Shura's Wrath

Chapter 18: Falling into the Chasm

You know, the thing I hate about a lot of Chinese Web Novels is how obvious their chapter titles are. I’m pretty sure for some books you can understand overall what happens by just reading chapter titles. I know they’re supposed to represent the chapter but I think they can be a bit more ambiguous. Like maybe this chapter could be “Descent” or something. Still pretty obvious but at least it could have some other meaning. Just a piece of my mind.

1 step, 2 steps,…10 steps… Ling Chen got closer and closer to the Gold Battle Wolf, but the Gold Battle Wolf as if not even seeing him, continued maintaining his haughty pose of staring at the sky, or maybe it couldn’t be bothered to initiate the attack on a weak human. Ling Chen stopping his step, grabbing a rock from the ground, flicking his hand and throwing it at the golden wolf, hitting it square in the head.

The Gold Battle Wolf became angered, a furious howl, suddenly jumping down from the rock, quickly pouncing at Ling Chen’s location… Its instantaneous explosive power shocked Ling Chen, this Gold Battle Wolf didn’t need a build-up, jumping almost 10 meters from a stand still, descending on him from right on top of him, a great feeling of pressure making him unable to breath for an instant.

This kind of explosive power and mobility… it’s movements speed, is at least double that of a regular wolf’s!

Creatures with fast movement speed for Ling Chen are the most troublesome type, because his own movement and mobility have been greatly restricted. Against the pounce of the Gold Battle Wolf, almost at the same time, Ling Chen heavily kicks the ground, rapidly jumping backwards. The Gold Battle Wolf accompanied by a howling wind fell onto his previous position. Bringing up the sand on the ground. Pouncing from such a long distance, yet the Gold Battle Wolf only stopped for a moment after landing on the ground, then suddenly turning around, once more pouncing in Ling Chen’s direction.

What strong maneuverability you have… Ling Chen once again shocked, he didn’t have more time to think, his body already making a lightning quick reaction, with his left leg as a pivot swiftly turning his body, at the same time lowering his body. “WHOOSH…” a gust of wind swept across his face, making his face sting. Biting his teeth, when the Gold Battle Wolf passed by his body, his novice sword quickly struck, landing 3 regular attacks on its body.

MISS, MISS, -32.

3 attacks, 2 MISS, the only attack that landed being reduced by its defense by half. Ling Chen didn’t stop, folding his body at the same time the Gold Battle Wolf turned around, once again returning behind it, a “Full Power Strike” stabbing forward.


Quickly retracting the novice sword, right when Ling Chen was about to attack again, a sense of danger suddenly came from his mind, he didn’t even think, using his fastest speed to abruptly lie down, his entire body sticking to the ground. (TL: Spidey senses!)


A golden tail as along as 2 meters swept over his eyes, if his reaction or movement was slower by a second, we would have been flung far away by the tail.

It can actually also use its tail to do a sweeping attack… quickly getting up Ling Chen clenched his teeth. Like this, his method of circling the Gold Battle Wolf is definitely not going to work.

Like that, he could only be on the defensive. The Gold Battle Wolf that turned around pounced at him continuously, its strong explosive power and mobility putting Ling Chen in a state of danger, besides using all of his strength to dodge, he pretty much had no chance to retaliate.


Another terrifying pounce being dodged by Ling Chen, Ling Chen quickly scanned the terrain behind him, trying to finding something that he could take advantage of, an instant later, he did not sense the Gold Battle Wolf once again pouncing over. He saw the Gold Battle Wolf standing in place and raising its head, the gold aura around his body becoming thicker, a long cry and then about to howl to the sky…


Ling Chen was very surprised, not able to pay attention to anything else, using his fastest speed to escape backwards.


A deep, resounding wolf howl reverberated through Wolf’s Cliff, at the same time the wolf howl rose up, a circle of gold light spread from its body, charging in all directions, continuing to spread around a 5 meter radius of its body before disappearing. Even though Ling Chen ran at the first moment, but he was still a bit late, a gold light sweeping across him right when he was about to leave the 5 meter radius…

-108! (TL: First Blood!)

A 3 digit damage floated upwards from Ling Chen’s head, making his HP instantly drop by a large chunk…. If weren’t for the fact that he ate the red blood fruit, this moment he would have already been insta-killed. At the same time his HP dropped, Ling Chen’s brain suddenly shook, all consciousness quickly dissipating.

This is the dazed effect brought from the Gold Battle Wolf’s Sonic Shock!!

After howling the Gold Battle Wolf looked at the dazed target in front of it in contempt, when that golden wolf paw of its was about to make contact with Ling Chen’s chest, his initially blank eyes suddenly in an instant regained clarity, his immobile body suddenly flying backwards like an arrow, just barely avoiding the Gold Battle Wolf’s fatal attack, and then quickly taking out a red potion to recovering his HP.

Being struck by the Gold Battle Wolf’s Sonic Shock, regular players would be dazed for at least 3 seconds. But Ling Chen… He only used less than 2 second to recover from the dazed condition, and making the swiftest reaction the instant he recovered. Ling Chen covered in cold sweat could only continuously retreating, losing all chances of retaliating. Under the attacks of the golden wolf, he was bit by bit forced towards the top of the cliff.

Another backwards jump, Ling Chen’s body came in contact with a hard rock, he had already retreated to the rock at the highest point of the cliff. He looked behind him, and then with a big flip, came directly behind the rock. Staring at the Gold Battle Wolf across from the rock. (TL: He either does a flip or goes around the rock.)

Your screwed… his hand pressing on this two meter wide, one meter tall rock, Ling Chen squinted his eyes staring at the Gold Battle Wolf, slowly raising the novice sword.

At that moment, suddenly an excited shout came from the bottom of Wolf’s Cliff.

“Lord… Lord BOSS!! Rich… We’re rich!!! Quick… contact the chief, tell him we found a Lord BOSS!! Call everyone over!!”

At some unknown time a party of 30 people arrived at the edge of Wolf’s Cliff, the leader is a person with a body of light armor flashing a blue light, a wooden longbow in hand, evidently an apprentice archer. He widened his eyes staring at that giant wolf covered in a golden aura, so excited that even his voice is shaking. What does a Lord BOSS mean? It means large amounts of SP, fame, EXP, and high quality equipment and items that can make the eyes of people red enough to vomit blood. But the chance of a Lord BOSS appearing is just too low, from the opening of the game ’til now, until now the appearance of a Lord BOSS hasn’t even been heard of in Novice Village No.49554 . Them haphazardly coming here, and actually bumping into one, it’s practically a giant pie falling from the sky, it’s hard not to be excited.

In the end players finally came! Ling Chen’s eyebrows tightened.

“There’s also a person on top!!”

“Ignore him, he’s already a dead man, actually thinking in delusion of soloing a Lord BOSS, he’s practically suicidal… Archers, mages, attack! Concentrate all you attacks on the Lord BOSS… shoot down that annoying guy at the side while you’re at it!” The leader pointed upwards, loudly shouting commands. Immediately, a dozen or so archers and mages hurriedly moved forward, heading straight for the top of the cliff… With their group of 30 or so people they definitely have no chance of defeating the Lord BOSS, so at the moment all they can do is kite with ranged professions, and then wait for back up to arrive.


The Gold Battle Wolf in the middle of facing Ling Chen from across a rock let out another long howl, but this howl is different from the Sonic Shock a moment ago. Right when Ling Chen was about to take advantage of the opening when the the golden wolf is howling, suddenly, countless wolf howls from the surroundings rang overlapping… Under the howl of the Gold Battle Wolf, all of the wolves on Wolf’s Cliff made a response, and then turned their bodies together, charging towards Ling Chen’s position, in a moment, a hundred wolves running. (TL: It’s not literally saying a hundred wolves running even though there are a lot of wolves but it’s referring more to the atmosphere created, a not so metaphor like metaphor. Though I think it’s referring to both actually.)

Ling Chen: “!!!!” (TL: I too speak in exclamation marks)

Facing a Gold Battle Wolf alone is already incredibly difficult, now adding a party of players that are sure to make a move on the Gold Battle Wolf… Especially not expecting, under the Gold Battle Wolf’s howl, actually calling over all of the wolves. Even if Ling Chen is unwilling, he is forced to understand, him wanting to kill this Gold Battle Wolf today is no longer possible

This is the strength of a Lord BOSS.

The nearby by 7,8 wolves already closing in on him, pouncing towards him. Ling Chen who was forced to give up quickly shifted his focus, looking for an opening to escape the encirclement of the wolves and escape down the cliff. Facing the simultaneous pounce of 2 wolves, he swiftly ducked his body, sticking to the rock and changing positions, going around the attack of the two wolves. The moment his body steadied, a sense of danger rushed at him from in front. Under the shrinking of his pupils, he saw disorderly arrows and different coloured elemental bullets heading straight for him…

This kind of attack, regardless if he stopped, moved forward, left, or right he would definitely get hit, he can only avoid it moving backwards… And behind, he would immediately fall into the encirclement of the wolves and the Gold Battle Wolf. Even more wolves are heading over here, at that time it will be even harder to escape.

But at this time, he doesn’t have any choice, his body that hadn’t even steadied turned around in a fairly twisted position and jumped forward in a low position… Because these players didn’t dare to get close, they all started their attacks at a range that they can just barely hit the wolves, Ling Chen’s jump backwards just perfectly left the range of the arrows and magic, dodging them all. But, because he dodged too hastily, he landed on the ground in a fumble, falling backwards a few steps, all the way to the edge of the cliff, almost falling into that bottomless chasm. But, stopping his body doesn’t mean that he is same, not even getting up yet, that resounding wolf howl rang beside his ears.


Under the wolf howl, a gold light came from in front his body, behind is the bottomless chasm, there is no way to dodge it. Ling Chen could only watch himself being struck by the Gold Battle Wolf’s Sonic Shock again.


His consciousness once again going blank, and then rapidly recovering under his incredibly strong will, but the moment his mind recovered, a wolf had already pounced at his body.


His body moved backwards from the hit, his feet stepping on air, and then falling down under the sound of the whistling wind…

The instant that his body fell, his eyes that had become deadly cold caught a clear glimpse of the leader of that group of players — Hei Yan Kuang Gong (Black Flame Bow).

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