Shin High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 5.4

Power Within Force. The Violence of Heaven and The Slashing Princess

When Xenovia was undertaking warrior training in the Vatican, she was praised every time.

—To think that she'd be chosen to wield Durandal at this age!

—The Genius that the Heavens granted must be you.

—And she can even wield Excalibur as well… What a kid.

—You must be able to perform well as the Heaven's sword.

At the same time, she also used to be compared.

—Although she isn't as strong as her predecessor Strada, her power is close.

—You better become a swordswoman that doesn't bring shame to your predecessor Durandal wielder, His Eminence Strada.

—That's right, if we train her skills, she might even reach Vasco Strada.

—You have the talent to be the next His Eminence Strada, Xenovia.

Xenovia couldn't forget the shock when she met her predecessor, Vasco Strada, for the first time. Xenovia understood not from the words of the elites in the church, but from that person's very own existence, that every feature of that man was — big. His neck, arms, fingers, back, and legs. All of his body aspects were so big and built-up. That person's body was so robust that it didn't match his old face. As he showed a smile on his deeply-scarred face, the old man — Vasco Strada welcomed Xenovia.

"Well, well…. To think that the one who'll be my successor would be this cute girl… Heaven must be considerate."

When she was being patted on the head, she knew at that instant. She could feel it from his hand.

—He is above me. He's overwhelmingly far. This person stands far above me.

—I wonder if I can become like this man?

Since that day, she had been questioning herself like that. And right now, her goal was present before her eyes. Vasco Strada, the man who was called [The Church's Device of Violence], [The Violence of Heaven], [Vatican's Evil Killer], and [Mister Durandal].

After separating from Asia, Xenovia and Irina kept searching for the enemy's team members. The one that appeared before them was Strada, who had shaved his head for this day. Xenovia and Irina quickly entered the battle with Strada and faced the legendary swordsman with their combination. Strada then used the rejuvenation art that he acquired from Rias and returned to his golden days, which was in his fifties. Even though they were still unscratched, they seemed to be the ones who were forced into defence. Xenovia had used her combination technique with Ise — which allowed her to turn into her [Crimson Destruction Dragonar] form by having the wyverns from [Dividing Wyvern Fairy] latch onto her (I guess you could call it the female version of Boosted Gear Scale Mail). But, she still wasn't able to land a single hit on Strada who was in his prime even though her Holy Sword's power and speed were increased…. In fact, Strada was the one reigning as he destroyed the [Crimson Destruction Dragonar] armour with just his Durandal II's aura and his holy fist.

Xenovia used the dual-wielding style with Durandal and Excalibur in each of her hands, while also carrying Excalibur's scabbard that made her immortal, but…even if the wound could be healed, it couldn't restore the user's stamina. As Xenovia was confident in her stamina, it would be a hit to her pride if she were to be defeated. Xenovia and Irina showed a perfect combination. While Xenovia continued to slash at their opponent using her two swords, Irina would use her Holy Sword Hauteclaire and Angelic light attacks to support her. Even though they kept attacking and rendering Strada unable to perform a counter-attack…their combination was broken by an attack from the enemy. Strada just needed to increase his aura and wave his Durandal II and holy fist in order to blow Xenovia and Irina away. Taking those kinds of attacks numerous times would be bad as Irina didn't have any means of healing like Xenovia did. Strada then held his Durandal II and said to them,

"Show me what you learned at the church."

After explaining the necessity of the Church's warrior training facility, many believers and people who trained the warriors always said that. There was no one that was incompetent.

"I'm not done yeeeeet!"

Xenovia, who swung her Durandal and Excalibur, flashed back. There was an occasion where Xenovia asked the higher-ups,

"Is it possible for me to become the best Durandal user in history?"

—That's what she had asked.

The higher-ups then replied.

—Listen, Xenovia. You are a warrior with an extraordinary talent. Of course, it's possible for you to be one of the best Durandal users in history.

—But…it's impossible for you to be the greatest in history. You don't have anything that can make you surpass your predecessor, His Eminence Vasco Strada.

—It's not that I look down upon you. There's no doubt that your talents are the best among the church's warriors. But, it's just different. His Eminence is just on a whole other level.

Although he was a human, it's not like he was a Longinus user. In fact, he didn't even have a Sacred Gear. The only thing he had was…the Holy sword he had in his hand and — his built-up body. And just with those two things, he became the incarnation of power — and received the name [The Limits of Humanity]. And here she was—.

"I will defeat Your Eminence and become the true successor of Durandal!"

Xenovia increased the aura on Durandal to the max, and the Durandal responded to its current master by firing off a fierce beam of aura at its former master. —Suddenly, there was someone who joined the fray and kicked His Eminence Strada. It was a monster that looked like a humanoid Eastern Dragon — no, it was Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu who had turned into Ryuukijin1.

"Xenovia-kaichou! Shidou-senpai!I, Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu will join the fight too!"

The reliable junior had appeared. Xenovia screamed at Irina and Nakiri.

"Irina! Ouryuu! Let’s attack together!"


This time, the three of them including Nakiri attacked Strada at the same time. Xenovia with her Durandal and Excalibur, Irina with her Hauteclere and light attacks, and Nakiri with his touki-filled punches and kicks. Countless attacks were dealt to their opponent, the Limit of Humanity! Despite that, they were still struggling against Strada as he simply countered the attacks with his Durandal II. The big-framed guy swung his sword with high accuracy, deflecting all of their attacks one by one. However, when Xenovia and the other offense member of the [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] team talked about dealing with Strada, there was one piece of advice. Xenovia would focus on her two swords and aim at a certain part of Strada's body. There, Irina and Nakiri would join and attack the target at the same time. The target was — Strada's finger. Because the three of them targeted the same thing, Strada's left finger was broken as it twisted in the wrong direction. As a warrior and a swordsman, both hands were the first and foremost weapons. After a discussion with each other, they came to the conclusion, 'even if we can't destroy the whole fist, it might be possible to destroy one finger at a time'. It was a pathetic strategy, targeting one finger at a time. However, with the opponent being Vasco Strada, taking one finger at a time worked—! Still, whenever Xenovia, Irina and Nakiri targeted Strada's second finger, they would be attacked by his holy fists and kicks, sending them hurtling back. Taking the second finger was far too—. As Nakiri kicked the ground, the ground where Strada was standing on floated up and tried to make a cage and seal his body, but it too was destroyed by the holy aura he released.


Xenovia then increased her aura in an instant and released a Durandal bullet at point-blank range. Xenovia didn't think of using up her stamina. In order to fight this old warrior, she had to use 120%, or even 200%, or else she wouldn't be fit to be called the successor of Durandal. The Durandal bullet released at point-blank range succeeded in breaking Strada's left ring finger. Xenovia then picked herself up, increased her aura once more and released the Durandal bullets continuously!


Strada then responded by also increasing his aura on Durandal II and fired it at Xenovia! As her [Crimson Destruction Dragonar] armour was completely destroyed, Xenovia poured all of the remaining Red Dragon Emperor's power into Durandal and Excalibur.

The wounds will be healed by the Scabbard! I won't run! Running means losing! This is everything I have! My technique! My feelings! And more than anything, myself!

Xenovia then charged an enormous amount of aura on Durandal and Excalibur, firing it at Strada. It was Xenovia's ace move.

"Cross Crisis!"

She made a cross with the heightened aura of the Holy Swords and swung them! The gigantic amount of aura got closer to Strada. On the other hand, Strada heightened the aura on his Durandal II and tried to counter the attack. —However, Irina and Nakiri interjected.

"Let's go!"

Irina started to shoot out a countless number of light bullets, while Nakiri increased his touki and kicked the ground! The ground then floated up and covered Strada's right hand — the one that was holding Durandal II with layers and layers of earth. Following that, Strada who was rendered immobile was bombarded by Xenovia's Cross Crisis and Irina's countless light bullets.

"One moreeee!"

Nakiri then furthered the damage by kicking Strada, sending him flying into the building behind him! After a moment of silence—. The three were breathing heavily. All of them had used up all of their power, and finally succeeded in blowing him away. It was at that moment—. Everyone could hear the announcer’s voice from the sky.

<<Team [Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth]'s one Pawn, Retired!>>


That announcer's report meant that either Ravel, or Elmenhilde was defeated. Not long after that, another announcement was made.

<<Team [Rias Gremory]'s one [Bishop], Retired!>>

This one had to be about Valerie. It looked like Rossweisse, who went to defeat the enemy's healer, was successful in making Valerie retire.

[I am fine.]

There was a message over the intercom from Ravel. Although she was breathing heavily, she hadn't retired yet. Which meant that the retirement report just now was directed at Elmenhilde.

We were focusing on our fight against Strada, but what's the current situation right now?

It was when Xenovia had such thoughts.

"Kaichou, evade!"

That was Nakiri's voice. Realising the danger, Xenovia flew away from that place. The place that Xenovia was standing on was then bombarded by holy aura that formed cracks all over the ground. It must've been from the holy fist. The three of them then looked towards the building where Strada was blown to. There, the muscular warrior showed himself again. The Holy sword Durandal II that Strada held was now broken into two pieces due to the continuous combination attack just earlier. Xenovia then remembered something upon looking at the broken Durandal. During the training camp, Ravel had said,

[His Eminence Strada's Durandal II…I wonder if it's really flawless. He did have a serious fight against the strong members of the [Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] team and faced Arthur-sama and his Caliburn, the king of Holy Swords…. I believe there is a possibility that damage piled up on the sword.]

Xenovia realised that what Ravel thought was right. Still, an unfathomable aura was oozing from Strada's whole body. Even though his sword and fingers were already broken, Strada was not fazed by those as he smiled boldly and said this,

"—It's inevitable."

What was discharged from the broken blade was an unwavering holy aura. The destructive power from his Holy fist that was formed even with the broken fingers was no joke. Vasco Strada started to discharge a completely different kind of aura from his whole body.

"I see, so the real match starts now."

That's what the old warrior murmured. Even if his Holy Sword was broken, it wouldn't stop the Violence of Heaven. Even if his Holy fist was broken, it wouldn't stop The Incarnation of Power (read: Vasco Strada). Nakiri then gasped in response to the extreme scene.

"…! …What!? What is it with this old man…!?"

Xenovia then once again had that thought.

—I wonder if I can become like this man.

  1. Ryuukijin: The kanji was 龍鬼人, literal TL : Humanoid Devil Dragon

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