Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 3850 The Strongest Expert Of The Venerated Realm

Chapter 3850 The Strongest Expert Of The Venerated Realm

"You don't need to feel strange. Not just anyone can be a zone leader. [They want to kill the new powerful cultivators in Qing-Yun realm. There aren't many previous region Masters left. If they kill our new powerful cultivators, it will shake the foundation of Qing-Yun realm. In the future, they will have less resistance when they want to touch Qing-Yun realm.] Fortunately, I've sealed the tower of proof for ten thousand years. Otherwise, countless geniuses would have died at their hands before they could even grow. " Old man Tian Yin explained when he saw Ling Chuxi's surprise.

Only then did Ling Chuxi know that the reason why the tower of proving holiness had disappeared for 10000 years was because it had been sealed by old man Tian Yin. The tower of proving holiness was too famous, and anyone with a bit of strength would come here to challenge it. As a result, those new experts with extraordinary talents would easily be exposed to the experts of the venerable realm and killed one by one. Old man Tian Yin had no choice but to do this.

However, now that the nine suns shone together, the Supreme realm cultivators would definitely take this opportunity to attack again. In order to find more talented cultivators and improve the overall strength of the heaven region, old man Tian Yin opened the seal and let the tower of proving holiness reappear.

"Then master, what should we do?" Ling Chuxi asked. The survival of the heaven region was related to the safety of the heaven region and the six major planes. It was also related to her family and friends. It was fine if others did not know about this matter, but since Ling Chuxi knew about it, she would definitely not stay out of it. Besides, her father's family had been protecting the Qing-Yun realm with all their might. She couldn't stay out of it.

"You don't need to do anything. You just need to work hard on your cultivation and increase your strength." Old man Tian Yin said.

"Oh." Only then did Ling Chuxi realize that although she had left the title of a domain lord in the tower of proving holiness and would probably become a domain lord of a generation in the future, or even above the other domain Lords, her own strength was still too weak. Some things were not worth worrying about.

"You don't have to be so self-deprecating, I naturally have my reasons for choosing you. I can't tell you the reason yet, but I believe that one day, you will become the most powerful person in the heaven domain, or even the most powerful person in the venerable realm!" Old man Tian Yin could tell that Ling Chuxi was disappointed and comforted her.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm "The strongest of the venerable realm?" Ling Chuxi was stunned.

All along, her goal had been to become a master of the venerable realm and stand at the top of the heaven domain. After knowing her father's background, she had a bigger goal, which was to go to the venerable realm and reunite with her father. But now, she realized that the goal she had set for herself was too low.

"That's right. The power of the venerable realm is far beyond your imagination. Unless you become the strongest person in the venerable realm one day, the heaven domain will never be safe. Ling Chuxi, do you not have confidence in yourself?" Old man Tian Yin looked at Ling Chuxi and shouted.

"Yes, I will. Not only will I become the strongest in the heaven region, but I will also become the strongest in the venerable realm." Under old man Tian Yin's expectant gaze, Ling Chuxi could only feel her heart fluctuating. The heart of a strong cultivator once again began to boil with excitement.

"Good, this is the person that I, Tian Yin, have chosen." Old man Tian Yin said with a pleasant look.

"This domain lord title is too ostentatious. With your current strength, it's not suitable for you to reveal it too early. I'll hide it for you first." Old man Tian Yin waved his hand and Ling Chuxi's title disappeared.

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