Shura's Wrath

Chapter 28: The Edge of Breaking

“There are some people who don’t want a solution. Some want things to stay the way they are. There’s no way to make things convenient for everyone. So the only option is to find a compromise.” – Hikigaya Hachiman

Well, I’m out of things to say now so it’ll pretty much just be Hikigaya Hachiman from now on. Enjoy the chapter.

Ling Chen’s body and mentality are above a normal person’s, but one hour of high mental concentration is already approaching his limit. The Greedy Giant Toad’s HP has only fallen by 1/10th. Exactly what can he depend on to survive, and to endure for another 9 hours while not missing a single opportunity to attack …

It can only be faith.

The giant toad has already recovered from its rigid status, scary, dark green eyes locking onto him. Ling Chen wiped the sweat on his forehead, his eyes becoming stern. He straightened his body, holding Mind Saber in hand, saying in a low voice: “Come at me!! I… will definitely… not die!!”


A long distance pounce, directly leaping at Ling Chen from a distance of 20 meters. And the further the pounce the more time it will give for the target to react, the less dangerous it is for Ling Chen. Ling Chen held his ragged breath, dodging and jumping like before, and then standing still at a location 10 meters behind the giant toad. This is the most ideal position that he had calculated. At this distance, against Stone Hail, he can escape the enveloped area a bit faster, against the Giant Rock Smash, he has enough distance to react. Most importantly is, this is the longest distance that the barbed tongue can reach, at this position he only needs to jump backwards, and will be able to dodge it, and then he can swiftly charge forward jumping on top of the giant tongue and retaliate.


Under a strange cry, the Greedy Giant Toad abruptly raises its head high, this is its first time doing such a movement. Ling Chen paused for a bit, then seeing the giant toad open its mouth wide, an incredibly terrifying noise releasing from its mouth, traveling throughout the entire area. That voice is exceedingly sharp, making Ling Chen cover his ears in pain. He practically felt as though his ear drums had been pierced, his mind, also falling into a state of complete emptiness after the sound entered his ears.

At the same time, the Mind Saber in Ling Chen’s hand suddenly flickered a silver aura, instantly, Ling Chen mind that had entered a state of confusion returned to clarity, he saw the back legs of the giant toad not far away making an action of kicking the ground, and jumping up high.


The ground trembled violently, like countless times before, the Greedy Giant Toad once again missed. He kind of innocently let out two croaks, its slow mind unable to comprehend, after releasing the sound waves, how could the human still accurately evade its attack.

Ling Chen increasingly found out how lucky he was to have Mind Saber. The sound attack just now was the Greedy Giant Toad’s “Avarice Sound Wave”, when released it covers a 50 meter radius, which also means that all beings within this area are enveloped within, 100% falling into a confused state for at least 5 seconds under the sound wave. Under the confused condition, the body’s movement is not controlled by the brain. No need for 5 seconds, even 1 or 2 seconds of confusion, is more than enough for the Greedy Giant Toad to insta-kill Ling Chen.

And one of the attributes of Mind Saber, is immunity to “Confusion”!

This attribute that he did not pay attention to before meeting the Greedy Giant Toad, had saved him from the Greedy Giant Toad. As long as Mind Saber is in his hands, besides making his ears hurt for a bit, “Avarice Sound Wave” will not have any effect towards him. Avarice Sound Wave is the Greedy Giant Toad’s scariest attack besides Earth Split, a huge area, 100% chance of at least 5 seconds of confusion, just thinking of it is enough to make people shiver. But Mind Saber, has rendered this scary confusion skill useless.

This Mind Saber that comes from the Hell Spider appeared too luckily, to coincidentally, as if prepared for beforehand. Holding Mind Saber in front of him horizontally, Ling Chen’s eyes flashed like a cold star… Since even God is helping me, then you must die!!


A loud shout reinvigorating his already tired mind, heading for the barbed tongue the giant toad spit out. He did not move backwards, instead directly charging forward, jumping up high, jumping onto the tongue that rubbed past the bottom of his feet as it passed by…

I cannot die!

I cannot lose!!



“Ding… Congratulations you have leveled up, now LV6, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5AP.”

“Hu…” Yun Feng let out a long breath, and then picked up his spoils, jogging to the safe district, and then happily spending all of his AP, and then sitting on the ground, taking a small break.

“Finally LV6, this leveling system is freakin’ retarded, if things continue like this, it’ll take at least a weeks time to get to LV10 and change to an official class.” Yun Feng mumbled unsatisfied, and then opened his skill page, taking a look, his expression immediately drooping: “Ai, two skills both only at LV3, just thinking of the retarded amount of SP required to reach LV4 makes me want to die!! I don’t fucking believe that someone can max the trainee skills before reaching LV10! SP can only be gained from killing elites or BOSS, who set up this rule! Did someone watch too many idiotic films… the chance of elites appearing is pretty much the same as Mars colliding with Earth. Not to mention BOSS, that Lord BOSS at Wolf’s Cliff, it’s like a world war there.

Complaining for a bit Yun Feng opened his friends page, soon after being dazed for a bit: “He’s only LV5… Hu, maybe he doesn’t care about level, should I talk to him?” Yun Feng thought for a bit, but then discarded the idea. With his initial understanding of Ling Chen’s personality, he feels that Ling Chen should be the type of person that doesn’t want to be bothered. He looked down, his eyes falling on a name, the level displayed after it made his eyes jump.


He hurriedly made a call, just getting through, he hastily shouted: “You you you are already LV7!! I entered the game together with you, I’ve been online all day for the past 2 days, not even going offline at night, until now I’m only LV6, but you’re already LV7… Ai, can you not work so hard? If you continue like this sooner or later your body will collapse.”


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially don’t force yourself. Believe in me, that person that I found for you will not disappoint you… Um. his identity I can only keep secret for now, he also doesn’t want more people to know about him. But as your brother I guarantee to you, He will definitely not disappoint you… He is, the only person that I truly revere.”




The sleeping Shui Ruo faintly opened her eyes, subconsciously, she gently leaned towards Ling Chen beside her, becoming even closer with his body. Soft moonlight seeping in from the window, spilling onto the clock on the wall… The time, is exactly two in the morning.

She looked towards the man beside her, using the twilight moonlight, she saw Ling Chen’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, his face, also showed a faint twist, his teeth, also as if biting together.

“Brother seems to be really seriously doing something, is it that brother has encountered some kind of strong opponent or problem in game?”

She silently thought, and then with great effort used her hands to support her body, lowering her lips, softly kissing Ling Chen on the forehead.

“Brother, keep going, brother is the most amazing in the world. No matter how scary of an enemy or problem, brother will defeat them all.”

Looking at the game device wrapped around her wrist, Ling Shui Ruo closed her eyes: “After I can enter the game like brother, what kind of class should I choose, to be able to help brother…”



-50, -102, MISS!


Under the furious cry of the Greedy Giant Toad, Ling Chen was once again thrown far away off its head, landing on the ground Ling Chen didn’t stand steadily, stumbling backwards, continuing to take 7,8 steps before stopping. He lifted his head, opening his eyes wide staring at the giant toad in front, the sound of his breathing is already very rough, his face completely red, the two hands holding Mind Saber slightly shaking, his body could no longer maintain a still condition, making minor sways, only that pair of eyes was still ice cold awake.

The Greedy Giant Toads HP: 39980/80000!

The time, pointed at two in the morning… From the time that he encountered the Greedy Giant Toad, had already passed by 5 whole hours.

5 entire hours passing by, Ling Chen still did not die, instead snatching away half of the giant toad’s HP.

Finally… took down half of its HP…

His body was already loose as a marshmallow, his mind already so brittle that he is almost unable to control his body’s movements… His vision starting to become blurry, he really wants to throw everything away and lie on the ground and sleep. His mind, has already reached its limits… no, has already surpassed his limits. Right now he is in an exhausted condition supported only by his life and conviction. After today, he might need to sleep for a couple of days straight to recover… or maybe, he’ll also get very sick.

But, there still remained half of the Greedy Giant Toad’s HP.

Can I really not continue further…

But, I’ve already endured until now… how can I willingly give up!!

Ling Chen buckled his teeth, biting the tip of his tongue hard, the intense pain making his almost lax mind suddenly awake, his wavering vision also becoming clear under the intense pain. He saw a massive rock appear in the giant toad’s hand, and then fly towards him with a whistling wind.

His empty body once again exploding with unknown strength, bringing him backwards, dodging the massive rock, his body landing on the ground and directly lying down, evading all of the broken rock pieces. When he stood up, his body violently shook for a moment.


The familiar tongue flying over, right when the Greedy Giant Toad’s big mouth moved Ling Chen already jumped up like a conditioned reflex, narrowly avoiding it, but landing on the ground Ling Chen wasn’t balanced and directly fell onto the ground, helplessly watching the giant toad retract its tongue.

This is the first time, he made a mistake while grasping this rare opportunity of attack…

5 hours of high mental concentration, even if he was a god, he was already near the point of breaking.

And the Greedy Giant Toad that he is facing, still has half its HP!

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