Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 17: The Sacred Mountain of Knights (I)

Chapter 17: The Sacred Mountain of Knights (I)

The girl behind the counter hurried to tell him in a low voice: “Little brother, make haste to go please. This isn’t the kind of place where you should come. Ignore them, these adventurers are blood thirsty people, they often display that they are up to no good. But they shouldn’t do anything bad to you, we are in the guild after all.”

After she said this, the girl suddenly discovered that the youth in front of her had a clear firm gaze.

“You shouldn’t insult my mother.” As he said this, Long took something out from his bosom to hand to the girl and left her.

The ten years-old Long Hao Chen’s height wasn’t even at this brawny man Luo Sai Hu’s stomach’s height, but his steps were very steady.

“Huu, huu, huu, quickly take a look everyone, this little fledgling is still angry. Tch tch, look at these pretty cheeks! This delicate tearful face. Even if she’s a little chick now, after being sent to the brothel, she’ll just become a first class girl there.”

In Luo Sai Hu’s hands were a pair of edged battle axes that he struck the floor with, giving a playful look to Long Hao Chen, his body leaning on one of the axes.

Long Hao Chen moved and arrived 3.3 meter (1 Zhang) in front of Luo Sai Hu. His face was tranquil, and his back was perfectly straight. He clenched his left hand into a fist, placing it on the right side of his chest, performing a knight’s salute.

The next instant, he took out a white glove and threw it at the other party, meanwhile taking out the pair of swords from his back, the tips of the swords pointed downwards. Saying in a little voice: “If you dare insult my mother, I, Long Hao Chen, challenge you according to the Knight Alliance’s rules by throwing my glove down. This is a fight to death.”

Long Hao Chen’s voice was clear. The nearby people could all hear it clearly, and at this moment, the guild members who had exploded in laughter a while before had calmed down. Luo Sai Hu also became stupefied.

However, Luo Sai Hu quickly came back to his senses: “Haha, I’m dying from laughter. Look quickly, everyone! This little bastard can say a lot and also learned the challenge of a knight, and is also a Standard Knight. Did your breast’s hair already grow ? I accept your challenge! Come! Come to snap at me! Hahahaha.”

Long Hao Chen lifted his right hand’s sword, coldly facing the exit, “Please.” It is the first time he came to the adventurer’s guild, but he knows they cannot fight inside, even if it was an official knight’s challenge to battle.

As he had said this word, he already left first.

The axe-wielding warrior Luo Sai Hu also came outside without hesitation, and a group of excited people followed. The girl behind the counter was left alone; she was staring blankly at the badge in her hand. “First ranked Standard Knight, could it be that he really is a Standard Knight?”

Leaving the adventurers’ guild, the exposure to the warm sunlight doesn’t solve the dejection in Long Hao Chen’s in his heart. At this moment, Xing Yu’s teachings resound in his heart. You don’t need to say anything to your foe. Use the sword in you hand and your foe’s blood to wash your shame.

Luo Sai Hu also left, carrying on his shoulders the pair of edged battle axes, raising his finger towards Long Hao Chen, “Come! Little bastard, this grandpa is gonna teach you a lesson. After this grandpa has beaten you, he will not kill you, but rather sell you to a brothel, earning some Gold Coins… …”

With the sound of the roars of laughter ringing out, Long Hao Chen moved.

Charging, his hurried steps resounded and in a slight moment, Long Hao Chen elevated his speed to its utmost point and people from either side could tell with a glance that the refined-iron swords in both his hands showed a white glow.

[Pure White Edge] was actually regularly used by low-level knights belonging to the Knight Alliance.

Instantly, the intense sound of laughter stopped and Long Hao Chen already arrived in front of his opponent.

Upon seeing Long Hao Chen’s charge, Luo Sai Hu was a little frightened. He also knew about [Pure White Edge]. His complexion temporarily changed. How could he have known that this little child was really someone from the Knight Temple? To offend the head of the Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple, how could an ordinary adventurer dare to do that ? No matter what, he had to get rid of this little kid first and afterwards, in the worst case, he would just immediately run.

Thinking about that, Luo Sai Hu’s felt a great hatred. His hand swung the pair of edged axes, using his [Heavy Chop] against Long Hao Chen who was coming. Regarding his vocation, he was a second step, third rank warrior. His spiritual energy was at the 120th level. His full-powered strikes used the damage potential of his wooden weapons to the maximum.

However, Long Hao Chen had encountered magical beasts almost every time he came back home, so he wasn’t a novice in fighting. The result was that at this moment, he kept his calm as usual.

He stomped his right foot on the ground before using the skill that had the effect of breaking off his charge, as he did when he was facing Li Xin. However, he linked it up with another skill this time.

Holding both swords, in the instant before the pair of axes was going to fall down, he completed a [Divine Obstruction].

It required incredible accuracy to be done! Without his mental capacity, which was so different from ordinary people’s, Long Hao Chen couldn’t possibly accomplish the linking of these skills.

A huge sparkling sound rang and the pair of edged axes crossed with the pair of enhanced swords during their ruthless chop.

A lot of people couldn’t help but shut their eyes. The contrast between Long Hao Chen’s body and Luo Sai Hu’s was, after all, too big. From a lot of people’s point of view, he should have chosen to parry the attack because he had no other choice. How much Spiritual Energy could such a young boy have? In addition, Luo Sai Hu’s [Heavy Chop] was similar to [Pure White Edge] in the fact that it also increased the power of the attack, but was a skill for heavy weapon users.

However, the reinforced-iron sword in Long Hao Chen’s hand didn’t snap. To Luo Sai Hu’s surprise, with a snapping sound, the pair of edged war axes fell and his chest was wide open.

Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] couldn’t be broken by a third step knight, Li Xin, so how could this second step warrior possibly break it?

It seemed that a faint light had appeared on Long Hao Chen’s body as the overlapping swords in his hands took advantage of this moment to launch an [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

With two Puff sounds, the pair of iron swords cut through the top of Luo Sai Hu’s leather armor and the sound of bones shattering behind the leather armor could be heard.

Luo Sai Hu’s eyes widened as blood flowed thick and fast out of his body

Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] wasn’t at a profound level. The proof was how he couldn’t make use of Li Xin’s spiritual energy against her, but this Luo Sai Hu’s force was only slightly superior to his, just at the right level at which Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] could borrow 20 levels of spiritual energy. In addition to the boost of [Pure White Edge], Long Hao Chen’s attack exceeded, by 100 levels, his actual spiritual energy. This attack’s power greatly outstripped Luo Sai Hu’s strength. How could the ordinary leather armor that covered his body withstand such an attack?

“Third brother!” Two voices cried in alarm. Two big fellows came out from the the middle of the crowd, they were clearly partners of Luo Sai Hu. Being an adventurer was a dangerous job so, people generally formed a team.

However, it was already too late when they came out.

Puff — –, after the [Instant Blast Cross Cut] wounded the opponent, Long Hao Chen didn’t show the least hesitation and linked it with a stab and the iron sword sharply penetrated into Luo Sai Hu’s throat like a lightning bolt.

“Asshole!” The two robust men ran straight towards Long Hao Chen.

“Stop.” A cold voice rang and golden rays of light followed, rising from Long Hao Chen’s back, stopping the two adventurers from coming.

Li Xin coldly stood there with her two swords hanging on the side of her body; thin golden spiritual energy threads emanated from both sides of her body, clearly showing her strength as a third step knight.

“Ah, it is the Hell Rose… …” The crowd suddenly cried in alarm.

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