Shura's Wrath

Chapter 13: Wolf’s Cliff

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Illusion… it has to be an illusion!

Holding the little red fruit, Ling Chen even went as far as to rub his eyes… No mistake! It’s not 1 point, not 10 points but permanently adding 100 HP… forever!

Permanently adding 100 HP, even in mid-game it is enough to make people excited enough to vomit blood. At the novice stage, this kind of item is practically a cheat, it can allow a person’s overall strength to instantly pull apart from others by a street. And this kind of item, actually physically existed in front of him… and already belonged to him. (TL: Okay, so spitting blood is a common thing the chinese say to express an extreme emotion, like angry enough to vomit blood. as for the street thing, ya it’s also a common thing said to represent the distance )metaphorical/physical) between a person and others, generally by a lot.)

Resisting the urge to swallow the red blood fruit, Ling Chen tightly held it in his hand… good things really do happen to good people, good thing I didn’t greedily keep the ring. Even though they are both add 100 HP, but being added by a ring, and adding permanently, they are on two completely different levels.

“Thank you Boss Wang, I think it will definitely be a lot of help to me.” Ling Chen held back his excitement saying.

“Hehe, that’s good.” Shopkeep Wang started laughing, and then saying: “It’s rare to meet such a kind young man such as yourself, I think I should take out my most proud creations for you , you have the right to buy them.”

Finishing, Shopkeeper Wang carried over a glass cabinet from behind and placed it in front of Ling Chen. Inside is filled with little bottles of all colours. At the side there is a blue pendant.

“*DING*… You have unlocked hidden event ‘The Item Shop’s Hidden Merchandise’, can buy the corresponding hidden merchandise from the item shop’s Shopkeeper Wang.”

“Hidden merchandise?” Ling Chen walked forward, looking at the coloured bottles.

[Wang Ji’s Special Strength Potion]: After use physical attack strength+20, lasts 1 hour, effect does not stack. Price: 10 gold, can buy a total of 10.

[Wang Ji’s Special Magic Potion]: After use magic attack+20, lasts 1 hour, effect does not stack. Price: 10 gold, can buy a total of 10.

[Wang Ji’s Special Hit Potion]: After use hit rate+20, lasts 1 hour, effect does not stack. Price: 20 gold, can buy a total of 10.

[Wang Ji’s Special Speed Potion]: After use movement speed+20, lasts 1 hour, effect does not stack. Price: 20 gold, can buy a total of 10.

[Wang Ji’s Special Health Potion]: After use HP+200, lasts 1 hour, effect does not stack. Price: 10 gold, can buy a total of 10.

[Blessed Blue Pendant]: Type: Necklace, Grade: None. Equipment Requirements: None. Once a regular blue pendant, afterwards mixed with the power of blessing from Goddess Fate of the 3 goddesses from the Mood God clan.After equipping it can be revived upon death, perfect condition, after the effect the necklace will break. Price: 2000 gold.

Ling Chen: “…”

These are indeed hidden items, the effects of these special potions, each of them more surprising than the other. At the novice stage, if a player randomly chugged a bottle, they could easily beat-down players of the same level. That sapphire necklace even had the effect of reviving on the spot.

Even though they are powerful… but the prices are also each one scarier than the other. Strength, magic, health 1 bottle cost 10 gold, hit and speed potions i bottle cost 20 gold… gold! At the moment where currency cannot be exchanged, 1 gold was already a huge fortune. Ling Chen flipped through his bag, a total of 3 gold and 7 silver, this is also under the condition that he didn’t buy any potions before. Yet he couldn’t even afford to buy one bottle of hidden potion. Not to mention, having 3 gold could already be considered a rich person among players, don’t talk about extra, regular players probably don’t even have the money for potions.

As for the sapphire necklace… forget it, at the speed of gold farming at the Novice Village, it would probably be tough even if he saved until next year.

Seeing Ling Chen’s stumped expression, Wang Ji obviously knew what he was thinking, saying smilingly: “I know these items of mine are a bit too expensive, but these are my most proud creations, their effects are without complaint, relative to their effects, these prices aren’t high at all. If you can’t buy them at the moment then it’s not a big deal, my original intention for creating these potions, is to be able to help a kind and powerful hero, How about this, at the north of the village, there is a Wolf’s Cliff, there wander violent wolves, regularly attacking people. My younger son was also bitten before, he would be dead it it weren’t for some kind of good luck.. Young hero, if you can hunt 1000 wolves and bring back their teeth, I will give one of each type of these potions to you.”

“*DING*… You have activated the quest ‘Wang Ji’s Request 2’, Quest Type: Hidden, Quest Time Limit: 3 days, Quest Description: Within 3 days, head over the the Wolf’s Cliff and kill 1000 wolves, and bring back 1000 wolf teeth. Quest Reward: Wag Ji’s special strength potion, magic potion, hit potion, speed potion, health potion 1 each, Do you accept.”

“Okay, no problem.” No need to think, Ling Chen directly chose to accept. The is the first hidden quest that Ling Chen received, as expected the requirements for hidden quests cannot be compared to regular quests. Just opening its mouth and asking to kill 1000 LV5 creatures. But 5 special potions, a total price of 70 gold coins! Only an idiot wouldn’t accept. Also, the quest accepted at the smithy before also required wolf teeth, just perfectly doing it together as well.

“Oh right, my youngest son goes everyday in the afternoon around Wolf’s Cliff to gather herbs, if you bump into him tell him to come back earlier. Recently those wolves seem to have become even more violent than before, I’m afraid he will be in danger around there.” Before Ling Chen left, Shopkeeper Wang said so yelling at him.

Ling Chen headed east, crossing through a big field, and then a small canyon, arriving at the edge of Wolf’s Cliff in not even a half hour, though he didn’t see Shopkeeper Wang’s son along the way.

Wolf’s Cliff is the most eastern area at Novice Village 49554, because further east is a scary bottomless chasm. The atmosphere here is extra gloomy, wind howling, a series of wolf cries making people’s hearts cower. At first glance, wolf packs wander around on top of the rocky cliff, raising their necks and howling.

Scanning around him, besides Ling Chen, there are no other player’s around. Players with even a bit of virtual reality gaming experience understand, wolves are a very troublesome creature… It’s not saying that they are stronger than same level creatures, but that they usually move in packs. Angering one, a wolf howl, and the big group of wolves around will attack at the same time. If you have a strong enough party than you can manage, but a single person or a small party, it’s safer to go around.

Killing the 2 star elite head wild boar before, he gained a total of 10 AP. Ling Chen opened his stat page, putting 5 points into his only attack skill, instantly, the light for skill upgrades flashed.

“*DING*… Your skill has been successfully upgraded to LV3.”

[Full Power Strike] : Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV5. Points to Upgrade to LV4: 20. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 130% damage, MP Consumption: 5, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

Beginner skills need very few SP to upgrade, upgrading from LV1 to LV3 in not even a day. Although, even using your toes to think you can know that, with the bullshit difficulty setting for 《Mystic Moon》, the SP required for powerful skills will for sure be a crazy amount. Those numbers will like a curse force high level players to use any method to find, wait, or steal all kinds of low level or high level BOSS.

Picking up the incredibly valuable red blood fruit, Ling Chen looked at it a bit reluctantly, and then threw it into his mouth, instantly, a hot feeling spread throughout his mouth, and then followed his throat down, spreading across his entire body.

“*DING*… You have used the special item ‘Red Blood Fruit’, HP permanently increased by 100.”

In a moment, Ling Chen’s HP directly rose from 70 to 170.

Full Powered Strike’s power once again increased, HP also more than doubled. Ling Chen picked up the novice sword, without any fear walking into the dangerous wolf territory, at the same time looking at his stats:

Character: Ling Tian

Level: 2

Class: Apprentice Warrior

Faction: None

Fame: 20; Money: 3 gold, 7 silver, 0 copper: SP: 5

Basic Attributes: Strength: 20, Constitution: 5, Agility: 5, Spirit: 5

Innate Attributes: Luck: 5; Comprehension: 5

HP: 170

MP: 70

Physical Attack Strength: 45

Magic Attack Strength: 10

Physical Defense: 10

Hit Rate: 5; Dodge Rate: 5

Critical Hit Rate: 7%; Pierce Rate: 5% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 100%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 0%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 0%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%

All of his AP from leveling up went towards strength, Ling Chen’s current attack strength is 45, the maximum attack for an apprentice warrior’s starting conditions.

Stepping within 5 meters of a wolf, the wandering wolf immediately turned around, a pair of eyes releasing a fierce glow staring at him, and then charging at him with a savage air.

[Wolf]: Type: Beast: Level: LV5, HP: 170. A type of more violent wolf, group creatures, will attack any outside life forms that get close.

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