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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

According to the rules of the Faroe royal family, regardless of whether it was the children of the king or the noble lords, when they reached the age of 12, they had to be sent to Hiro Magic Academy to learn magic.

If they had the talent to learn magic, they could become mages and fight for the kingdom in the future to protect the people.

If they did not have the talent, they could drop out of school early to participate in politics. They were not like Lei Luo and other common orphans that had no talent, who could only stay in the Magic Academy and work in the academy for their entire lives.

It was not that the academy forced them to stay. This was the only option for the students who did not have talent. Just like Lei Luo, if they did not sweep the floor in the library, they would have a worse life outside.

The King's children were still young, not yet at the age to learn magic. Obviously, they just wanted him to teach them some knowledge.

"Your Majesty, I've only read a few more books. How can I be considered knowledgeable? Compared to those writers, I'm really not worth mentioning."

He did not really like children. In his previous life, he never hugged children because he felt that children were too noisy and annoying.

He loved peace and quiet the most. How could he be disturbed by children?

The king sighed. "I'm just worried that they will be taught badly."

His daughter was fine, but his son was his only prince. He was the future heir to the throne.

Lei Luo did not reply.

He would not agree anyway.

Fortunately, the king did not say much else about this matter and started reading.

For some reason, the prince and princess seemed to like Lei Luo very much. They actually kept pestering him.

Lei Luo saw that the king was engrossed in reading a book, so he could only take the prince and princess around.

They might look young, but they were very smart, and they had many problems.

Perhaps it was because the ten years of quiet life had worn away Lei Luo's fear of children, but he gradually fell in love with this cute prince and princess.

Time passed very quickly. When the king walked out, Lei Luo realized that three hours had already passed.

"Lei Luo, they really like you after meeting you."

The king looked at his children who were having a great time and smiled.

"Your Majesty, the prince and princess are very cute and smart. No matter who you are, they will like you." Lei Luo smiled faintly.

"Let's call it a day. Ling, Wei, let's go back."

The king nodded, then turned around and left with the prince and princess.

They could not bear to leave, so they turned around and looked at Lei Luo with eager eyes.

He was so cute.


Lei Luo had thought that the king would not come to the library for so time after that.

This was true, but the little prince and princess, accompanied by some mage guards, would come to the library to play with him every once in a while.

At first, Lei Luo was a little annoyed, but as time passed, he got used to it.

Sometimes, when the twins did not come for a period of time, he would actually miss them.

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed. It was the fourth year of the king's reign.

Lei Luo had also been an ultimate mage for a year.

Compared to the training of elemental mages, ultimate mages were much slower.

It took him a whole year to finally become a second-level ultimate mage. He had no doubt that the higher the level, the longer it would take for him to break through.

It seems that I won't be able to reach the level of an archmage for a few decades.

Lelo was very emotional.

"Senior Lei Luo, we're here. Where are you?"

Two young voices came from outside.

Needless to say, it was the little prince and the little princess.

Lei Luo walked out with a smile.

Soon, the two little fellows pounced on him. One of them held the other's hand, and they were very clingy.

"Senior, senior, continue telling the story of the mermaid!"

"No, no, I still want to hear the story of the dragon-slaying warrior!"

The two little fellows argued.

"Today, we won't tell a story. Let's play a fun game."

Little Prince Ling tilted his head and asked curiously, "Senior, what kind of fun game is it?"

Lei Luo had already prepared something. He led the two little ones to a stone table. On it was a chessboard made of wood.

Lei Luo felt that chess contained a lot of strategy and wisdom, which could tap into the potential of people's thinking.

In his previous life, he had very much enjoyed playing chess but this world did not have chess.

Lei Luo placed pieces made of stones on the chessboard.

The two little guys were very curious. Lei Luo began to teach them the rules of chess.

The two little guys may have looked young, but they were very intelligent, and they quickly figured out the rules of chess.

Lei Luo played a few games with them first, then let them fight. This time, they were completely fascinated.

Watching them play chess seriously, Lei Luo smiled. He had finally got rid of these two little guys. If he had been pestered and asked to tell more stories, his head would have emptied. How could there be so many stories to tell?

Moreover, it took too much time.

Two hours later, a few mages came and took the two little guys away.

However, before they left, Lei Luo gave them the chess set.

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