Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Chapter 737 - I’m The Lanlord (13)

Chapter 737

I’m The Lanlord (13)

The yamen did not dare to go to He Mansion, so the servants returned to He Mansion after the officials said that they did not have time to deal with civil disputes and let them solve them themselves.

On the other hand, Shi Sheng had already searched the He Mansion and could not find He Qing at all.

It was not He Qing that did not want to see any guests. He was not at in He Mansion at all.

“Ruan Xiao Yang, this is too much!” He Ting could not cuss her as he was a scholar, so he kept saying the same thing over and over again.

Su Hua followed behind He Ting and occasionally added on a few words, making He Ting dislike Shi Sheng even more.

Shi Sheng was getting annoyed, “I’m too much? Is your brother hiring an assassin to murder me not too much?”

He Ting thought that he misheard it, “what did you say?”

“I say, your brother hired an assassin to kill me, do you understand now? Retard!” Shi Sheng left He Mansion in strides.

Qiu Shui was shocked by this too. She quickly followed Shi Sheng to leave the mansion after some time pale-faced.

He Ting only composed himself after seeing Shi Sheng disappeared in the corner. Then, he looked at Su Hua, “did she tell me my brother… hired a hitman to kill her?”

“It seems that way.” Su Hua nodded.

She usually stuck with He Ting when she was in He Mansion, barely saw the First Young Master. However, she heard that he was good-tempered because his health was in poor condition, so he rarely came out.

Why would he suddenly hire a hitman to kill someone? And why Ruan Xiao Yang?

“No way.” He Ting Shook his head and chased after Shi Sheng. He did not believe that his big brother would hire an assassin to kill anyone.

He Ting caught up with Shi Sheng at the gate and blocked her way, with total seriousness, “Miss Ruan, explain clearly why my big brother wants you dead?”

Shi Sheng caressed her face, “because I’m beautiful and wealthy?”

He Ting,”…” there’s no way he would believe this explanation.

He took a deep breath, warned sternly, “Miss Ruan, don’t spread rumors without concrete evidence. This is a false accusation. You and my big brother have no enmity, and he woundn;t do such a thing.”

Shi Sheng asked in return with amusement, “how do you know he has no enmity with me?”

“My big brother rarely goes out of He Mansion, let alone having any interactions with Miss Ruan. Miss Ruan, do tell, what kind of enmity do you and my big brother have?”

Shi Sheng responded calmly, “it’s possible to hold a grudge even if we haven’t met.”

He Ting,”…”

How do you breed enmity with someone you haven’t met? He hasn’t heard of this concept.

“Miss Ruan, your argument is too far-fetched. Forgive me for not believing it.”

“It has nothing to do with me whether you believe it or not. Why do I need you to believe me?” Shi Sheng pushed him away, “if your big brother didn’t do anything, then why is he running away?”

He Ting saw his brother a few moments ago, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Those who served He Ting did not know where he went.

He Ting disappeared in thin air.


Qiu Shui followed Shi Sheng home in a daze. She was still looking awful.

Her voice was trembling, “Miss, did He Qing really hire a hitman to kill you?”

“Yes.” that’s right.

“What kind of enmity… do you have with He Qing?” Qiu Shui had the same question as He Ting.

Her Miss only met He Qing that one time at the tea shop and had not met him since. What kind of enmity could she have with He Qing?

“Maybe it’s an enmity in the previous life.” Then, Shi Sheng rubbed her temple,” have someone prepare hot water. I want to take a bath. And find someone who’s trustworthy, has to be that kind of person that’s particularly trustworthy.”

Qiu Shui wanted to ask more, but seeing that Shi Sheng was tired, she nodded, “I’ll do it now.”

Hot water was quickly delivered, Shi Sheng soaked in it while thinking about the side mission earlier.

Du Gu Yi was the current emperor’s brother, who was currently 22. He was appointed as King of Ping Nan, but with no fiefdom, which was basically locked up and kept silent in the capital.

And the person that did this to him was regent Du Gu Xia.

Du Gu Yi was the heir to the throne initially. However, because of Du Gu Xia’s interference that supported the current emperor to the throne, Du Gu Yi was only given the title of a duke.

According to the plot, Du Gu Yi was an intelligent person. He had been trying to redeem himself, but in the end, he was still a King of Ping Nan when Du Gu Xia ascended to the throne.

Helping someone like this to ascend to the throne was not hard. But why did the System want her to help him?

[…] It’s just a mission, don’t overthink. No one is plotting to harm you.

“Is that so?”

[Do you think I’m capable of lying to you?] It wanted to, but she could see through it.

She looked like she listened to what it said previously, but she did not listen at all. She simply did not believe it.

“You’re getting more self-aware.” Shi Sheng nodded in approval. Now, this is a qualified system.

[…] hold it back, hold it back, I’m waiting for my master to come back. [as I said in the beginning, these dimensions are crumbling. Du Gu Xiu no longer has the qualifications to become the emperor.]

“The plot I read is not much use, right?” Since she escaped from the bandits, the whole plot had changed. Other than the fact that the male lead and female lead couldn’t die, the story has long changed.

Though the script has changed, the most significant change is caused by you, Host!

Don’t simply shift the blame!

System explained sullenly, [in a way, yes. The script’s for you to roughly understand this dimension. The characters inside have actually long changed. The plot will change too.]

Now there is an unknown virus in it, the plot is even more varied.

The thought of the virus made the System more sullen. What kind of anti-virus ware did the Host give it? I can’t even identify it.

What is its use if it can’t compete with the Host?

Shi Sheng nodded, “you can go back now.”

[…] This is maddening!

Master, if you don’t come back any sooner, you might not be able to see me at all!

Shi Sheng came out of the bath, Qiu Shui was already waiting for her with someone in the study.

Shi Sheng entered the study and headed to Qiu Shui to write a letter on her behalf. Her calligraphy… was unrecognizable.

Qiu Shui picked up the letter after she finished writing. She blew the ink on it to dry them and passed them to Shi Sheng, “Miss, is this okay?”

Shi Sheng scanned through roughly, “yes.”

She folded up the letter and put it in an envelope, handed it to the person waiting in the study.

“Deliver this letter to Lord Fan of Fan Mansion, and remember to hand it to Lord Fan personally.”

“Miss, you can rest assured. I’ve met Lord Fan. The letter will be delivered safely.”

“Go now.”


Qiu Shui raised her question after that person left, “Miss, why are you writing to Lord Fan?”

Lord Fan was Old Master’s friend when he was alive. He came to the mansion twice, and Qiu Shui remembered that he was an amiable person.

“I’m preparing for a revolution.”

“Cough cough.” Qiu Shui coked on her saliva, then hurriedly looked out and lowered her voice, “Miss… don’t joke about this. You can get beheaded.”

Shi Shing rolled her eyes at Qiu Shui, “I’m not joking.”

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