Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: This Wretched Transmigration

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When she opened her eyes once again, it was overwhelmingly cold. Water. She was surrounded by bone-piercing freezing cold water. There were also faint mocking sounds that could be heard.

“Toad trying to eat swan meat1! Just cool down in the water.”

“Never even looked at the mirror to see your own reflection, and still dare to covet Elder Brother Ling Xiaoting.”

“It seems like she really doesn’t know how to float huh…”

“Sister Yumei, will this be a little too much? What if something really happens to her…”

“What could possibly happen to her! How could we not teach her a lesson? Thick-skinned shameless ugly girl!”

What kind of situation is this? Ling Chuxi had yet to recover from her daze. Only after directly swallowing two mouthfuls of piercing cold freezing water did she recover from her daze. It was because memories that did not belong to her were swarming into her brain. Her head was aching as if it would split and it was like she almost couldn’t breathe.

And the reason why she was now struggling in the freezing cold river water, was because someone had pushed her into it! And the person who had pushed her into the water was standing beside the river with her hands on her waist and mocking her. This person was her so-called love rival. Why it was noted as a so-called love rival, was actually because that woman liked a man, and naturally assumed that she also liked that man!

‘Get lost! What kind of nonsense is this?! Meeting such strange matters the moment I transmigrated.’ Ling Chuxi shivered and quickly swam towards the shore. ‘Get to the shore first before saying anything. Continuing to hustle here will end up with me either drowning or freezing to death!’

However, her heart sank the next moment—because her leg was cramped! She could only feel that her whole body was slowly sinking. All she could see was darkness before her and she slowly lost consciousness.

After an unknown period of time, Ling Chuxi finally awakened. Her head was foggy and recalling the strange scene that happened, Ling Chuxi secretly sighed in her heart. What kind of nonsensical dream was that? To actually have dreamt of transmigrating and pushed into the water by someone else.

However, in the very next moment, the noise by Ling Chuxi’s ear shattered her thoughts.

“Aunt Wang, take a look. Chuxi has awakened. Next time, don’t let her simply run about. This time we rescued her when we coincidentally saw her fall into the water. What if we didn’t happen to pass by the next time?” Ling Chuxi could immediately identify this sarcastic and disdainful voice. This was the woman who pushed her into the water—Qin Yumei! She could really talk! ‘The one who pushed me into the water was her, now she actually changed her face to act like she was a good person. This kind of shamelessness was indeed at a different level!’

‘This is not a dream! I’ve really transmigrated!’

“Miss, miss, are you alright?” A female’s sob rang from beside her ear.

Ling Chuxi ignored it, and once again closed her eyes to sort out the chaotic memories. This body’s original owner had the family name Ling and the first name Chuxi. Coincidentally, she also had the same name. Transmigrating here, was it fate or simply a coincidence? Was this real or was it just a dream? Or was this another one of her lives? This body was sixteen years old. It seems like both parents were no longer around as there were no impressions of them in her memories. There was an elder brother, but it was as good as not having one as her brother had already left home when she was young. Basically, she was an orphan. This world was totally different from her original world. Cultivation was practiced and the strong were respected. The place she was in was just a small town…

Ling Chuxi was still in the midst of sorting out her memories, but noise was constantly buzzing by her ears.

“Aunt Wang, can’t you just have better foresight? Don’t always let my elder cousin sister worry about her. Hasn’t she caused enough trouble for her? Such an arrogant tone, it was Qin Yumei’s voice again. Elder cousin sister? What was that again?

“The miss, she didn’t do it on purpose. Miss…” the stuttering voice belonged to Aunt Wang. The only servant who took care of Ling Chuxi.

“Unintentionally. Hehe, I bet it was intentional.” Qin Yumei’s voice was laced with ridicule.

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