Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Breakthrough Again, Second Senior Sister Came Out of Seclusion!

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Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

At this moment, he felt that his body was very comfortable, and his strength had also increased quite a bit.

He slowly restrained his aura and looked around him. The place he found was sufficiently concealed, so no one should have noticed. At this moment, Miaohan arrived in front of Ye Chen.

“Little Junior Brother, did you create that aura just now?” Miaohan looked at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen was a little puzzled.

He was immersed in his cultivation and did not notice anything at all.

“What aura?” Ye Chen asked in puzzlement.

“You don’t know?” When you were cultivating just now, you released a powerful aura. The entire Scripture Depository had a strange phenomenon. There should be many people coming over now. They want to know who the person who released the phantom is!” Miaohan immediately said.

At this point, Ye Chen was a little shocked.

‘The divine elephant hell force is so powerful? I can release an apparition after cultivating once?’ Ye Chen was secretly surprised.

“Little Chen, quickly conceal your aura!” Miaohan immediately reminded him.

Ye Chen nodded.

He immediately concealed his aura.

Miaohan was known as the Ethereal Fairy. Her camouflage and transformation techniques were both top-notch.

And Ye Chen had gradually mastered his third senior sister’s disguise and concealment techniques over the past few days. Therefore, as long as the Elders did not pull him to investigate his strength, he could hide in the crowd, and no one would be able to see through him.

By this time, one by one, people had already come out and surrounded the entire Scripture Depository.

The people who came here were not only the disciples of the Immortal Jade Peak.

There were also the Elders of Immortal Jade Peak, Tianqi Peak, and Shenting Peak.

At this moment, an Elder outside asked loudly, “I wonder which disciple had a cultivation phenomenon just now. Can you come out and take a look?”

However, no one in the Scripture depository replied.

“With such talent, our Immortal Destiny Holy Land will nurture you vigorously. Please come out!”

The Elder shouted out once more.

However, there was still no response from the Scripture Depository.

One of the Elders shook his head and said, “Looks like that disciple does not want to reveal his strength. Forget it. We’ll get all the disciples inside to come out. With our strength, we’ll be able to see it.”

The Elder nodded and got the disciples of the Scripture Depository to come out one by one.

The disciples came out one by one. Miaohan held Ye Chen’s hand and followed behind them.

When the Elders saw Miaohan and Ye Chen, they were shocked.

“Could it be Miaohan?” One of the Elders asked.

At this time…another Elder shook his head and smiled, “Miaohan might be talented, but she mainly cultivates the art of transformation and concealment. She’s not that powerful. If Murong Qingxue and Xu Qiuya were here to cultivate, I believe it would be them.”

At this moment, their gazes landed on Ye Chen.

“Is that… the Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s son?” An Elder sized up Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was shocked when he saw the Elder’s gaze.

At this moment, an Elder beside him laughed and said, “Sigh, everyone knows that the Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s son has a void spirit root. So how could it be him?”

Hearing this Elder’s words, that Elder shook his head, and his gaze left Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that no one had noticed him, so he left.

Those Elders had been guarding outside the Scripture Depository the entire time, watching as the disciples walked out one by one. However, there was not a single person they were looking for.

“How could it be…? Why can’t we sense his aura?” An Elder said in surprise.

The other Elders shook their heads.

“Sigh, it seems that disciple doesn’t want to expose himself. Forget it! As long as we know that our Immortal Destiny Holy Land has such a dragon among men, it will be fine.” The Elders could only leave dejectedly.

Ye Chen followed Miaohan out of the Scripture Depository.

At this moment, Miaohan looked at Ye Chen in surprise. “Little Chen Chen, it can’t be. I didn’t keep an eye on you for a while, and you directly advanced?”

Because Miaohan was an expert in the concealment technique, she was very clear about Ye Chen’s realm.

At this time, Ye Chen had already reached the core formation realm.

One had to know that a few days ago, Ye Chen had just broken through to the late stage of the foundation establishment realm, and now, after Ye Chen entered the scripture depository, he broke through to the core formation realm.


This cultivation talent was too terrifying!

However, Miaohan had already gotten used to it. Ever since little junior brother awakened his god spirit root, his cultivation had increased rapidly.

Ye Chen had also been surprised by her time and time again.

She had been surprised by her little junior brother so many times, and now she was finally somewhat used to it.

Ye Chen scratched his head and smiled. “When I was in the Scripture Depository, I had an epiphany. Then, by accident, I broke through!”

Miaohan was dumbfounded!

Just like that, Ye Chen signed in to cultivate at the Immortal Jade Peak every day.

Then, he followed his five senior sisters to learn.

However, after reaching the core formation realm, Ye Chen’s cultivation slowed down, and it was impossible for him to break through to another realm in two or three days.

However, Ye Chen also knew that haste makes waste, so he did not pay too much attention.

After Ye Chen finished learning his third senior sister’s concealment technique, he learned her transformation technique.

Miaohan’s title of Ethereal Fairy was not for nothing. Her transformation technique was comparable to Sun Wukong’s seventy-two transformations. Furthermore, the transformation will render the person exactly alike, even if their temperament and voice were very similar and did not reveal the slightest flaw.

Ye Chen’s talent was astonishing, and he also learned it very quickly.

However, if he wanted to master it completely, he still needed to spend more time.

Ye Chen and his fourth senior sister learned the art of alchemy together. Alchemy was not something that could be learned in an instant. Ye Chen being able to refine elixirs was only the foundation. However, Ye Chen gradually laid his alchemy foundation down.

Then, his fourth senior sister began to teach Ye Chen the art of artifact refinement.

He learned zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting from his fifth senior sister. Regarding zither, ever since Ye Chen had mastered The Song of Great Oblivion, his talent had also been stimulated.

Ye Chen also followed his fifth senior sister to learn and play many other pieces.

His fifth senior sister saw that Ye Chen had almost mastered the art of zither, so she began to teach Ye Chen chess, calligraphy, and painting.

At his fifth senior sister’s side, Ye Chen played zither and chess every day, composing poems and painting. It was somewhat enjoyable.

As for his sixth senior sister, Ye Chen had the god-herding art. No matter what kind of spirit beast it was, Ye Chen could directly intimidate it with his pressure.

However, his sixth senior sister was not only a spiritual beast tamer, but also a spiritual ghost and spirit tamer. She was proficient in all kinds of strange techniques. If Ye Chen wanted to learn sixth senior sister’s strange techniques, he would need a very long time.

As for his seventh senior sister…

What Ye Chen and she did was fight each other, constantly tempering their own strength.

However, every time his seventh senior sister suppressed her strength and fought with Ye Chen, the one who won was undoubtedly Ye Chen.

There were also a few times when he almost forced out his seventh senior sister’s true strength.

Just as Ye Chen was cultivating, a piece of news entered his ears.

His second senior sister, Murong Qingxue, was about to come out of seclusion!

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