Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 23: Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (III)

Chapter 23: Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (III) [Part 2 here]

Due to the fact that in the Knight Temple, there were less than 10 people who truly knew the profound mysteries of the Scion of Light, Long Xing Yu wasn’t worried at all about his son’s inborn gifts being exposed.

“Hao Chen, your [Sacred Awakening] has just been completed. Did you realize that after taking into account your internal spiritual energy, you are already a Genuine Knight?”

“Oh? So easily?” Long Hao Chen was surprised, but he could feel in his body a kind of warm air current that reacted to his thoughts and movements.

“Easily?” Long Xing Yu’s face revealed a forced smile, thinking that this little fellow didn’t know hunger or famine. After a knight’s awakening, it was already praiseworthy if one gained from it, 20 spiritual energy levels.

“Your innate gifts are not bad, but this is merely what the [Sacred Awakening] brought you. Regarding your practice in the future, you will not only have to make efforts as great as before, but possibly even greater. Understood? Let’s head back and talk over this matter.”

“Father, I will make great efforts for sure.”

Upon seeing Long Xing Yu holding Long Hao Chen’s hands as they came back to the log cabin; Bai Yue’s face revealed a smile and she silently looked at this scene, standing close. She didn’t know much about swordplay, but she understood her husband well. She could also see clearly from Long Xing Yu face that he was somewhat shocked. By the fact that her formidable husband was unexpectedly shocked by her son’s innate gifts, it seemed that Chen Chen’s choice to walk on the road of chivalry was the correct one. However, if one day, they, father and son, really had to face that person… …

Heading back to the log cabin, Long Hao Chen donned the clothes he had brought before continuing to listen to Long Xing Yu’s instructions.

Long Xing Yu said with a heavy voice: “Now you ought to tell me what your choice is, do you want to become a Retribution Knight or a Guardian Knight?”

Long Hao Chen answered without delay, in a firm voice: “Father, I want to become a Guardian Knight.”

“A Guardian Knight?” Long Xing Yu was stupefied, “So you are unexpectedly willing to give up on the formidable attack power and combat effectiveness of the Retribution Knights?” 1

Long Hao Chen rigidly answered: “Father, you told me that to be a match against the demon race, we needed the power of the humanity as a whole, that the power of a single person is, in the end, insignificant. I want to turn into a Guardian Knight to protect the people I want to protect even better and, at the same time, to assist the people fighting beside me in the battlefield even more.”

Long Xing Yu was clearly somewhat disappointed and he sighed: “But to finally battle the 72 Demon Gods, what we will need will be the greatest force humanity can bring.”

Long Hao Chen immediately asked: “Then is it impossible for Guardian Knights to battle the demon gods?”

As he listened to this question, Long Xing Yu’s eyes revealed a glow, “That’s it! With your innate internal spiritual energy of 97, your [Sacred Awakening] as the Scion of Light, and your incredible mental capacity as a support, why can’t you learn some more things? Retribution and guardian are just classifications, maybe you will be able to create a miracle. Perhaps the correct choice for you is to train in both specializations at the same time, in order to bring out the most of your innate potential as the Scion of Light.”

Long Hao Chen seemed to have understood something and asked with a shocked voice: “Father, are you saying that I should study at the same time, the skills and abilities of a Retribution Knight?”

“That’s right. From now on, I will train you as a retribution knight, and in two years, you will leave for Hao Yue Hall, where you will train as a guardian knight. This may reduce the cultivation speed of your spiritual energy, but as long as you are able to advance as both a Retribution and a Guardian Knight, in the future, you will become a formidable knight without precedence in history.

Time passed day by day, the training as a knight at Odin Mountain’s peak continued, and in a blink of an eye, a year and a half passed.

Dang — — a neat chime resounded and the youth’s body suddenly shone a golden color before condensing just like the brilliance of the rising sun, as a shining blade broke through space.

A bamboo sword was lightly waved, its edge shone of a golden color as the space before this bamboo sword with a little handle was shattered.

Part 2:

“Not bad, your [Shining Solar Cut] is already at its peak mastery level; it only lacks in duration and degree of heating, and spiritual energy level for the moment.”

Long Xing Yu was impressively using a bamboo sword to parry this dazzling cut, and the youth putting this shining blade to good use was Long Hao Chen.

After a year and a half, Long Hao Chen was 12 years old, and compared to his original life in Odin Town, he underwent changes that could torn heaven and earth upside down 2.

The only 12-year-old Long Hao Chen had already grown close to 1.60 meters. He didn’t look muscular at all, his slender figure’s proportions looked flawless. His black hair fluttered on the back of his head and his sparkling gold colored eyes were dazzling. His originally beautiful little face had become quite heroic, but his appearance looked as flawless as before. Looking at his physical dispositions, if he were to say that he was 14 or 15 years old, there would definitely be people who would believe that.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen’s hands both surged up, each of them holding an epee, the standard weapon for a knight; they were 2 meters long (6 Chi), 16.5 centimeters wide (6 Cun) and an impressive thickness of 12.3 centimeters. The weight of this kind of knights’ epee was 25 kilograms (50 Jin) but they looked very light, as if they were nothing in his hands.

During a year and a half, Long Hao Chen had learned a lot from his father. His internal spiritual energy didn’t improve much from its innate 97th level, as it had only grown to the 120th level; but his external spiritual energy grew to the level of a peak third step knight’s, a total level of 200.

Altogether, it amounted to a total level of 320, the level of a fourth ranked knight. He wasn’t far from the 330th spiritual energy level of the fifth rank.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Long Xing Yu tried to build solid foundations in him, his growing speed would have perhaps been even more fearful.

Even if Long Xing Yu was strict, when looking at an 11-and-a-half-years-old youth who reached the fourth rank as a knight, he could only reveal a satisfied smile. In the history of the Knight Temple, this was absolutely unprecedented. He had, himself, only reached this level of practice at the age of 15.

However, with his external spiritual energy reaching the peak level, the speed of growth of Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy significantly reduced. He could, after all, only rely on the strengthening of his inner spiritual energy to practice it. Only after reaching the next step of the knight vocation would he be able to keep practicing his external spiritual energy.

Listening his father’s praise, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but reveal a big smile,“Papa, this [Shining Sunlight Cut]’s power is so high, but it consumes 50 units of internal spiritual energy and even consumes some external spiritual energy. My spiritual energy is still too lacking.”

Long Xing Yu revealed a smile: “You are still eleven years old. You should know that the [Shining Sunlight Cut] is a skill that any great knights ought to master. You cannot be impatient, you should try to progress step by step. Okay, get ready, let’s see how long you will be able to last today.”

After having heard his father, Long Hao Chen’s expression immediately became serious. His hands took a tight grip on the swords.

Long Xing Yu moved, his body seeming weightless, and in a flash, the bamboo sword in his hand arrived in front of Long Hao Chen.

After the epee in his left hand was pushed back, Long Hao Chen quickly took a step back, dodging the bamboo sword’s attack at the same time. Though clearly, Long Xing Yu didn’t use any spiritual energy in his bamboo sword.

However, in the next instant, countless bamboo shadows appeared in front of Long Hao Chen’s body, just like drops of water.

Long Xing Yu was already gone and there were only endless 3 bamboo shadows that came from all directions, aiming to stab Long Hao Chen, but Long Hao Chen looked already used to these kind of situations. The pair of epees in his hands danced in the air with a fast speed. Puffs that sounded like banana leaves in the rain rang unceasingly.

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here, I played the game of slightly changing the sentence if you’re interested. ↩

metaphor from the author, it means that he underwent formidable changes ↩

Zeke found on Bing Translator ‘hentaï’ as an alternative to ‘endless’ to translate the word ‘无尽’. But nonetheless, if you read this sentence while replacing ‘endless’ (无尽) by ‘hentai’, and ‘stab’ (刺) by a word with a more or less similar meaning, ‘penetrate’, we get some revelations about what they did during these 1.5 years… Um, I’d better shut my mouth. Btw here is the sentence we would have gotten only by changing two words: Long Xing Yu was already gone and there were only hentai bamboo shadows that came from all directions, aiming to penetrate Long Hao Chen, but Long Hao Chen looked already used to these kind of situations. ↩

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