Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 810 - Revenge and Retribution

Chapter 810: Revenge and Retribution

“By the way, don’t mention your learning of the Great Fist Skills to Lan Xinyu and the rest,” Ling Chuxi reminded Duan Xiaomo.

“Why?” Duan Xiaomo looked at her quizzically.

“Because they also want to learn, but I don’t want to teach them.” Ling Chuxi lied smoothly, but in her heart, she thought, ‘Xinyu, it’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but I’m afraid you will receive too much of a blow and commit suicide on the spot after you know about this.’

“Oh,” Duan Xiaomo answered blankly.

For the next few days, Ling Chuxi took Duan Xiaomo to the sea of flowers to cultivate.

They practiced separately, and sometimes would not even say a single word all day long. Occasionally, Ling Chuxi would give some advice, Duan Xiaomo would reply briefly, and then the two would continue to cultivate. However, everyone who saw them felt touched at their undeniable closeness.

Just as Ling Chuxi was devoting herself to cultivation, several strange youths appeared outside the Golden Pill Sect.

There were three people in the group—a beautiful young man, a burly man with a big dark face, and a thin man with a protruding mouth and a chin like an ape. These people were, of course, Xiao Rou and the others that had come searching for their young master.

“This is the Golden Pill Sect?” Xiao Rou felt the abundant spiritual Qi coming from the Golden Pill Sect and inhaled deeply. The spiritual Qi here was stronger than the other places in the Sacred Realm of Sects, and it was extremely beneficial for their cultivation.

“That’s right, this is the former site of the Golden Pill Sect. After the destruction of this sect, it had been sealed off for thousands of years, but it seems to have been reopened again. It’s true then, someone really is rebuilding the Golden Pill Sect,” Black Shadow replied thoughtfully.

“It looks like they’ve returned,” Xiao Rou murmured, referring to Ling Chuxi and the rest.

“Boss, let us kill our way in! We will kill till blood flows like a river!” Black Shadow said excitedly.

“If you are tired of living, go on then. No one will stop you.” Xiao Rou rolled his eyes at him impatiently. Last time, he had been slapped by Ling Chuxi left and right, so he was still a bit traumatized and didn’t want to go looking for trouble.

Although Black Shadow knew that Xiao Rou was a man, that eye roll made him swallow.

“Should we kill our way in quietly then? We can attack them one by one until they are all dead!” Black Shadow pretended to cut his throat, snickering evilly.

“You can go first, and we will help you from behind,” Xiao Rou said pleasantly, and Big Dark Face chuckled in amusement.

What kind of a joke was that? They knew the power of Ling Chuxi’s poison traps well. They were unpredictable and totally unable to counter. Since she wanted to rebuild the Golden Pill Sect, how could she not have set up mechanisms and traps? Recalling how their faces had turned green, their whole body itched, and it felt like ants were crawling under their skin, Big Dark Face’s eye subconsciously twitched several times. That time, they had really wished for death.

“Alright.” How could Black Shadow possibly have known about their miserable experience? He crouched down and snuck towards the Golden Pill Sect.

Hardly a few minutes later, Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face saw Black Shadow howling in pain, stumbling and crawling to get out. His whole body jerked and flailed as if he had been hit by lightning, twitching over and over again.

“Idiot!” Xiao Rou sneered. If even they didn’t dare to ask for trouble, how could Black Shadow think that he could kill them all? If they had the ability to deal with her, wouldn’t they have gotten their revenge and retribution by now?

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