Shin High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 4

Life DxD (read: Diabolos Dragon) & Data XxX (read: Cross Times Kiss)

And then, on the day of the match—.

We arrived at the newly-built stadium in the Gremory territory's castle town. There were two big bronzestatues placed in front of the entrance! One resembled my Boosted Gear Scale Mail, while the other resembled Rias in her Switch Princess attire! That's right, this stadium was — the [Oppai Dragon Stadium]! It was made solely for the Oppai Dragon and was going to be used for Oppai Dragon's public shows and other related events. Surprisingly, the opening of this new theater was going to be held today as well. I heard that upon learning that Rias's team and my team were going to face each other, the Gremory VIPs talked to the tournament's organisers to open the stadium on the day of our match since it would also be finished around that time.

We teleported from a certain transportation room in the basement of the Hyoudou Residence to the established transportation floor in the stadium. The stadium was fully packed as it was going to host the fight between the famous Oppai Dragon and Switch Princess. I heard that all the tickets were sold within a few seconds. Not only that, I've also heard that a large number of hyped fans who weren't able to get into the stadium had gathered around the stadium where large screens were located.

These circumstances made it difficult for us to enter the stadium normally and so we had to teleport directly inside the stadium. As both our parents were present in the stadium, we decided to meet them. Rias's team went to meet her parents', while my team went to meet mine in the special VIP room. I was happy that my parents had come to watch my match. Especially my mum, who decided to come after the main draw. She was really afraid to see the sight of her son and children fighting, albeit in a tournament. However, she said that she would want to watch my matches after I had made it to the main draw. And then, she fulfilled her promise. …My parents found out about Rias's and my true identity during the Evil Dragon War. They knew the fact that my body was not only that of a human, but a Dragon's as well after I was reincarnated as a Devil. Still, my father and mother remained unchanged and continued regarding me as their son and Asia as their daughter from the bottom of their hearts. I felt really grateful to them and felt like couldn't thank them enough no matter how many times I voiced those feelings. That's why I had always wanted them to watch my matches in the tournament. As I entered the waiting room with my team members (Bova was in his miniature form), dad and mum warmly welcomed us.

"Even though the enemy is Rias, a match is still a match. Win, Ise! Asia-chan and the others too, don't be too reckless."

As dad said that to me, everyone replied with [Yes!]Mum hugged Asia and said with a worried voice,

"…Asia-chan, please be careful and don't hurt yourself."

"Okaa-san, there's nothing dangerous in the tournament's stadium, you know?"

"Still, I am afraid to see my precious daughter fighting. However, please do your best with everyone today."

"Yes, Okaa-san…"

Asia and my parents regarded each other as their real parents and daughter. There's no mistaking it that scenes like these made the atmosphere warmer. Mum then looked at me.

"I came to see your match, you know. Don't forget to show your cool side."

I laughed and did a fist pump.

"Leave it to me. Please watch how your son wins from the spectator's room."

But then, mum continued,

"If you make the person you're engaged to cry, I'll lecture you."

"I don't think R-Rias is going to cry…but I'll keep it in mind."

Suddenly, everyone laughed upon hearing my conversation with my mum. Looking towards my team, she said,

"Irina-chan, Xenovia-chan, Ravel-chan, Rossweisse-san, Elme-chan, Bova-kun, Roygun-san, Bina-san, and then, Ise and Asia-chan. …Please do your best. Though it might not do much, I'll support you!"


Everyone responded at the same time to her words.

—Suddenly, the waiting room's door opened. Aman wearing a sci-fi-like bodysuit appeared there. His bodysuit's colour was blue and had a gauntlet attached on each of his hands. Judging from his looks, he was around the same age as me.He had a handsome face, but…a mysterious aura surrounded him. Dad then introduced that man to us.

"Actually, Ise, I've been thinking of introducing him to you. He is the one who will act as our bodyguard during our trip, Kanzaki-kun. I mean, I did say something about a bodyguard, didn't I?"

The Kanzaki guy greeted us.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Kanzaki Mitsuya. I was asked by Maou Ajuka Beelzebub-sama to watch the Hyoudou couple's surroundings. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance."

…I did hear about such things from Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. Such as the fact that he's the user of two Longinus whose locations were unknown — Innovate Clear and Telos Karma. I'd heard that Beelzebub-sama, while having a thing for Longinus, had currently made some agreement with him, which resulted in this guy being the one that would be my parents' escort during the whole tournament… I'd heard several things about this Kanzaki guy, and one of those things told me to be careful—. Someone walked towards Kanzaki Mitsuya while clad in a powerful aura.

—It was Nakiri. He glared at Kanzaki Mitsuya and spoke with provocative words. Nakiri clearly exuded hostility towards Kanzaki Mitsuya. The thing I should be careful with was…the relationship between Nakiri and Kanzaki Mitsuya.


Kanzaki Mitsuya gave out a simple greeting in response to Nakiri's attitude.

"…You're as energetic as usual."

Realising my parents’ presence, he tried to control himself so things didn't get out of hand as he said,

"One day, I'll have you return Momiji-chan…"

"Kaede… No, Nakiri Momiji. That's what she was called here, huh?"

"Don't you dare speak of her. Telos Karma is Momiji-chan's…"

"In the end, you'll be able to meet her. However, I don't know if she'd want to return from there. —As it is her own choice."

Kanzaki Mitsuya continued as the atmosphere became awkward.

"…Please understand. That place is on its own path. Protecting that place is my duty."

Kanzaki Mitsuya said that without being provoked by Nakiri… No, it's as if he said that to all of us. Nakiri took a deep breath and moved away from Kanzaki Mitsuya. Then, he apologised politely to my parents.

"I am sorry to have raised my voice."

Kanzaki Mitsuya continued, saying "Me too" and bowed his head. I guess it's nice that it ended with just some glaring and a light quarrel? It looked like the two of them had some connection, but I was grateful that they were able to keep themselves contained. Though that happened, one of the tournament's staff members came in and reported to us and my parents,

"Participants, please wait inside the special waiting room. The participants' associates will be guided to the spectating room by me, so please get ready."

Looks like it's time. Leaving my parents, we walked towards our waiting room. As we left my parent's waiting room, I looked at Kanzaki Mitsuya and he made a meaningful smile at me. This was — my first meeting with Kanzaki Mitsuya. Well, even though that happened, the match was — about to begin!

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