Shura's Wrath

Chapter 16: Saving Wang XiaoMing

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“Master Wang this is the 100 wolf’s fangs you requested.” Entering the forge, Ling Chen gave the 100 wolf’s fangs to the blacksmith.

“Oh! You actually completed the task so soon.” The blacksmith took the 100 wolf fangs and looked at him surprised. With one look he could see that Ling Chen is only LV3 at the moment. It truly surprised him being able to complete the quest so soon at this level.

“Master Wang, if it’s being used as forging materials, will these fangs be a bit better.” Ling Chen taking out the wolf leader’s nine sharp fangs, put them in front of the blacksmith.

“This is …… Oh! This is the wolf’s leader’s sharp fangs. If I use them to forge, I will be able to create a better weapon. Young hero, you actually killed the wolf leader, this is really a surprise. ”

The blacksmith exposed a surprised look. He glances again at Ling Chen, thought for a moment and said: “To have killed at least 100 wolves and the wolf leader at LV3, it seems that you are a real hero, I was ready to give you a steel dagger as a reward, but ordinary weapons do not seem to fit you. If you are willing to give the fangs obtained from the Wolf leader to me, I’ll make you a better weapon. ”

“Ding………….Will you hand the 9 [Sharp Wolf Fang]s to the blacksmith, and let him build an unknown weapon for you?”

No need to even think about this, Ling Chen chose to immediately agree and give all of the teeth to the blacksmith.

The blacksmith nodded. “Good… I need a certain time to forge it, but it won’t take too long, two hours later come find me, I hope I can give you a surprise.”

The blacksmith said, turning away and starting to prepare the forge.

“Master Wang, who is the old person that lives in the straw house? Do you know who he is? ” Ling Chen asked, the scenery of the damage caused by that old man’s horrific slap appearing in his mind. It shocked a lot of players, including him.

Blacksmith did not turn around, and said flatly: “I don’t know, except that he is a madman, the people in the village don’t know anything about him. He is crazy and is very dangerous, do not try to go close to him”. Without getting any useful information, Ling Chen had to give up, he looked at the time, and disconnected in the blacksmith shop.

At the usual dinner, after helping Ruo eating, he is accompanying her playing video games with her for more than an hour, and then takes her to the bath. He is taking care of his dear sister every day with meticulous care. When the night completely sinks in, he hugs Shui Ruo soft body, watching her sleep peacefully. Three years ago, she suffered from Isrock, their parents were also infected by the Irsock virus and died one year later. That is the darkest and most desperate moment of Shui Ruo’s life. During that time, every night she sleeps with Ling Chen. Gradually, she became unable to get rid of this habit. For two years, every day.

Staying on Shui Ruo side, Ling Chen closed his eyes but did not sleep, but instead re-entered the world of “Mystic Moon”. To complete the quest that the shop owner entrusted him he needs 1000 wolf’s fangs, he must fight wolves for a long period of time. However, the number of players approaching level 4 will be at the latest tomorrow, they would be interested and there will be more people Wolf’s cliff, with the arrival of many players leveling or questing, then it ceases to be his personal hunting ground, the collection of the fangs will be slower by many times. Therefore he decided to fight in the night.

A flash of white light, he appeared in the forge. Seeing him, the blacksmith stopped his movement, wiped his body full of sweat, smiling and said: “Young hero, you come just right, I have completed your weapon just a little before you came, take this I believe you will be satisfied.”

Then the blacksmith presented him a dagger flashing with a cold light and give it to him.

“Ding … …” The blacksmith’s task is completed, you received a special award, Ling Chen took a look at the cold shiny short sword’s properties.

[Wolf Fang Sword]: Type: One-Handed Sword, Grade: Bronze, Equipment Requirements: Any class LV5 or above, a sharp fang and a dagger made of stainless-steel, razor-sharp. Properties: attack +18, strength +3, pierce rate + 1%.

It was a bronze weapon! Ling Chen is surprised. In “Mystic Moon” the drop rate is poor; the game opened on the first day, if a player can get a piece of iron equipment that is already something to be proud of, if someone have bronze equipment he will be met with envious jealousy and hatred. Silver gear, the probability to get one at the starting village is small enough to be negligible.

And Ling Chen have already two pieces of bronze equipment, but unfortunately, he needs two more levels to reach level 5 to equip them.

He thanked the blacksmith, Ling Chen walked out of the forge and towards the Wolf’s cliff.

He knows best his body, he only needs two or three hours of sleep a day and that is more than enough. What’s more, in the game the brain is in half asleep state, ordinary people without going offline for several days is nothing much. So, even if it’s night, “Mystic Moon” has almost no decline in the number of players. Wherever Ling Chen went, he sees the people are packed. At least more than the number of monsters.

Taking care of Shui Ruo during the day, he had already decided to focus his game time in the evening. He goes to bed with Shui Ruo, she only needs to gently touch him if she needs him, he will sense it and get offline immediately.

Exiting the novice village from the eastern suburbs, no other player can be seen, it makes Ling Chen let out a sigh of relief. He speeds up to the wolves above the cliffs. When he arrives, only to find out that there is not a single wolf. Before he had time to doubt, he heard a sudden panic cry.

“Help … Help! Ah…! ”

Ling Chen looked up towards the cliff direction. He see a young man dressed in coarse clothes, he looks about fifteen or sixteen, the young man was scratching and scrambling to escape, behind him, five fierce wolf try to catch up. He is blocked from behind so he desperately ran to the cliff top, but there are more wolves there waiting for him, so he is forced to go to the edge of a cliff once, but he met a dead end.

Huh? It’s a player……. No, it seems not. That’s…

“Ah!! Warrior…… Warrior!! Please help me, I will repay you!!”

The man saw him, he called out with hoarse voice and cried out desperately. A sound entered Ling Chen’s ear.

“Ding … … You have triggered the quest ‘Save Wang Xiaoming’. Quest Type: Random, Quest Time Limit: None, Quest Objective: Save the NPC Wang Xiaoming from the danger and accompany him back to the novice village item shop. Quest Rewards: Unknown.”

Xiao Ming: Help

The random quest is different from ordinary tasks, and is obviously different from the common quest. Because its appearance has no fixed location or time, but randomly based on immediate circumstances, and the time to accept the quest is usually very short. For example, the task will only exist to save Wang Xiaoming prior to Wang Xiaoming being killed by the wolves, if nobody accepts it or no one appears, then the task will naturally disappear. People can’t receive quest if the quest giver hasbeen killed.

Bam(sounds of someone falling) Wang Xiaoming in panic tripped on a stone and fell to the ground, he turned around, looking frightened at the approaching wolf. Ling Chen is too far away, and is unable to reach to him in time. Ling Chen quickly moves forward, his eyes quickly swept around, then slanted his body, grabbed five stones, then threw them while running towards the front.

Five stones fly into five different trajectories, as if they are attracted to the wolfs, the throw were extremely accurate each stone hit the body of a different wolf.

A stone hitting a target is nothing; two stone struck into two different objectives is quite remarkable .But, throwing five stones at the same time at fast-moving target and hit all five of them. This can only be described as frightening.


The five wolves immediately turned around, glared at Ling Chen with hatred and their gazes focused on him, a dust storm immediately rushed towards Ling Chen.

Although there are five of them, Ling Chen cannot sense any threat, he welcomed them with his beginner sword, he killed them one by one, two minutes later, the five wolves collapsed at his feet.

He pick up the wolf fangs and copper, Ling Chen said to the NPC still recovering from the shock: “Are you all right?”

Wang Xiaoming stood up from the ground, patted to remove the dust on the body, with a pale face said: “It is OK, I was really scared, I thought I would be killed by the wolf. I just wanted to collect two pieces of rare herbs at the edge of a cliff, I did not expect two wolf to step out of the edge of the cliff and attack me. Fortunately, I run fast. I am grateful to you for saving me. I am still afraid right now, not many people dare to walk through these monsters’ territory, can you escort me home? My house is the item shop in the village.”

It turns out he is the item shop son that goes every day around Wolf’s Cliff to gather herbs.

Ling Chen said immediately yes, then escorted Wang Xiaoming to the village.

Safely returned to the item shop, Wang Xiaoming threw himself in front of the item shop owner Wang Ji, and almost blurted out in tears: “Dad!! It’s good to see you, just now I thought I will never see you again. ”

“How … What’s going on?” The shop owner got a big shock.

“I just went to the Wolf’s Cliff to gather herbs, when a wolf suddenly attacked, if that warrior had not appeared on time I would be killed and become food to the wolves, he is also willing to escort me back, if not for the warrior, I can never see you again.” Wang Xiaoming with an excited look explained to his father what has happened.

After knowing what had just happened, the item shop owner broke a cold sweat, he turned to Ling Chen, his face full of gratitude, said: “Thank you, young hero, thank you for saving my son as a reward, I am willing to give you my proud creations, they should belong to a kind and powerful hero like you.”

With that, the item shop owner put the items in front of Ling Chen, all items were given to him.

“Ding … … You successfully completed the task of ‘Save Wang Xiaoming’. Because in the entire progress Wang Xiaoming was not hurt, the quest is completed perfectly, you will get the highest reward.

“Fame +10, gold coins +20, experience +900

[Wang Ji’s Special Strength Potion ]x 10,

[Wang Ji’s Special Magic Potion] x 10,

[Wang Ji’s Special Hit Potion]x 10,

[Wang Ji’s Special Speed Potion]x 10,

[Wang Ji’s Special Health Potion]x 10,

and special equipment [Blessed Sapphire Necklace]

“Ding … the quest ‘Wang Ji’s Request 2’ is automatically canceled. ”

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