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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Rebel Army Besieging the City

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On the square was a magic training base.

At this moment, there were over a thousand mage apprentices gathered, both male and female.

In the magic academy, there were thousands of apprentices, so this was only a small proportion.

They were all beginner-level mages.

“Is there still anyone who hasn’t arrived?” a mage wearing a green mage robe asked.

Although he was a mage, he had a tall figure and strong bones, giving people the feeling that he was a miner.

A mage holding a roster beside him said, “Senior, there’s still that senior from the library who hasn’t arrived. Should we call him over?”

“Forget it, don’t bother about him,” the green-robed mage shook his head and said.

Although that student was a low-level student and didn’t have much status, it was still better not to provoke him.

Now that His Majesty had been poisoned and was in a coma, the prince would definitely come up and take charge of the situation soon.

Although the crown prince was only twelve years old, he was extremely intelligent and had the demeanor of His Majesty.


The students from this library were very likely to become ministers by the prince’s side.

The blue-robed mage wanted to say something, but he hesitated. Because Lei Luo was valued by the king and loved by the prince and princess, he naturally attracted the envy and jealousy of many students.

And he was one of them.

Naturally, Lei Luo did not know what was happening in the square. Of course, even if he did, he would not care.

With his current talents, he was too familiar with dealing with such jealousy and hatred.


During the past years, it was not as if there hadn’t been any jealous students who had tried to plot against him. However, their final outcome was to disappear without a trace.

Lei Luo felt even more amazed at the cold cruelty of this world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Even if he hid in the library, there would still be people who would want to harm him.

If he didn’t have great strength, he would have died long ago.

Three days later, the alliance army of the five lords arrived and surrounded the capital.

As the center of the Faroe Kingdom, the capital had a long history and it wasn’t the first time that it had been surrounded.

Hundreds of thousands of troops gathered, their red flags were like a forest and the flashing lights of their weapons were like the reflection of the sea. The killing intent was so strong that it was hard to breathe.

After the alliance army arrived, they did not directly attack the city. This was because attacking the city was not the best method.

There were millions of residents in the capital, and the city walls were dozens of meters tall. Although it was unable to stop mages from using flying magic to cross over, it was enough to create a huge obstacle for the attacking army.

The ancient city walls were covered with traces of various battles. It was unknown how many.

Every inch of the city wall had been tested by the flames of war. Under every brick, there was the blood of a heroic soul that had died in battle.

The alliance army launched all sorts of psychological warfare, wanting to destroy the morale of the defending troops and affect the stability of the civilians in the city, creating a panic atmosphere. However, in less than half a day, the Faroe imperial guards had moved out in all directions, wiping out the homes of hundreds of officials and capturing many spies of the rebel army. Naturally, there was a lot of killing.

This was the king’s plan to lure out the enemies within and capture them all in one fell swoop.

The plan was very successful.

Just as the alliance army was prepared to work with their people in the capital to create chaos and take the opportunity to attack the capital, they were completely confused by the imperial guards’ big move.

The kingdom’s move had almost completely cut off the possibility of the alliance army taking down the capital. They would have to attack more forcefully.

However, something even more shocking happened.

The king actually appeared on the city wall. He was incomparably majestic and stood there proudly, showing no signs of being poisoned.

The appearance of the king immediately boosted the low morale of the defending soldiers. The entire city wall was filled with loud shouts, and countless soldiers shouted, “Long live the king!”.


However, the allied army, was stunned. They looked at the king on the city wall in disbelief.

“Wasn’t he… Wasn’t he poisoned? Wasn’t he dying? How… How is he still alive? He’s alive and well!”

The fat lord grabbed the middle-aged man beside him and roared, “What has happened? Didn’t you use poison magic? Is he a poisoned shadow? How dare you lie to me!”

It was not just him, but the other four lords’ expressions changed drastically, and their reactions were not much different.

“Impossible, they said that the poison had been successful.”

The middle-aged man became even more suspicious of him.

The Misty Shrine’s poison had almost never failed, but the king was still alive and well. And this was definitely not a fake.

After all, as a high-level martial arts expert, it was very easy to distinguish auras.

“As expected, my premonition was right.”

Fourth brother sighed, “My brother, he’s so cunning. He actually used such a method to scheme against us.”

“Since he didn’t die, it won’t be so easy to break through the capital this time,” another lord sighed.

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