Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 7: Mysterious New Instructor (III)

Chapter 7: Mysterious New Instructor (III)

“… … teacher, are you saying that this girl may be in trouble?” Long Hao Chen cannot help but ask.

Xing Yu nods, answering: “No, she should be on the same side as that white-clad man, both probably belongs to the Assassin Temple.”

“Assassin Temple?” Long Hao Chen’s eyes looked full of curiosity

Xing Yu pulls the hand that wore the ring, thinking aloud: “Is this a space ring?” as he says this, Long Hao Chen’s finger suddenly emits a light, and as his fingertip touches the ring, it causes a thin blue halo to appear.

Xing Yu looks astonished and tells him: “You are quite lucky, it must be that little girl who left this to you. It has an incredible value, don’t forget that. That little girl is quite interesting.”

Long Hao Chen scratches his head, his beautiful face looked quite doubtful: he actually did not understand at all what his teacher meant.

“Teacher, do you know how that white-clad man made those fierce-looking people disappear?”

Xing Yu shows a smile, “They disappeared because he killed these people, using the kind of thousand strikes spiritual stove used by those from the Assassin Temple, breaking them into pieces then burning them into ashes without leaving a single trace. It is also through the use of this thousand strikes spiritual stove that made the spiritual energy in your body grow, helping you to break through twelve Standards by burning some impurities, causing changes in your body. This is no small favor, you have to keep it in mind, and if in the future you have the occasion, return the favor to the other side. You can’t owe them forever, unless…..”

Normally, he wouldn’t interrupt him, but Long Hao Chen himself didn’t notice that he did so because he found a lot of interest in Teacher Xing Yu’s words.

“Teacher, what is this thousand strikes spiritual stove? The white lights that appeared at that moment?”

Xing Yu nodded, saying: “You can explain it like so. Using simple words, it is a smelting furnace that uses spiritual energy, making it undergo several transformations. Each spiritual stove is exclusive to a particular person. However, you don’t need to study knowledge regarding spiritual stoves yet so I can only tell you now that a spirit stove is rare. By possessing a thousand strikes spiritual stove, one will not, for sure, become a powerhouse, but without it, one will never be able to stand at the peak of power.”

“Oh”, Listening to him, Long Hao Chen’s heart immediately let out a feeling of envy. If, in the future, he could get a spiritual stove, how would he feel? Looking at the ring on his finger, he cannot help but recall the little girl of that day.

Xing Yu says: “I already had Balza inform your family, you will be allowed to go home once every week. The other times, you will be staying here to practice with me.”

Long Hao Chen is startled and asks somewhat anxiously: “Teacher, can you still give me some Elemental Training Liquid?”

Xing Yu nods, answering: “I will do so every time, right before you will go home. If your performance is good, I will give you some even better medicine that will have a very good effect on anyone’s body. On the other hand, if you don’t meet my expectations, then I will drive you away from the mountain and you will not be a Knight Squire from the Knight Temple anymore.”

As he says these words, Xing Yu’s eyes look profound, showing a light apologetic feeling. However, he conceals it very well, so basically, Long Hao Chen didn’t see it.

At the moment Xiao(little) Hao Chen hears Xing Yu’s words, he immediately nods, his gaze looks firm and inflexible. For his mother’s health, he will seriously complete the practice instructed by his teacher. Moreover, he knows it is for his own good that his teacher teaches him.

Xing Yu nods satisfied, answering: “From today onwards, I will instruct you all kinds of knowledge in the morning. In the afternoon and the evening, you will practice. You must remember well the knowledge I instruct you through. For each thing you forget, I will deduct one portion of Training Elemental Liquid.” He obviously knows the weak point of Long Hao Chen; with only a little warning, he scared the little guy up to the point where he is now just repeatedly nodding.

Xing Yu says: “Tell me what you know about the Temple Alliance.”

Long Hao Chen answers: “Instructor Balza taught us that the Temple Alliance is an alliance that includes the Knight Temple, the Soldier Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spiritual Temple. These six temples united in order to guard the last territory of humanity.”

Xing Yu nods and adds: “You are right, but this is merely the most basic facts. Before the Antique Period passed 13,000 years ago, we, mankind, gradually gained the control of Sheng Mo Da Lu[1] . Then in the mainland tens of human countries formed, they were ruling on the mainland and causing the humanity to dominate Sheng Mo Da Lu. Each country developed their technology and agriculture, in addition to their intellectual knowledge: it is during this period that we, mankind, developed the fastest. People lived at peace, at ease, and the continent was flourishing.”

“After those peaceful days passed, warfare began to appear; among themselves, the ten countries were involved in unceasing warfare, and due to these confrontations, the number of countries lessened and the situation became a confrontation between three big countries. Nobody dared to act rashly towards these three countries and this balanced situation lasted several thousand years of time. We call this period “mankind’s glorious seven thousand years.”

“It lasted until six thousand years later, when this brilliant period suddenly ended because of the arrival of the demon race.” At this moment, Xing Yu showed a gaze full of horror and hatred.

“As human lived normally, nine stars aligned, and a kind of enormous void rift in the sky, at the east of the mainland, appeared. 72 demon gods[2] emerged from the rift, bringing plagues from their demonic breath.

During the hundred days following the first appearance of these demon gods, all living beings, regardless if they were wild beasts, magical beasts, or humans, once they were infected by the gas, immediately experienced enormous biologic variations, becoming demonic beings belonging to the demon race that obeyed all orders issued by the demon gods. After a hundred short days, the seventy two demon gods had an army of several million soldiers. Fortunately, these demon gods’ demonic breath was only sent out continuously for no more than a hundred days else I’m afraid we, mankind, would have already gone extinct.”

Long Hao Chen is only an early youth, he did not have a lot of responsibility and he knows it so he listened to Xing Yu’s narration as if he was listening to tales. However, he hadn’t forgotten how Xing Yu had just threatened him and as he listens, he tries to keep firmly in his heart the tale.

“Seventy two demon gods, and each one has, truly, an almost impenetrable defense. They are ranked according to their strength. They lead the armies of mutated demons to assault against humanity with the intent to wipe us out. From the day these seventy two demon pillar-gods arrived onwards, we, mankind, entered into a dark age that lasted until now.

After the six thousand years of mutual strife, mankind’s countries were already destroyed and although we saved important wealth and force, when facing these demonic armies we were still in a disadvantageous position. We were even nearly extinct until mankind’s strongest powers, the six Temple Halls that appeared three thousand years ago, managed to, after a lot of struggle, stabilize out situation, stopping the demons’ progress. However, our Temple Alliance only occupies a little area, of one quarter of the mainland”

When he arrived at this point, Xing Yu’s tone clearly roused up, both eyes sending out a bright radiance, “Thus, today I will instruct you your first lesson that will keep in mind the pain and shame that the demon race had brought us. As knights, we must guard our homeland, our dear ones, our race. You must recite these words every day and you must get enough power to protect the people we must guard.”

1. I have been told that in the manhwa, this was translated this by “Trinity Mainland”. It is an interesting translation. For me the exact meaning was Magical Sacred Continent/Mainland, but it didn’t sound so good to my ears.

2. The same “god” as the word used “Shen” in “Shen Yin Wang Zuo” that I translated at the beginning as God’s/Gods’ Sealed Throne, the throne may thus be related to these 72 demon gods.

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