Shin High School DxD

Volume 1 Chapter 4

Life.4 I'll Always Save My Friend!

We returned from the beach to the Hyoudou Residence and reported the situation to the higher-ups as we let Ingvild sleep in one of the spare rooms prepared for visitors to use. In the top floor of the Hyoudou residence — the VIP room, we discussed our next moves with Maou Beelzebub-sama via a magic circle. But, it's clear what I must do! Beelzebub-sama said.

[About Nyx's actions…I planned to confirm this with all mythologies, and…we've got the permission of Olympus' current chief God, Apollon-dono.]

"—So that means…"

Beelzebub-sama replied clearly to Rias's question.

[They don't mind if it's [DxD] who defeats Nyx. However, they want you guys to seal her.]

—! That was good news! I thrust my right fist against the palm of my left hand! The chief God of that mythology — Apollon-san had given his permission! So that meant Olympus had also judged Nyx's actions. That being said, we didn't know the whereabouts of the enemy…and as such, we couldn't go out even if we wanted to. —Suddenly, there were two people who entered the room!

"Hmph, as expected, you guys ended up making a God your enemy, huh. As expected of you."

The one who said that was Cao Cao and — a man who brought along a huge black dog with him. The one who brought the black dog, Jin, was the leader of the Fallen Angel organisation Grigori's agent team [Slash Dog], Ikuse Tobio-san. He was dressed in a black combat suit, as well as a black coat. He was also a member of the anti-terrorist team [DxD].

"Cao Cao, and even Ikuse-san."

As I confirmed those two, Ikuse-san gave his greetings along with a particularly shocking piece of information.

"Hey, Hyoudou Issei-kun. I've brought you a piece of information. —It's Nyx's hiding place."


Everyone was shocked in response to this! Of course! It was just what we needed right now after all! Cao Cao answered in response to this.

"While we were searching for the unknown Devils' birthplace…in other words, their bases in the human world, we found out that there were three of them. A lot of people could be seen coming in and out in one of those places, and we sensed the presence of a God-class being. Along with the information provided by the Olympus, it's highly possible that it's Nyx."

Are you serious?! I'm so grateful! Beelzebub-sama said.

[The 'investigation' that I asked Cao Cao to perform was to obtain this information. It'll be easier to deal with the unknown Devils if we know about their movements and bases. As such, I asked Cao Cao-kun's team, as well as Ikuse Tobio-kun's team, to investigate their bases both in the Underworld and the human world.]

I see! Those two teams were perfect for gathering information after all! As expected of them, they did manage to produce great results! By the way, it was really reassuring to see the power of [DxD]'s members once again at times like these. It was only natural to expect this from the lineup composed of people who deterred those with wicked thoughts. Cao Cao asked us one more time.

"You heard him. It's up to you guys whether you go or not, but…in the worst case scenario, Tobio, as well as I, will surely be ordered by the higher-ups to deal with them. But I'm sure you guys are already aware of that, right?"

"…So either we seal Ingvild, or dispose of her, huh?"

As I replied with such words, Cao Cao, as well as Ikuse-san, went 'Yes' as they answered with their eyes. Cao Cao said.

"What I mean by sealing is, sealing her Sacred Gear's ability. At the very least, until we can deal with Nyx's ability… Although I think it's better to seal it until we can defeat the Goddess of the Night, there are risks. There's the fact that the power of Ingvild Leviathan's Sacred Gear awakened and awoke her from her sleeping illness. If we seal her Sacred Gear, it's highly possible that her illness will return. On top of that, there is no guarantee that she will wake up the next time."

—! …What a…! Even though she finally woke up… It was a hard choice…! That meant sealing her was akin to putting her life in danger! If that was the case, then there was no meaning even if we defeated Nyx! Ikuse-san said.

"…We don't want to do that, do we? I also knew about her situation after all. I'd like to avoid that even in the worst case scenario. …However, if push comes to shove, what are you guys going to do?"

I couldn't quickly answer Ikuse-san's question—.

"…You can kill her, you know?"

There was a voice from behind. As we turned back, we could see Ingvild enter the VIP room through the door. It looked like she woke up and overheard us. With downcast eyes, she said.

"If my powers bring trouble to many people, I'm fine with being killed."

I replied in response to her words!

"What are you saying!? Even though you finally woke up!?"

Ingvild made a painful face as she squeezed her voice out.

"…Even though I woke up, the people I knew are no longer here… That's why no one will grieve for me."

So you felt that way… —It was as if the present was more like a dream.

I found the things that she said yesterday very sad. She got the sleeping illness before she knew it, and over a hundred years had passed when she woke up… She knew that her parents, as well as her acquaintances, were no longer in this world. Even if I die, no one would be sad—. Though she might be thinking that way, it was wrong! It was absolutely wrong! I conveyed my thoughts to her directly.

"There will be. I will mourn. Is that not good?"


She looked really surprised from the bottom of her heart to hear my words. I continued without minding her.

"It was a bizarre meeting, and it was a short one as well, but I got to become your friend. That's why, I will save you. Will you please believe in me? Let's go to the beach together again."

Asia held Ingvild's hand as if responding to my appeal and said with a kind expression

"Ingvild-san. Please believe in Ise-san. I am also here because…I was saved by this person. That's why I want you to believe in him."

I see. Somehow, I felt like this situation had probably happened before… It was the same as the time when I met Asia a year and a half ago. Asia came to Japan without having anyone by her side… Her days were full of sadness. And at that time, I cheered Asia up. Asia must've been thinking about that time as she talked to Ingvild. As if Asia's emotions were conveyed to her, Ingvild teared up.

"…Please help me. If I were to fall asleep again… I don't want to lose another friend…"

She told us her true feelings with tears—. Hearing that was more than enough. I will fight for that reason. I can go defeat a God! I spoke to Ikuse-san.

"—I will go. I will defeat Nyx."

Ikuse-san laughed with satisfaction in response to my words. Cao Cao on the other hand went 'yare, yare' as he shrugged and made a bitter smile, as if he had predicted my reaction. Along with my psyched up words, Rias stood up and laughed boldly.

"It's we Ise. Let's show them that they have made the wrong choice messing with the Gremory Peerage and the Occult Research Club."

As expected of my girlfriend! We had the same idea! My comrades sharing the same opinion also responded with 'Of course!' and 'Let's get them!'! All right! Now that everyone had the same goal, let's move on to the preparations! —As I thought that, Xenovia pulled my hand.

"Ise. The plan against Nyx."

"Hm? Oh, what'll we do?"

Xenovia declared in response to my question.

"—Hold me tight. It's time for you to know about women!"

—! T-This girl…! She suddenly said such things at this time! B-But, it's true that I couldn't do anything since Nyx was wearing the [Godly Virgin Killer Clothes]. Irina followed in response to this!

"Wait! That means being darling's first girl, right!? Isn't that an important thing…?"

It's just like what Irina said; my first partner is important! Xenovia said.

"Nope. It's not the time to talk about those things, right? It's something that should be settled quickly. Just leave it to me. I know a lot of things. If you leave this to me and Ise, Ise's body will become one that can fight Nyx within a few minutes."

Akeno-san interrupted too!

"That can't happen. —I'll be his first woman. However, ending it quickly would be bad for my dear husband, so if you give us an hour, I will make him fully taste 'a woman'!"

On top of that, Ravel screamed.

"W-W-Wait a moment pleaseeeee! Rias-sama is the first! At times like these, we have to earn the permission from Rias-sama! B-But, I'm fine with doing it though! I am his manager after all!"

Everyone turned to Rias in response to Ravel's words (she sure said some bold things!). Rias's face…turned red! She said to me while fidgeting.

"…To think that it has turned out this way… B-But, I also don't like being overtaken by Akeno and Xenovia…! If that's the case, I'll be Ise's partner!"

Bu! I had a nosebleed because of the girls' actions and Rias's response! For God's sake, what are you saying, everyone!? However, I'm grateful! It's reassuring that the girls would come up with this for my sake! Cao Cao murmured as he saw this.

"It's also possible that what Nyx said was a bluff."

Kiba asked Cao Cao.

"What do you mean?"

Cao Cao answered.

"It's true that it managed to block an attack once, but it's also possible that there is a limit and that the spell might be undone after several attacks. Another possibility is that they're not [Virgin Killer Clothes], but rather [Dragon Attack Blocking Clothes]."

Beelzebub-sama gave his piece of mind in response to this.

[Although it does have strong defence, it might be torn down with your black armor's Longinus Smasher. Or you could heighten the Power of Destruction, and by using that—]

The girls interrupted Cao Cao and Beelzebub-sama as they screamed together.

[Geez! Don't say such unnecessary things!]

Cao Cao along with Beelzebub-sama went 'O-Okay…' in response to the girls' demonstration of power. In the end, would I only be able to fight by having my first experience? Things such as the possibility that the enemy was still hiding something came to mind. Also, the girls agreed that it was best if my first experience had a nice mood, so they decided to shelve a rushed and tension-filled first experience. And so, we began the preparations to head to the hideout of Nyx and the mysterious Devils that Cao Cao and Ikuse-san told us about—.

Part 2

In the basement of the Hyoudou Residence, there was a large transportation magic circle where we'd gather whenever we wanted to go somewhere. We had planned to jump to a location close to Nyx's secret base. As we approached the transportation room, we came across three girls in the hall. They were three loli girls. One of the small girls had black hair and wore a goth-loli dress, and there was also another girl who looked just like her — Ophis and Lilith. The third person was a girl who had blonde hair, along with a fox's ears and tail — Kunou.

Because of complicated circumstances, Ophis was under my care as well now. Originally, she was the Khaos Brigade's leader. Though she might look cute, her real identity was the world's strongest being, the Ouroboros Dragon. Although her power had become weaker than before, we became the ones who protected her as a lot of things happened.

The other girl who looked exactly like Ophis was Lilith. She was the spawn of Ophis. Like Ophis, she was also under my care because of very complicated circumstances. Having the same name as the mother of Devils, there were cases where when my comrades heard the word [Lilith], they would be confused about which one it referred to. Lilith along with Ophis were being looked after in the Hyoudou Residence.

Kunou was the daughter of the Nine-Tailed Fox, the fox who governed the Youkai of Kyoto, Yasaka-san. This made her a princess of the Youkai. We knew each other through the event that Cao Cao and the Hero Faction caused, and after that, she decided to do a homestay in the Hyoudou Residence. Currently, Kunou was enrolled in the elementary school of Kuoh Academy while she learned about the humans' way of life. She was also an auxiliary member of the Occult Research Club. The three of them stood in front of me. Kunou worryingly said.

"Ise, I've heard the news. Are you are going to go fight against an evil God?"

I replied with a smile.

"Yeah, just a little skirmish. I have to make her pay now that she has made my friend cry."

Kunou strongly nodded in response to my words.

"Umu! Although I've just talked a little bit with Ingvild-dono, she's not a bad person! I want you to save her!"

"Leave it to me!"

As I responded to Kunou's words, Ophis said to me.

"Ise, if you believe in that armor's power, you will be okay."

—. …The armour obtained via Dragon Deification could only manifest because of the power that Ophis lent me. Hearing those words was like receiving an authorisation. I responded to Ophis cheerfully with 'Got it!'. As I was seen off by those three, I went into the transportation room.

The people who had gathered in the transportation room were the new and old members of the Occult Research Club (Me, Rias, Asia, Akeno, Koneko-chan, Kiba, Gasper, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, Ravel), Bova, Elmenhilde and Lint-san. As there was the possibility of an assault on Kuoh town and the Hyoudou Residence when we weren't present, we left the caretaking to my junior, Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu, and the former professional Rating Game player whom we had somehow been indebted to lately, Roygun Belphegor-san.

My junior Nakiri was the next head of the Nakiri clan that was said to be the top even amongst the supernatural groups who had been protecting Japan from the shadows. The glamorous Devil beauty with wavy pink hair was Roygun Belphegor-san. The two horns that protruded from her head was her characteristic feature. A bewitching onee-sama. Both of them were also my teammates in the Rating Game World Tournament. There was another teammate called Bina Lessthan, but…because of circumstances, she couldn't show herself at a moment's notice like this. But with regards to this matter, that person had to be doing a follow-up on us from her place. Roygun-san said to me.

"Leave the caretaking to me. That being said, I don't think I'm gonna be of much use."

As she said that, Roygun-san looked at Ophis and Lilith. Well, if the Dragon God sisters were to become serious, I guess it would be safe even if a God attacked… Nakiri said to me.

"I've heard that the Sitri peerage will also be helping us on the lookouts, so please leave it to us. —I wish you luck. Please beat that Goddess."

"Yeah, I'm counting on you. I'll leave the rest to you then."

Just like Nakiri said, the Sitri family would also be helping us. If Sona-senpai and Saji were to help with defending the town, I guess there was no reason to worry. I asked Rias.

"And the others?"

What I meant to ask was if there was anyone else who'd be participating. Rias answered.

"This time, the other members of [DxD] are currently protecting their own locations. I can't get hold of Vali. I've contacted Crom Cruach, but it's still unknown if he'll come or not. I couldn't get hold of His Eminence Strada as well."

I see, so that meant the only ones going to Nyx's secret hideout were the people presently here. As Ikuse-san and Cao Cao would be helping us, they had already gone ahead to the designated place. Well, that meant we were going with these members for now. —Suddenly, Ravel brought Ingvild with her. Ravel said.

"Ingvild-sama will be waiting in a room where a strong barrier has been set up."

Yes, Ingvild would be staying at home. Of course, she would just be controlled by Nyx if we were to bring her along. …Should our mission fail, we'd end up having to seal her. Seal…if her illness relapsed, waking up for the second time would be—. As I turned my head back, I stopped thinking about it. I smiled and said to Ingvild.

"Wait for me. I will win for sure!"

She also smiled and nodded. After we were seen off by Ingvild and our comrades who were staying behind, we were enveloped in the light of transportation and got transported with the power of the magic circle drawn on the floor—.

Part 3

The place we were transported to was — Greece. It was one of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea — the Aegean sea. The island was not inhabited as it looked like there had been no human activity for quite a long time. …That being said, the sky was black. It was as if the whole area was shrouded in night…or should I say, it had become Nyx's territory. They had probably noticed our arrival at this place.

The island that we were transported to was not the island that Nyx was on. We stood on a cliff that faced the sea and looked at the island in front of us. …A powerful aura enveloped the whole island. That island was Nyx's hideout. We couldn't directly jump to that island as a barrier had been erected around it, so we transported to this uninhabited island instead. Rias looked at us as she spoke.

"I've already said this back in the Hyoudou residence, but after this, Ikuse-san will cut open the barrier with his Balance Breaker. Once he does that, we'll move onto that island. All right, everyone?"


Everyone got fired up as they nodded in response to Rias's confirmation. Now that we've come here, we have no choice but to rush in! Rias generated a crimson aura in her right hand and raised her hand up on the spot. This would be the signal for the [Slash Dog] team that was hiding somewhere. The Sacred Gear that Ikuse Tobio-san held was the Longinus [Canis Lykaon]. That black blade could cut through all physical things, as well as spells, at once. It was even called the Longinus that could cut Gods. That's why, even if it was the barrier that a God erected—.

A single straight cut could be seen in the scenery in front of us. Not long after that, the barrier that was surrounding the Goddess of the Night's hideout was completely torn apart and broken. Ikuse-san cut the Goddess' barrier open! As he did that, a strong burst was released from the island, and we could feel the pressure piercing through our skin. …This aura, it was like she was telling us to come at her at anytime! As I affirmed with everyone, they showed spirited expressions! Rias gave the order!

"Let's go!"


We spread our wings and flew into the sky, going towards the island in front of us!

It was when we were flying in the sky while heading to Nyx's base. Ddraig said to me.

[It's at times like these, partner. The power of the song of the girl that has the new Longinus, that is surely a scary one. You could say that she has the power to control Dragons, fundamental beings. If you hear her song, there is a high chance it would even affect you in your Dragon Deification form. You were right in leaving her behind.]

It must be quite the thing if even Ddraig said that.

"…Well, it might be new, but like mine, it's a Longinus. So of course it has great abilities."

However, Ddraig also said this.

[However, the fact that she can control Dragons means that if she changes to our side, she might be a plus to us.]

A plus, huh? I did hear once from someone that it was a singing voice that calmed the Dragons from ancient times. So that meant, according to how it might be used, it might be the opposite — it might be an important asset to us. He was right. I wanted to hear more of Ingvild's songs. She had a nice voice after all. If she…if she were to sing for our sake—. It was when I thought about such things. Xenovia screamed.

"They're coming!"

As we faced forward — there were countless human figures with their wings spread as they flew toward us! Ten…a hundred…five hundred…t-their number was over a thousand! The human figures kept coming to us one after another! And some of them even looked like monsters! Every one of them had a Devil's aura! And as far as their aura went, many of them were High-class Devils! So they had already created this many High-class Devils! And, Nyx was the one controlling all of them…? Well, whatever it was, the guys that were coming to us all seemed hostile and were filled with the intent to kill! The sky of the island in front of us looked as though it was filled with the Unknown Devils — the new Devils that were created by Lilith! I quickly equipped my crimson armour and entered battle mode! Hehe, I had predicted that the Unknown Devils would be waiting for us! It was no use! My comrades also held their respective weapons, showing them that we were completely ready. —And, Xenovia immediately heightened the holy aura on her Holy Sword Durandal, preparing it for a powerful one-shot release to mark the beginning of the battle! As a specialty from the Gremory side, Xenovia was about to raise the curtains! Durandal Cannon! Durandal's holy aura kept rising as if it would pierce through the sky! And then, Xenovia swung Durandal down in front of her!


Durandal's holy aura enveloped a great number of the Devils that were coming toward us! We also couldn't afford to lose! I fired Dragon Shots forward while Rias rained attacks down on them with her extraordinarily vast Power of Destruction!

"We're going!"

"Let's go!"

As Rias and I gave out the order, the new and old members of the Occult Research Club kicked the enemies away as we headed for the island—.

Rias and I landed on the island as we defeated the newly created Devils. We then escorted the supporting members such as Asia to land. Asia flew over here riding an Evil Dragon that she controlled. Asia, Koneko-chan, Ravel, Elmenhilde and I landed on an abandoned building that we found while we were flying over the sky. The other members were having a great battle in the sky. It was an easy fight since Nyx hadn't come out yet. The dark sky was full of auras of all sorts. We could also hear explosions all over the place. The abandoned building that I escorted Asia and the others to was — a church that didn't even have any shadows. It looked like a Catholic church, but its walls were damaged, and the ceilings were full of holes. Most of the long chairs inside were also broken. The Vampire, Elmenhilde, said.

"I can't feel even the slightest bit of holy power. I guess that's the reason why a Vampire like me is fine with entering it."

Like Devils, Vampires were also bad with things like these. Ravel said as she looked around the inside of the church.

"To think that there was a Catholic church built even on this island."

Well, this was supposed to be the territory of the Olympus Gods. I guess the missionaries were so devout back then that even a church was… This must be one of the remains, as it also spread to other mythologies. —As I looked around the church, I was deeply moved. …There was also a worn-out church where I lived as well. Supposedly, the relevant people in Heaven planned to restore it and make it usable again.


As I had such thoughts, Asia spoke to me.

"Ise-san, is there something wrong?"

"No, it's just that coming to a destroyed church like this made me remember the time when I met you, Asia."

I continued.

"I still remember that I prayed to God that time, saying 'please don't take Asia away'. But in the end, the God of the Bible is no more…"

—Right, God! Hey God, you are there, right!? Devils and Angels exist, so God must exist too, right!? You are watching this, right!? You were watching, right!?

I hugged Asia, who had died after having her Sacred Gear extracted, and shouted such things toward the Heavens. I continued.

"I said 'Please don't take her away from me. I beg you. I said I beg you'. I prayed to the God who didn't exist."

That time, I was — weak. I was the weakest. However, it was different now. I didn't have to pray anymore. I said to Asia.

"I won't pray anymore. We will save Ingvild by ourselves."


Asia responded to me. It was at that time. Koneko-chan's ears suddenly moved. I also noticed it. —We felt the enemy's presence. The Devils had gathered around the church. Koneko-chan, Ravel, Elmenhilde and I entered a counter-attack stance to protect Asia. The Devils kept coming from the broken walls, ceilings, and the entrance of the church! I kept hitting the Devils that came at me. Koneko-chan also fired her Kasha — that had the power of purification! It gave the Devils severe wounds. Ravel also used the hell fire of the Phoenix — the Immortal bird, while Elmenhilde summoned her bats, disturbing the opponents. Although we could counter-attack them, their numbers were too great…We couldn't launch a large-scale attack inside this church either. It was best to go out and launch a wide-range attack on the entire place instead. As I thought about that, a holy aura flew over and turned the Devils who came at us to ashes. When I looked, the swordsman group composed of Xenovia, Irina, Kiba and Lint-san rushed to our side! They must have come to support us after fighting in the sky. Kiba said.

"Leave this one to us. You go first, Ise-kun!"

Xenovia and Irina said as they cut down the Devils with their Holy Swords.

"That's right, go deeper and find Nyx!"

"Yep, that's right! It's useless fighting malicious Devils in a ruined church!"

Lint-san also turned a number of Devils to ashes with her purple flames at once. Lint-san was actually a Longinus user. Having a cross called [Incinerate Anthem], one of the holy relic Longinus, its purple flames were super lethal for Devils. Lint-san also said to me as she released flames.

"I think Rias-leader and the others are also heading to the Goddess of the Night's place, so big bro Ise should also head there too. Don't wo~rry, leave the exorcism of these Devils to me."

While moving acrobatically in the sky, she shot out light bullets from a specially-made gun that the Church had prepared. Koneko-chan and Ravel said to me while attacking the Devils.

"…Senpai, let's go. We'll be scolded by Rias-sama if we're late."

"Ise-sama! Let's head there!"

Responding to Xenovia's and the others' kindness, I decided to leave this place! I fired a Dragon Shot as I charged forward. The Devils evaded, clearing a path for me to get out of the place along with Asia, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and Elmenhilde! I spoke to Xenovia and the others just before I ran through the entrance of the church.

"I'll leave the rest to you!"

The swordsmen group nodded bravely.

I left the ruined church behind, and hurried deeper into the island—.

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