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Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493

1493 Sword Qi!


The mountain wall collapsed instantly!

seeing this scene, everyone present was dumbfounded!

The Black Dragon King was even more stunned!

How did this happen?

He, the Black Dragon King, had actually been sent flying by this ant?

At this moment, ye Xuan walked up to the Black Dragon King. He pulled out the origin immortal sword from the stone wall next to the Black Dragon King. He gently stroked the blade and then raised his middle finger at the Black Dragon King.

Seeing this, the Black Dragon King was enraged. die!

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly turned into a black light and disappeared!

In the distance, ye Xuan was expressionless. Just as the Black Dragon King was about to reach him, he suddenly slashed out with his sword.

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A flash of sword light swept out from the field, and in an instant, the Black Dragon King was sent flying once again. But this time, he only flew less than fifty feet away because he was surrounded by a layer of black Qi. Ye Xuan’s sword light did not hurt him at all!

Ye Xuan looked at the Black Dragon King. do you still want to play? ”

The Black Dragon King glared at ye Xuan. I don’t believe I can’t kill you!

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly closed his eyes. Soon, a powerful pressure suddenly enveloped ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan’s face darkened. He was about to pull out his sword when the sword light in his body suddenly trembled. At the same time, a majestic sword Qi pressed into his sea of consciousness, as if it was resisting something!

Ye Xuan suddenly understood!

This Black Dragon King had used some sort of secret technique to seal that wisp of sword Qi within his body!

At this moment, the dark Dragon King suddenly shouted in anger, ” suppress!


Inside ye Xuan’s body, the sword aura suddenly trembled violently. Then, it began to slowly dissipate, and ye Xuan’s face gradually turned pale because he felt that his true essence was rapidly flowing out of his body!

Ye Xuan suddenly pulled out his sword to block in front of him. As soon as he blocked it, his whole body flew out like a cannonball. He flew a hundred thousand feet before stopping. When he stopped, his body was already cracked and blood was dripping.

ye xuan fell heavily to the ground, and the ground cracked!

His body was covered in blood!

Ye Xuan glared at the Black Dragon King in the distance. The Black Dragon King looked at ye Xuan coldly. ant, you shouldn’t have provoked me!

Ye Xuan was about to speak when suddenly, a wisp of sword energy swept out of his body. In the blink of an eye, the wisp of sword energy in his body completely disappeared!

And around his body, wisps of black Qi were dissipating at an extremely fast speed!

Seeing this scene, the surroundings fell silent!

Everyone looked at ye Xuan with shock in their eyes!

Ye Xuan had actually driven out the sword Qi!

Ye Xuan looked at the Black Dragon King, a cold glint flashing in his eyes. old man, let’s continue!

As his voice fell, he walked towards the Black Dragon King step by step with his sword in hand. At this moment, he no longer cared about the danger to his life. The only thing he could do now was to stall for time!

he knew that as long as he could stall for time, his sister would come to save him!

in the distance, the black dragon king’s face turned ashen. he clenched his fists, and in an instant, a terrifying soul pressure suddenly pressed down on ye xuan. seeing this, ye xuan suddenly roared, ” sword realm! ”


In the field, within a few thousand feet, a vast sword intent spread out like a tide. With the appearance of this sword realm, the sword intent in ye Xuan’s body suddenly boiled. At the same time, his skin also burned and cracked!

However, he still persevered and walked toward the Black Dragon King step by step!

In the distance, the dark Dragon King’s expression was gloomy. He had not expected that this human could actually release a wisp of sword energy. This was too unbelievable!

However, this didn’t affect him from killing ye Xuan!

because he believed in himself, he could definitely torture this human to death!

With that thought, the dark Dragon King suddenly raised his right hand. In the next second, a mass of dense black energy appeared in front of him. This mass of black energy was extremely terrifying, like a huge ball, containing a destructive power!

In the distance, ye Xuan stared at the black ball with a grave expression. This black ball was much stronger than the skull from before!

This time, he had really met a formidable opponent!

Ye Xuan suddenly took out a talisman and stuck it on his chest. The next moment, his entire body suddenly turned into a sword light and disappeared from the field. This sword directly tore through the air at an extremely fast speed, almost invisible to the naked eye!

This sword was the most powerful sword that ye Xuan had mastered so far!

At this moment, the dark Dragon King’s lips curled into a mocking smile. He swung his right fist forward. break!

As soon as it spoke, a powerful force exploded from its right fist. Wherever this force passed by, space would be annihilated, as if the end of the world had come!


The sword light shattered immediately, but the force didn’t lose its momentum and went straight for ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan suddenly put away his sword and took a step forward. The next moment, the sword Qi in his body suddenly rushed out!


The black Qi was directly cut into pieces!

ye xuan wasn’t feeling good either. at this moment, the sword qi in his body had completely dissipated, and he had become extremely weak!

seeing this scene, ye xuan’s face instantly became ferocious!

Motherf * cker!

I almost died!

at this moment, the dark dragon king in the distance suddenly laughed hideously. ” ant, you will die today! ”

After saying that, it rushed directly at ye Xuan.

This time, ye Xuan didn’t choose to fight head-on!

At this moment, he didn’t even have the chance to escape!

Ye Xuan turned around and ran!

Furthermore, he had even deliberately left a path for himself to lure the dark Dragon King to catch up!

As expected, the dark Dragon King immediately followed!

In the distance, ye Xuan increased his speed, but the Black Dragon King’s speed was no less than his!

ye xuan suddenly stopped, turned around, and slashed!

With a slash of his saber, a golden sword light slashed towards the Black Dragon King like a waterfall!

the black dragon king laughed sinisterly as he slapped the sword light with his palm!


A terrifying force exploded, and the sword light shattered into pieces!

Seeing this, ye Xuan’s pupils suddenly shrank. This guy’s physical defense was simply insane!

the black dragon king sneered, ” ant, this king will eat you! ”

With that, he suddenly disappeared.

Right at this moment, a wisp of sword Qi quietly appeared beside him, and then slashed towards the dark Dragon King’s Head.

The Black Dragon King suddenly turned around and sent another palm toward that wisp of sword energy!


that wisp of sword energy directly vanished into thin air!

Seeing this scene, ye Xuan cursed in his heart. This is troublesome!

The Black Dragon King grinned hideously as he clawed at ye Xuan. However, just as his claws were halfway through, a sword suddenly flew out from ye Xuan’s hand!

This was the origin immortal sword, and with a single slash, the Black Dragon King’s Claw was instantly shattered!

Not only that, but ye Xuan’s men were also forced back a hundred meters. At that moment, the Black Dragon King suddenly leaped up and stomped down with his foot!

In the distance, ye Xuan suddenly raised the origin immortal sword to block!

A powerful force instantly filled the air, causing the entire world to shake.

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