Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Those Who Hurt My Senior Sister Will Die!

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Ye Chen looked over from afar.

That person who was currently fighting was his second senior sister, Murong Qingxue.

It seemed like his second senior sister knew that relying on the Holy Land to take revenge was hopeless, so she chased over and stopped them here.

Otherwise, it was also impossible for Ye Chen to catch up to them so quickly.

Ye Chen was still some distance away from his second senior sister. It was just as far as his eyes could see. He still needed at least a few minutes to head over to his second senior sister’s position.

At this moment, on the surface of the river.

Second senior sister Murong Qingxue had a cold expression. Her gaze was ice-cold as she looked at the Fearless Elder and a few disciples of the Snow Eagle Sect.

That Fearless Elder was an expert at the late stage of the insightful emptiness realm. He was one realm higher than Murong Qingxue.

At this moment, a few soul transformation realm disciples of the Snow Eagle Xect immediately charged toward Murong Qingxue.

They were all in the soul transformation realm, and their strength was not weak at all.

One of the disciples held a long sword in his hand, which was emitting light. He swung his sword toward Murong Qingxue.

A ray of light came toward Murong Qingxue. Murong Qingxue looked at the sword light and waved her long sword.

Immediately, a blinding light appeared.

It cut the light in half!

Bang, bang, bang!

Several explosions.

The surface of the river exploded, and the water splashed in all directions!

Murong Qingxue’s swordsmanship was sharp. She thrust out her long sword, and with a flash, her sword pierced through the chest of that disciple.

That disciple looked at Murong Qingxue and was immediately shocked.

When did this long sword woman come before him?

However, he could no longer control his shock. He died and fell into the river.

Everyone was shocked!

One had to know that the disciple was in the middle stage of the soul formation realm. He could not even withstand a single move from Murong Qingxue!

“Kill! Attack together and kill her!”

Immediately, the remaining four disciples charged toward Murong Qingxue from all directions.

Their longswords were emitting light. Endless pressure appeared on their bodies. They surrounded Murong Qingxue tightly.

The tip of the sword released this cold light as it stabbed toward Murong Qingxue in all directions.

Murong Qingxue flew in the sky.

Her black hair fluttered in the wind.

Her eyes revealed a trace of sharpness as the longsword in her hand drew an arc.

“Imminent skyline!”

Murong Qingxue called out softly.

Imminent skyline. This was the ninth and tenth of the thirteen swords move of heaven and earth that Ye Chen had signed in to obtain. It was extremely powerful.

With Murong Qingxue as the center, an arc was drawn in an instant.

Murong Qingxue’s longsword immediately emitted a light blue light.

The powerful power instantly spread out.

Endless sword intent was released in an instant.


A loud sound.

The four disciples were immediately sent flying.

Murong Qingxue did not stop. Instead, she instantly appeared in front of one of the disciples.

So close to the end of the world!

It seemed like they were separated by the end of the world, but in reality, they were very close.

Murong Qingxue was very close to that disciple in an instant. She slashed out with her sword.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere and fell into the river.

The fresh blood dyed Murong Qingxue’s dress red. At this moment, Murong Qingxue was even colder and more alluring.

After killing one person, Murong Qingxue’s figure changed again.

Another person was killed.

Murong Qingxue, who had killed two people in a row, once again charged toward the third person.

At this moment, the Elder of the Snow Eagle Sect was furious. He immediately charged over, wanting to stop Murong Qingxue from killing again.

The soul transformation realm was not a very low realm.

Even the Elder of the Snow Eagle Sect could not tolerate his own disciple being killed like this.

Therefore, he acted decisively, wanting to stop Murong Qingxue and kill her in one go.

However, instead of retreating, Murong Qingxue advanced and once again arrived in front of a disciple. Her pale blue longsword instantly stabbed down!

“Bastard, how dare you!”

Elder Fearless instantly shouted loudly.

Instantly, Murong Qingxue’s longsword mercilessly pierced through that disciple’s chest.

Murong Qingxue had killed four soul transformation realm disciples in a row!

At this moment, Elder Fearless also arrived in front of Murong Qingxue and said coldly, “I didn’t expect you to be so strong. I’ve somewhat underestimated you!

“But no matter how strong you are, you’re still only at the soul formation realm. You’ll never be a match for me at the insightful emptiness realm!” As Elder Fearless spoke, his large hand instantly slashed down at Murong Qingxue.

Murong Qingxue’s long sword was like a rainbow as she instantly blocked it.


A loud sound.

The surface of the river between the two exploded!

Murong Qingxue retreated dozens of steps. She raised her cold eyes and looked at the Elder.

The Elder looked at Murong Qingxue calmly.

“Not bad, you managed to block my attack.”

Murong Qingxue looked at the Elder coldly and the light blue sword in her hand started to glow.

“Yin yang!”

Murong Qingxue swung her sword down!

The eleventh sword move of the thirteen sword moves of heaven and earth, yin yang!

One sword against yin yang!

In an instant.

A Taiji diagram of eight trigrams appeared under Murong Qingxue’s feet, and powerful energy continuously gathered on her sword.

The sword intent was sharp as it slashed out!


The sword slashed onto Elder Fearless’s body.

Elder Fearless was secretly shocked. He did not expect this sword attack to be so powerful, and he was forced to take a step back by Murong Qingxue.


Murong Qingxue struck again!

She killed an Immortal with one strike!

Instantly, endless sword intent surged like torrential river water and struck Elder Fearless’ body like a surging river.


Elder Fearless took it head-on, but he was still extremely shocked.

This beautiful swordswoman in the advanced stage of the soul transformation realm had given him too many surprises.

Elder Fearless was once again forced to take a few steps back. However, at this moment, no one saw that Murong Qingxue’s face had already turned pale and the corners of her mouth had already lost all color.

This Sword Immortal must have forcefully endured it.

Seeing that the sword move had not killed the old man, Murong Qingxue did not care. She immediately mobilized the Qi dynamics around her and shouted softly, “Heaven and Earth!”

Heaven and earth were cleaved by one sword!

Instantly, sword intent surged and endless sword intent came from all directions, condensing on Murong Qingxue’s long sword.

One sword move slashed out!

The enormous sword intent seemed to be about to cut the three rivers in half, forming a huge sword scar in the air as it slashed down.

Elder Fearless was shocked.

This sword move seemed to be about to split the heaven and earth apart. Even he felt fear.

Elder Fearless immediately mobilized the Qi in his body and formed a huge shield in front of him to block this strike!


A loud sound rang out.

The shield was instantly broken. Elder Fearless was shocked. If he took this strike head-on, he would definitely die.

He instantly tilted his head.

The sword fell from his shoulder.

An arm instantly flew out.

After Murong Qingxue used this sword move, there was no longer any true Qi in her body. She immediately fell from the sky.

Even though Elder Fearless lost an arm, he still managed to save his life. He was secretly shocked!

He stopped the blood on his hand and looked at Murong Qingxue and said indifferently, “Even though this old man was almost killed by you, you are still only at the soul transformation realm. Since you are already exhausted, I will bring you back to the Snow Eagle Sect. The Sect Master will like this good skin of yours!”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand toward Murong Qingxue.

Right at this moment, Elder Fearless suddenly felt an immense killing intent coming from behind him. He was immediately shocked and hurriedly pulled away.

A young figure came riding on a sword and instantly appeared in front of Murong Qingxue. He hugged this cold and lovely person and once again flew into the sky.

Murong Qingxue raised her eyes slightly and looked at the person who had saved her?

Although Ye Chen had already disguised himself, as his second senior sister that he had spent every day with, she still recognized Ye Chen.

“Little Chen…” His second senior sister knew it was Ye Chen and seemed to be at ease. She fainted in Ye Chen’s arms.

Ye Chen and Elder Fearless looked at each other across the sky and said coldly, “Those who hurt my senior sister will die!”

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