sheng Xiao looked at it and saw that it was Lu Yubei, the leader of the Prosperous Capital. His vigilance and alarm faded a little.

Dean Lin let go of Sheng Xiao and said to Lu Yubei with cupped hands, “Lord, I think you must have been alarmed by the strange phenomenon in the sky.”

Lu Yubei nodded. He turned around and looked at Yu Huang. Seeing that the girl had yet to wake up from the illusion, he raised his head and stared at the phenomenon in the sky while revealing a shocked expression.

Such tyrannical and powerful beast energy was truly rare!

She was definitely a genius!

Lu Yubei could not help but feel his blood boiling when he thought about the awakening of a super genius in the capital city. He did not dare to interrupt Yu Huang’s test. Lu Yubei quietly retreated to Sheng Xiao and Dean Lin’s side and chose to watch quietly.


Yu Huang did not know what kind of shocking commotion she had caused.

After successfully awakening Yu Huang’s beast nature, the crystal ball was ready to leave Yu Huang’s body. However, Yu Huang treated it as the evil person who had harmed the little Black Dragon in her illusion. She wanted to skin it alive, so how could she let it leave?

If she did not get rid of it today, Yu Huang would not stop!

Yu Huang used her terrifying spiritual power that had lived for two hundred years to mercilessly crush the crystal ball. Her spiritual power continuously poured into the crystal ball. In the end, the crystal ball could no longer hold her power. The ball began to heat up, and a faint crack appeared on the ball.

When he saw that the crystal ball had actually cracked, Dean Lin’s face immediately revealed some astonishment. He cried out in alarm, “How can this be? The psychic energy ball is about to break!”

This was the first time in history!

The real name of the crystal ball was Psychic Sphere. It was a divine item forged by the president of the Purifying Spirit Alliance by using his mental strength. The president was the only level-nine Purifying Spirit Master in the world. How could his most prized creation be destroyed so easily?

When Sheng Xiao awakened his beast form back then, he almost cracked a psychic energy ball, but that was only a little! However, there were cracks on the psychic energy ball in front of Yu Huang. Red flames were rising from the cracks. It looked like it was going to explode at any moment!

Was that even possible?

Dean Lin was shocked and pained. This psychic ball was priceless!

Sheng Xiao and Lu Yubei were shocked too. Sheng Xiao looked at Yu Huang with his bright eyes. It was as if he had found a treasure.

Divine Realm Academy was definitely going to recruit her!

Lu Yubei noticed Mr Lin’s pained expression and reminded him calmly, “Mr Lin, calm down. I want to see how big of a surprise she can give me.” Lu Yubei wanted to see the limits of Yu Huang’s energy and how much potential she had.

Mr Lin pursed his lips at Lu Yubei and mumbled, “Are you going to pay for the damage?”

Lu Yubei immediately fell silent.

However, Dean Lin listened to Lu Yubei and did not interrupt Yu Huang’s awakening test.

“Die!” Accompanied by Yu Huang’s angry curse, her majestic and powerful soul force was poured into the crystal ball. The crystal ball finally couldn’t bear the burden, and after a clear cracking sound, it exploded into pieces!

It became… shreds?

The crowd was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Dean Lin stared at the broken pieces on the ground. The wrinkled old flesh on his face were trembling.

It really blew up!

Following the explosion of the crystal ball, Yu Huang also withdrew from the illusion. The phenomenon in the sky also dissipated, turning into a blue sky and white clouds once again.

She looked at the broken pieces on the ground before her and took a few breaths. Then, she turned to look at Sheng Xiao and Dean Lin. She asked innocently, “How is it broken?”

She looked confused and innocent.

Just as Dean Lin was about to tell Yu Huang the truth, he heard the young man beside him say calmly, “The quality of this ball isn’t passable. It exploded on its own.”

Dean Lin was speechless.

Would a Psychic Ball personally forged by a Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master not be up to quality?

Mr. Sheng was openly siding with Yu Huang!

Yu Huang actually believed Sheng Xiao’s explanation. She looked at Dean Lin and asked, “Dean Lin, did my awakening fail or succeed?”

Dean Lin took a deep breath and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll get someone to get another psychic call.”

Soon, a new psychic ball was sent over.

The abbot’s soul had been severely damaged by the bird’s cry, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was still pale.

He stared at Yu Huang warily. Seeing that she was reaching out her index finger to accept the test, he couldn’t help but remind her, “Miss Yu Huang, you only need to inject a trace of soul force into the Psychic Sphere.. You don’t need to inject too much.”

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