Shin High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 0

I am Rias Gremory's [Pawn]

I promised that I would become the strongest [Pawn]

If I've gotten closer to my dream, even if just a bit, I want you (Rias) to see—.

I am Hyoudou Issei. Everyone calls me Ise. Currently, I am a third-year high school student. Please think of me as a Devil highschooler. That being said, I wasn't sure how to handle the situation that was happening in front of me right now. The reason was because I was in a church-like place. A lot of familiar faces surrounded me!

"Damn it! How could Ise marry someone!?"

"This has to be some kind of mistake! The world must be coming to an end!"

My two dubious buddies, the baldy Matsuda and four-eyes Motohama, screamed that as they shed tears of frustration.

"Ise! I do want grandchildren, but having twelve people give birth to a baby at the same time just doesn't make sense! You should discuss it with me first!"

"Uu, he's become a fine man! It's a miracle that he could get brides just by desiring oppai!"

Dad and Mum were also saying dumb things and they also cried aloud! —And, when I checked my own garments, I found that I was wearing a crimson tuxedo! On top of that, the inside of the church was set up for a wedding ceremony! Oh wait, it is a wedding ceremony! The [Oppai Dragon Song] was also somehow playing inside the church! What kind of playlist was this!? Was this mine!? Was this my wedding ceremony!? Although I could not help but feel amazed…now that it's come to this, I wonder who my bride is? Who's my partner?

"Ise, didn't I tell you earlier that you can't just keep gawking around everywhere?"

I heard a familiar voice beside me. As I looked to the side, there was a girl with waist-long crimson hair, Rias. She's the one who made me into a Devil. She was also a High-class Devil who held a position, and the next head of the House of Gremory as well. I was a member of Rias's peerage, as well as her boyfriend. Aaaaaah, her crimson wedding dress was so dazzlingly beautiful that I couldn't look at it directly. Uu, my girlfriend was so pretty and cute! And Rias was beside me! Then that means, my partner for this wedding ceremony was — Rias. This was the wedding ceremony of Rias and me!

W-Well, we're engaged now, so I guess this kind of thing is normal, right!?

My Devil friends who were watching over this gave us congratulatory words.

"Rias, be happy."

"Aah, you guys are a perfect couple!"

"Let's prepare a transforming car as a gift."

—It was Sona Sitri-senpai, who was Rias's childhood friend, the next head of the Great King clan, Sairaorg-san, and the next head of the Archduke clan, Seekvaira Agares-san. Among the young Devils, all of them including Rias were called the [Rookies Four] as the public had great expectations for them! I guess they came because we were pretty close. Looking around, all of my comrades had also come! That's right, it had been a year and a half since I became a Devil, and I had met a lot of people! I guess it's not an exaggeration to say that a wedding ceremony that's attended by a lot of people was the best in your life! Amidst such pleasantries, I could hear another familiar voice beside me!

"Ufufu, it looks like today's going to be the best ceremony, dear."

As I turned my face — it was Akeno-san in her wedding dress! What, I thought the bride was only going to be Rias, but when I checked again, all of the girls wore wedding dresses and had lined up next to me! Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko-chan a.k.a Shirone-chan, Kuroka and Rossweisse-san!

"I hope we'll be a happy couple, Ise-san."

"I could finally become a bride as well!"

"Ahh, I am having the best time of my life right now!"

The Church Trio looked happy!

"…According to the plan, I should be marrying you when I get a bit bigger, but I'm happy with this."

"Nyahaha! I didn't even think I'd be able to wear a wedding dress!

The Nekomata sisters spoke about what was on their mind!

"I am very happy~!"

Rossweisse-san tearfully said with her accent! But! The brides weren't only limited to them, as the girls whom I hadn't promised the future with yet also wore wedding dresses and lined up!

"The schedule for this wedding ceremony was not easy either!"

Ravel said while checking her memo.

"This is also part of the contract."

Even Le Fay, a member of Vali's team? She did form the [Devil and Magician] contract with me though…

"…Daytime sure is tough."

Elmenhilde looked pretty sluggish!

"…Me, a bride?"

The one who tilted her head curiously was the girl who just recently became my servant, Ingvild. I-I see, this is the wedding ceremony of me and the girls! Also, all twelve of them!? All these twelve girls will be my brides!? On top of that, to think that it'd be arranged on the same day! What a surprise. So it's come to this for me and my girlfriends, huh. Well, I don't really understand, but if I'm marrying all these beautiful brides, then I have no complaints! In fact, let's start the ceremony soon! I had no choice but to feel nervous when I looked at the lines of the brides, but Ravel said to me.

"Since the second group is ready, it's best to finish this on time."

As Ravel said that, I followed her gaze and — there was a group of girls peeking from the entrance of the church there!

"Ise, it's our turn next!"

"We have decided that we will become Sekiryuutei-dono's brides."

Even the Nine-Tailed Fox mother and daughter pair, Kunou and Yasaka-san, were my brides-to-be!? They wore Shiromuku for a Japanese-style ceremony!

"Ufufu, marrying a younger man has always been one of my goals."

To think that even Roygun-san — a beautiful Devil with a wavy pink hair and a glamourous body was here! She was also wearing a wedding dress!

"There are still many brides that are going to attend the ceremony. For God's sake, I wonder just how many girls Ise plans to marry."

Rias said that while smiling… Even I became nervous as there were so many brides that were going to attend! —And then, voices arose from the seats of the brides' families.

"Akeno! Dad is really happy! Uu! You're beautiful!"

"Irina! Hurry up and show papa and mama our grandchildren!"

Everyone shouted what was on their minds. And then, the ceremony continued—.

"In sickness and in health—"

The priest was…. Wait, it's His Eminence Vasco Strada…. As His Eminence started with some gratifying words, a lot of things began to rumble through my mind. Marriage = husband and wife (many wives), husband and wife = family, family = children, children = making babies, making babies = sex (with many wives), sex (with many wives) = love affair (only with a number of wives), love affair (only with a number of wives) = starting from my first night x the number of wives. …My first night x the number of wives…


[Welcome, darling~.]

In my imagination, the girls were waiting naked on the bed! This is that sort of thing, right? Because we're husband and wife, we have to start a family. However, you can't make children unless you do that. And what's 'that'? Of course, it's sex—.



When I reached that conclusion, I couldn't stop my mind that had already gone mad and full of perverted imaginations. I see. I had faced many difficult situations, fought against strong enemies, died and been brought back to life, and rose to my current position. It was for this, for this night! I wonder if I could accomplish doing it with that many brides on my first night!? N-No, I had no choice but to do it! I had done simulations over and over and over and over and over in my mind! Somehow, I felt like I had seen this before, but… Well, that's another matter! —Anyway, when push comes to shove, I'll use Dragon Deification to do it with everyone on our first night!

"Well then, Sekiryuutei boy and all the brides, you may seal your vows with a kiss." said His Eminence Strada! As I turned sideways Rias and all the girls closed their eyes and looked at me! At the same time, I could see the cleavage of the twelve girls from their dresses! In just a little while, they will be mine! I became so excited as that thought crossed my mind! As I breathed roughly, I stuck my lips out and got closer and closer to the brides—.

[Looks like my voice finally reached you, Oppai Dragon.]

—!? I could hear a familiar voice inside my head.T-This voice was the one that I heard as I lost my consciousness when Sakra invited me to the Ocean of Milk and I drank Amrita.

[Exactly. I am one of the Gods of another world — [ExE] (read: Evie Etoulde), Chichigami.]

Chichigami!? Again!?

Last year, when we were fighting against the Evil Norse God Loki, I managed to get in contact with Chichigami — a God of a different world (to be precise, I connected with a fairy belonging to Chichigami). Actually, last time too, after I drank the simplified version of Amrita, I could hear their voice. At that time, we talked to each other, and it was actually Chichigami themself that talked to me. As I looked at my surroundings, the church and the ceremony had completely vanished. The girls that were beside me were also gone. My parents, friends, and everyone else had completely disappeared! Aah, I see. So this was a dream. Plus, I had seen a dream like this one! It happened when I just became a Devil. I saw this dream after going to a Rating Game match against Riser of the Phoenix Household that would decide Rias's engagement! I somehow felt nostalgic about this… Well, I guess the dream went too smoothly to have been real. Nope, in the end, I'll still marry all of the girls that I got engaged to.

That being said, what was this place that I was in? There were no sensations whatsoever here. It was all black when, suddenly, a light shone from overhead. Simultaneously, a number of a familiar objects — oppai started to float in the air one by one! I had seen each and every one of those boobs! From the right, it's Rias's oppai, Akeno-san's oppai, Asia's oppai, Xenovia's oppai, Irina's oppai, Koneko-chan a.k.a Shirone-chan's small oppai, Kuroka's oppai, Rossweisse-san's oppai! A-All of those were the oppai of the people that I was engaged to! There's no mistake! There's no way for someone who keeps craving for oppai to be wrong! Oh, by the way, I also had this kind of experience before! As expected, it was when the voice of a God of another world — Chichigami-sama reached me. Oppais suddenly floated in the air one by one that time too! Chichigami-sama said.

[The world that you're in, it's being exposed to a threat like none before. The incarnation of darkness is setting something up with the evil that's closest to your world. Oppai Dragon, in order to prepare you to fight against the coming evil beings, you have to gather all of these.]

They must be talking about the Heavenly Breasts or something like that! I was asked to do the same thing last time as well! Yes, when I managed to connect to Chichigami last time, they talked about something rather weird as I was asked to gather the twelve pairs of Heavenly Breasts! I-I think they might be talking about the girls that I'm engaged to. I mean, that's the common thing that all of these floating breasts have!

[The twelve pairs of Heavenly Breasts are elements that will generate hope. Please make sure you gather them. The evil is approaching.]

So said the Chichigami-sama, but… If that's the case, then the 'evil' in question wasn't the rulers of Hell with Hades as the lead, huh… As I thought deeply — the sky lit up once again. As I looked up — new boobs showed up! Ah! I had also seen this before! It's Ravel's oppai! And that one is—. Wait, there are some oppai I've never seen before. The sizes differ as well! No, wait! If you added Rias's and the others' oppai, the number exceeded twelve!

[There are some oppai that you've never physically experienced, but the chosen Heavenly Breasts number roughly around twelve pairs.]

—So said Chichigami-sama. Roughly, you say? Even though they're 'chosen', you'll go with 'roughly', huh… What did 'twelve pairs of Heavenly Breasts' even mean…? So that meant I'd have to gather at least twelve for now, huh…? It was too fuzzy and abstract, so I didn't understand anything! But, the oppai I'd never physically experienced—. …This sounds great. Now I want to try them!

[It seems like this is the end. When the time comes, let's talk again.]

Huh!? S-So they'll end this call one-sidedly again!? I still have many questions, you know!?

[Gather the Heavenly Breasts. When the time comes, you'll know why you need the twelve pairs of Heavenly Breasts. —And then, you will become a father alongside those breasts. Understood?]

—Become a father along with breasts! Please stop! Why's the Chichigami-sama telling me things that might make me go nuts!?

[Good bye—Good bye… Good b—]

Aaaa! The voice is growing more distant! This mysterious call ended again without me being able to ask questionsssss! As the sky was filled with light, my consciousness—.

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