Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 931 - Thought Ling Chuxi Was Soft and Weak

Chapter 931: Thought Ling Chuxi Was Soft and Weak

Seeing his son beaten like that and then accidentally injured by himself and his wife, Yue Qingjie felt bad. He became even more agitated from Mrs. Yue’s crying and shouting.

“Shut up!” Yue Qingjie couldn’t bear it and finally shouted.

“You dead old man, you dare to yell at me! You don’t want us mother and son to live anymore, do you? Very well, I’ll die for you to see!” Mrs. Yue stood up and tried to bang her head on the stone table in front of her.

Ling Chuxi and others were dumbfounded. Firstly, they never thought that Yue Pingjian would end up half-dead because of his mother, not them. Now, this woman was acting like a lunatic and being unreasonable. It seemed like the aftermath of today’s matter would surely be difficult to deal with.

However, when Ling Chuxi started to take action, she had already thought about the consequences and didn’t pay much attention to them.

“Missus, don’t be angry. Pingjian was hurt by them, so let’s take revenge for Pingjian first, okay?” Yue Qingjie was startled by his wife’s shrewish manner, so he quickly grabbed her and cajoled her.

“Yes, how can I forget them? I’ll settle scores with you when I have taken revenge for my son.” As soon as he reminded Mrs. Yue, she stopped throwing a tantrum and trying to hurt herself.

“Little despicable person, was it you who beat up my son like this? You are so cruel!” Mrs. Yue drew her sword and angrily scolded Ling Chuxi.

“It seems like it’s the both of you who hurt your son like this. I just hit his face, but his nose is crooked thanks to Old Mister Yue, and his bones were broken by you,” Ling Chuxi sneered coldly. This couple was really shameless, trying to put all the blame on her.

“Little despicable person, you still choose to be stubborn!” Mrs. Yue was hit right where it hurt, and she suddenly raged and attacked Ling Chuxi.

Ling Chuxi didn’t pay attention to her at all. This woman’s cultivation was only at the primary stage of True Essence, and with one move, Ling Chuxi stunned Mrs. Yue into retreating.

“Little despicable person, you obviously don’t know how to value your life, so don’t blame me for being rude!” Yue Qingjie saw that his wife lost and shouted angrily, about to attack.

“Martial Uncle Yue, please wait!” Yan Rusong quickly jumped in front of Ling Chuxi, seeing that things were getting worse. If he didn’t explain things clearly, this matter would never be settled, so he had to bite the bullet.

“Yan Rusong, you little wretch, how dare you side with this outsider?” Yue Qingjie snarled furiously.

“Martial Uncle Yue, this is actually a misunderstanding. Senior Brother Yue was the first to be impolite, so it really can’t be blamed on Sect Master Ling,” Yan Rusong said honestly.

“Yan Rusong, are you blind? The evidence is right in front of you! How dare you defend them?” Yue Qingjie spluttered in outrage.

“Senior Brother Yue, it is not that I want to help them, I’m just telling the truth. If Junior Brother Yue didn’t agree to stand up for the Wei family, try to seize the Golden Pill Sect’s property, and had his lust ignited, they wouldn’t have fought,” Yan Rusong said directly, without adding or concealing anything. He absolutely despised Yue Pingjian’s behavior, and refused to cover up for it.

“What malicious lies—as if my Pingjian would do such a thing! You can even make up such things in order to frame your fellow disciple!” Mrs. Yue screeched, about to attack Yan Rusong. This was what they meant by ‘love is blind’. Outsiders didn’t know what kind of a character Yue Pingjian had, but wouldn’t she know as his mum? It was just that she found it impossible to admit it right now.

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