Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

He had thought that as an old student who had been abandoned by a magic student, he would be able to live a mediocre life. Who would have thought that there would be a top-tier meditation technique now?

This kind of top-tier cultivation technique could be cultivated to a certain level even if one was not very talented.

There was a good saying that even a pig could fly when standing in the wind.

With the help of the system, Lei Luo did not need to study word by word. He only needed to stick the book between his eyebrows.

The system was really considerate. It saved him the trouble of studying.

Thus, Lei Luo stuck the top-tier meditation technique between his eyebrows. In the next moment, the purple secret manual turned into a black light and merged into Lei Lou's middle-aged forehead.

A cool feeling surged from between his eyebrows to his entire body as if it was transforming his body.

At the same time, a large amount of information about the top-tier meditation technique appeared in his mind.

The environment was quiet. He calmed his heart and steadied his breath.

He spread out his thoughts, remained flat, and suppressed his restless mind. He used his senses to come into contact with nature and carefully felt the flow of magic.


After a long time, Lei Luo opened his eyes and exhaled a mouthful of turbid gas. He felt a strange change in his entire body, and there was a flow of air rotating in his lower abdomen.

This was magic.

But it was not strong. After all, his body was very weak. If he wanted to greatly increase his magic level, he could either buy potions that could increase his magic level, or he could hunt powerful monsters.

Unfortunately, he couldn't do this at the moment. He was just a small student in the Magic Academy.

There's no rush. Anyway, I can sign in once a day. Maybe I can get something to increase my magic.

Lei Luo thought.

Then, he set the library as a long-term sign-in point.

Anyway, he had made up his mind not to leave the library in the future and to meditate to increase his magic power.

Next, he began to clean the library, after all, this was his daily work.

After cleaning, he found a codex and started to read it.

Because of his previous memories, Lei Luo had some foundation in magic so he could understand this codex.

Suddenly, Lei Luo was attracted by a book.

"The Legend of Middle-earth?"

He picked it up and started reading.

As he read, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

My God, this world called middle-earth is actually so prosperous in magic and combat aura.

The shock was written all over his face.

Originally, he had thought that the strongest mages in this world were the principal and elders of the academy. He had not expected this world to be so vast. There were many places like the Hiro Magic Academy, that taught magic, throughout the continent.

The continent had two major systems, magic and combat chi.

Magic mainly focused on cultivating spiritual power and magic power. It did not have a high requirement on one's physique, but it had a very high requirement on spiritual power.

Whether it was combat chi or magic, there were nine levels.

Before the third level, battle spirit had an absolute advantage in battle strength, but after the fourth level, magic had an advantage.

After the seventh level, battle spirit was nothing in front of a mage.

Moreover, battle spirit could only be trained to the ninth level at most, but a mage's realm could still be improved, and mana would also be converted into elemental power.

From a mage to an elemental mage, one could truly control the power of one element, or even the power of multiple elements.

At that level, one could already fight against a powerful army alone. That kind of terrifying strength almost surpassed that of humans.

Elemental mages were also divided into different levels.

Above elemental mages, there were even more terrifying ultimate mages. It was said that they could travel through the void and with a raise of their hand they could flatten mountains and fill the sea...

"So, I'm only a beginner mage now?" Lei Luo mumbled.

Not only did he not lose heart, but he was even filled with motivation.

This was a magical world, and that was even more interesting. He had already made up his mind. He would definitely not go out unless he cultivated to the level of an ultimate mage

The next day, Lei Luo got up early. He entered the library and checked in once again.

"Ding, congratulations to host for successfully signing in.

Reward: Bottle of magic amplification potion"

The system notification sounded.

Lei Luo took out the potion from the system space.

The potion was placed in a glass bottle the size of a thumb. It was emitting a faint blue glow, and a faint fragrance wafted out.

He looked at the introduction to the magic amplification potion. It could help with meditation to absorb more mana, and it could also be directly consumed to increase mana. Generally, it was used to recover mana when combat mana was exhausted.

Lei Luo's eyes lit up. He lacked such good things at the moment. He couldn't even eat three ordinary meals a day, so he couldn't replenish too much energy. Thus, the meditation was very slow. With this bottle of magic amplification potion, it would be different.

This bottle of magic amplification potion could be used for three days, enough for him to absorb a lot of mana. Therefore, he quickly went to the room next to the library and found an empty space to sit down. He opened the potion and drank it in one gulp. Then, he started to recite the top-tier meditation technique.

The potion flowed into his body along his throat and turned into a cool air current that slowly flowed in his body.

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