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Chapter 805: The Gathering of the Chosen Ones!

Chapter 805: The Gathering of the Chosen Ones!

Many people were talking about this and were looking forward to this grand event. This was a major event in the five elements realm. The strongest successors of many great sects would arrive and clash with each other to create the most brilliant sparks.

Now, everyone knew that there would be a grand event in the top 3,000 realms. The rivers would converge into the sea, and the heroes would contend for hegemony. Countless young experts would emerge and engage in a decisive battle.

And now that they were sparring in advance, it was equivalent to igniting the flames of war. This made the atmosphere even more passionate and attracted the attention of the world.

“It’s a pity that my cultivation base isn’t enough. Otherwise, I would definitely join in the fun and see just how powerful those so-called young supremacies and fairies are.”

“At that time, the Deity Race’s Saint Son, the Spirit Clan’s Saint Son, and the recently rising Peerless Sword Immortal will definitely collide with each other and create a huge spark.”

Many people were not unfamiliar with these people. They looked down on the ten prefectures and had long caused a huge sensation.

Almost now, these people were all talking about the Immortal Spirit Gathering.

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The Immortal Spirit Gathering was a grand assembly that was held once every hundred years in the Upper Realm.

Every time the Immortal Spirit Gathering was held, it was the time for these Upper Realm’s heaven’s favorites to display their skills.

People naturally paid a lot of attention to these heaven’s favorites because these heaven’s favorites would be like the backbone of the entire Upper Realm in the future.

They would definitely become the strongest people on the continent.

Ye Chen frowned and listened quietly.

After hearing this news, Ye Chen, Little Qing, and the others ate a little. Then, they learned that three days later, there would be an immortal spirit competition here.

Therefore, Ye Chen decided to stay here.

After eating, Ye Chen and the others prepared to find an inn.

On the main street, they could see all kinds of races constantly moving around. They were hawking.

All kinds of maps and bone books were being sold. They really knew how to do business.

“I have an archaic will book here that records the life of Supreme Yuan Tian. This is an indispensable bone book. You must read it carefully. After cultivating, you will definitely become a True God.”

“Come and take a look. This is the legendary Holy Spirit Elixir. After eating it, you can change your talent. In the past, there was an ordinary person who ate this pill and became a Dao Fusing Realm expert.

“Come and take a look. Come and buy it. You can’t buy it at a loss, and you can’t buy it at a scam. This is the cultivation technique of an ancient almighty. If you buy it, that means that you’ve earned it.”

The city was bustling with activity. In the past few days, many cultivators had come. It was crowded with people from all walks of life. They could be seen from different races in different realms.

It was not rare to find Tao Tie, Pi Xiu, and Zhen Hou on the streets. Many ancient powerful races had appeared. In the sky, there were golden-winged great rocs spreading their wings, and Blue Phoenixes flying in the sky.

“Yi, what a beautiful butterfly.” A young girl called out softly. She looked at a beautiful colorful butterfly not far away, and her eyes shone.

However, her companion’s face was as white as snow as he pulled her away. He whispered, “Don’t speak nonsense. That’s the sky-ripping demonic butterfly, a heavenly-ranked divine insect. Once it matures, it can tear apart the heavens.”

The city was extremely bustling and bustling with activity. Many rare races had appeared.

This was a grand gathering. Some of the immortal orthodoxies from the various prefectures had been invited. There were also some young geniuses from the various races, causing people to feel reverence for them.

Ye Chen kept a very low profile. After entering the city, he paid attention to observing, listening to everyone’s discussions, and secretly searching for his grandfather.

“The Heavenly Sound Clan’s Fairy Luoxia has actually come!”

When these news spread, it caused a sensation. Everyone looked not far away, and a group of people flew into the city. It was the Heavenly Sound Clan’s troops. One of them was a woman with ice-like skin and jade-like bones. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, and she looked like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world. Her eyes were indescribably lively, and her temperament was outstanding. She did not eat the smoke and fire of others.

“Yi, who is that young man?”

Very soon, people noticed the other person beside the fairy. He could not hide his light. His long hair was disheveled, and his eyes were like lightning. His body was covered by runes, and he looked very hazy. He walked like a dragon or a tiger, as if a deity had descended to the world.

“It’s very likely that he’s the Spirit Clan’s second-ranked young Lord!”

As soon as these words were said, many people gasped. Even he had come. who could be his opponent?

“What a beautiful couple.” Some people were envious.

Fairy Luoxia and the successor of the Spirit Clan walked side by side, and many cultivators sighed.


A bright flash of lightning appeared in the sky. It was the fist light of one person, and another young supreme-being had arrived.

“Thunder god of the Thunder Race?!”

“He’s here too. It’s going to be a lively fight.”

Everyone was excited. Tian Leizi was incomparably terrifying, and he was also a warmonger. He might even challenge the successor of the Spirit Clan!

The next day, another commotion erupted in the city. A green-robed young lady arrived. Her entire body was emitting a lotus fragrance, making it difficult to see clearly. Many people cried out in shock.

“Moon Spirit Clan’s Fairy?”

Everyone was shocked. Many young geniuses had arrived at the same time, and it was destined to be a huge clash.

“Heavens, will they really fight when they gather together?”

Everyone was looking forward to it as their blood gradually boiled.

Ye Chen was very calm as he looked at the prodigy Saint Sons. Their cultivation levels were not too high, but they were considered pretty good compared to the people from before.

Most of them were Divine Firmament Realm experts.

However, the second-ranked young lord of the Spirit Clan had actually broken through to the True Self Realm.

Other than him, there were also the Thunder clan’s Tian Leizi and the Heavenly Sound Clan’s Fairy Luoxia. Almost all of them were experts at the True Self Realm.

However, even the strongest three had just broken through to the True Self Realm. They were no match for Ye Chen at all.

However, Ye Chen could also obtain some information.

If these heaven’s Pride Saint Sons were at this realm, then for example, the Spirit Clan’s saint sons, the Deity Race’s saint sons, and those true supreme geniuses were almost all at the True Self Realm.

Ye Chen knew that he was very heaven-defying, but if he was called a heaven chosen, then those geniuses were probably not bad either.

“It seems that this Immortal Spirit Gathering is indeed not simple. Now, I really want to see that Peerless Sword Immortal who is below one person and above ten thousand people,” Ye Chen muttered.

As soon as he said this, Ah Xin immediately said, “That’s great. Master, have you also acknowledged my idol?”

Ah Xin said excitedly.

To him, that Peerless Sword Immortal was his idol.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Of course I recognize him.”

“Hahahaha…that’s great, master!”

Ye Chen smiled. He knew that even the Peerless Sword Immortal that Ah Xin praised very much was only ranked third. In that case, the Saint Son of the Deity Race, the person ranked first and second, was probably not weak either.

However, even so, Ye Chen was not afraid in the slightest.

The current Ye Chen could be defeated even by those Escape One Realm elders of the Spirit Clan. He also possessed all sorts of Great Dao. Therefore, in this world, he was not afraid of any heaven’s chosen divine son.

However, when facing Dao Fusing Realm experts, Ye Chen still had to be careful.

Ye Chen now possessed the Great Dao of space. Even if he encountered Dao Fusing Realm experts, he could tear through space and escape.

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