Silver Overlord

Chapter 28 Power Must Not Be Exhausted

Yan Liqiang stood up and paid his respects to the Old Master of the Lu Clan. "Greetings, Old Master Lu!"

"Young Master Yan, please! Sit down, sit down. There’s no need to be so polite. Hahaha!" Old Master Lu was in a jovial mood. After courteously ushering Yan Liqiang to take a seat, only then did he take his place on the master seat next to Yan Liqiang. "Had it not been for Young Master Yan’s technique in reversing today’s desperate situation, my beloved grandson would have been separated from me in death. To see one’s child pass on before they do, I can’t even imagine how many people in our clan would have their hearts broken. The Lu Clan will forever remember the kindness that Young Master Yan has bestowed upon us. As for the one thousand taels of gold, it is but a small token of our gratitude. I hope Young Master Yan will not decline!"

"Thank you, Old Master Lu!"

"You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. I should be the one to thank you instead. How could the life of a Lu Clan member ever be compared to these insignificant pieces of gold? Hahahaha…"

In that moment, Yan Liqiang did not put on any pretense. His own father was still living a frugal life back home as a blacksmith, if he were to act noble and virtuous now when faced with the riches placed before him, allowing his father to continue to eating salted vegetables, how was he any better than a dog or a pig? What kind of reputation would a person have if they were willing to abandon even their own parents?

Despite this, the fact remained that the one thousand taels of gold rewarded by the Lu Clan was indeed a large sum. Regardless of whether it was in his previous life or his current lifetime, this was a sum of money that Yan Liqiang had never possessed. The money he required in order to improve the conditions of his home for the better was certainly not to this extent. Moreover, he had formed ties with the Lu Clan, who now owed him a favor. How could such a relationship ever be compared to mere pieces of gold? There was a good saying that said, ‘Power must not be exhausted and blessings must not be enjoyed to the fullest. Otherwise, disaster will befall you once your strength is exhausted and you’ll be fated to succumb to isolation once your fortune is gone.’ These were all words of wisdom.

He had kept his head down and worked hard to painstakingly pulled the plow towards his chosen path. But now, it was time for him to look up ahead so he would not lose sight of his goal.

From Yan Liqiang’s point of view, the current Old Master Lu was no different from those super big customers he’d met in his previous life. He decided he had to maintain the relationship that he had forged with the Lu Clan, after all, there was nothing wrong in looking long term.

"Old Master Lu, honestly speaking, although I did contribute something today, it was also due to the profound blessing of your grandchild and the Lu Clan. You’ve all been blessed by the Heavens, which is why a deity appeared in my dreams to impart the method for this treatment. I’m sure that the deity wanted to borrow my hands to do this deed. My own efforts were honestly too insignificant to be mentioned…"

As Yan Liqiang spoke, he carefully observed the expression on the Lu Clan’s Old Master Lu’s face. Sure enough, the results were just as he’d expected. Upon hearing what Yan Liqiang had to say, Old Master Lu’s face reddened all over, and his entire being appeared overwhelmed with happiness. He found Yan Liqiang’s words to be extremely pleasing to the ears and Yan Liqiang self to be even more pleasing to the eye.

"Young Master Yan is too humble! Too humble!" Old Master Lu stroked his beard and continued, "There are billions of people inhabiting this world. Why would the deity visit only Young Master’s dreams and his alone? This proves that Young Master Yan is also a man with a profound blessing, and has been brought to the Lu Clan by fate. Otherwise, our household steward wouldn’t have come across Young Master Yan by chance upon reaching Shiqiao Town. This is all through the will of Heaven!"

"Old Master Lu is right!" Yan Liqiang smiled while shaking his head. "But the amount of gold you’re presenting to me is too much, I’ll only accept half. If I were to lust for more then I’d be claiming credit for someone else’s achievement, I’d never be able to get a good night’s sleep!"

Upon hearing Yan Liqiang state that he only would accept half of the gold, it wasn’t only Old Master Lu who was stunned by the remark, even Head Steward Lu who was standing by his side was taken back. It’s important to note that in this world, common households could not earn even one hundred taels of gold in their entire lifetime. Yet in the face of such riches, Yan Liqiang, a young man at the age of fourteen, could actually calmly refuse half of the profits that he gained. And this half that he had refused was five hundred taels of gold...

"Young Master Yan, you said you only would accept half?" Old Master Lu looked strangely at Yan Liqiang. It was as though he wanted to confirm that Yan Liqiang was not saying nonsense.

"Half of it is indeed more than enough…" sighed Yan Liqiang. "When I saw the table full of delicacies during the meal just now, I thought back to my father who worked to forge iron at home, living a frugal life. I couldn’t help but tear up at the thought. With these five hundred taels of gold, I can now buy a hundred mu of land for my family at home. I can provide for my father so he can enjoy his life in retirement. My father can stop working himself to death at the workshop every day, He can live and enjoy life as it is. My household is small and my father and I rely on each other for survival, so we don’t spend much. Just these five hundred gold taels would be more than enough for us. If we have too much money, then I fear it will bring disaster instead of fortune!"

To be able to hear such words and to witness such a display of wisdom from a youth only fourteen years of age, this caused Old Master Lu to view Yan Liqiang in a different light. He stroked his beard and grunted, gradually nodding his head. "It’s rare to see a man like Young Master Yan possess such filial piety and insight. These gold taels were originally supposed to be a small token of gratitude from the Lu Clan to Young Master Yan. If it is as Young Master Yan says, that being in the possession of this small amount of gratitude would cause Young Master Yan to be targeted by evil-doers, then it would seem that I really did not think this through!"

"Thank you, Old Master Lu for understanding!" Yan Liqiang cupped his hands in salute before Old Master Lu.

Sometimes, wealth was no different from the goods stored in a ship. For an individual, having more money didn't necessarily mean that things would be better. It was still important to look at the situations of each and every individual to determine whether or not they had the capability to cope. Some large ships had no issues with pulling anywhere from a couple of tons to a few kilotons of goods, or even thousands upon thousands of tons. Yet, for some smaller ships, when an item weighing a ton was placed on it, it would sink immediately. Thus, for the Lu Clan, perhaps one thousand gold taels didn’t account for much, however, for ordinary folks, it was a hefty sum, so those of ordinary status might not be able to cope with it.

Old Master Lu asked another question, "Young Master Yan, is it possible that you’re training in martial arts as well?"

Yan Liqiang nodded.

"Then has Young Master Yan ever heard of Headmaster Song Tianhao, from Dragon Flag Martial Arts Academy of Pingxi City?"

"It’s only natural that I’ve heard of him. Headmaster Song from Pingxi City’s Dragon Flag Martial Arts Academy; he’s a famous Martial Warrior as well as a great teacher from within the prefecture. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been aware of Headmaster Song’s name in the Qinghe County. Rumor has it that Headmaster Song has a secret technique that allows for martial practitioners to pass the Horse Stance stage in just several painstaking years of training!"

Old Master Lu smiled, his eyes squinting as he gazed at Yan Liqiang. "Correct. Not bad, not bad! You’re pretty good. Headmaster Song has a secret technique known as the Essence Unifying Post stance. He also knows how to refine the Essence Nurturing Pill, a specialized pill. If a martial arts practitioner training in the Horse Stance practices Headmaster Song's Essence Unifying Post stance and uses the Essence Nurturing Pill, with several years of hard work, they would be able to break through the Horse Stance stage. Upon passing this stage, the subsequent Stretching Tendon and Extending Bone stages wouldn’t be difficult to achieve. If they can endure the hard work and pass these two stages. if they also have the aptitude for it, then there is a chance they can establish their Dantian, and thus succeed in completing their foundation to become a Martial Warrior. In this specific instance, achieving future meteoric success will naturally be easy to accomplish. For many years now, my Lu Clan has maintained a friendship with Headmaster Song. We have a good relationship with one another and quite a number of our Lu Clan children have acknowledged Headmaster Song as their master. If Young Master Yan agrees, I am willing to help make arrangements and request that Headmaster Song accepts you as his disciple. He’ll pour his heart and soul into imparting the Essence Unifying Post stance to you. I can guarantee that he will supply you with the Essence Nurturing Pill as well. The Song Clan won’t dare to say anything else. But if Young Master Yan can bear the hardships, it won’t take more than a couple of years to pass the Horse Stance stage. Then there’ll be a chance that you’ll advance as a Martial Warrior in the future..."

Yan Liqiang knew this was just an excuse by the Lu Clan to express their gratitude. In order to acknowledge Song Tianhao as his master, he’d require a hundred gold taels at the very least. As for the Essence Nurturing Pill, this was also Yan Liqiang’s first time hearing of it. He reckoned that it wouldn’t be cheap as well.

"Thank you, Old Master Lu, for your concern! But I’ve already passed the Horse Stance stage, so there’s really no need to trouble Headmaster Song!"

"What?" This time, both Old Master Lu and Steward Lu were caught by surprise and even felt some shock from hearing his reply. For the average person, being able to pass the Horse Stance stage by the age of eighteen meant that they could be considered talented. On the other hand, Yan Liqiang was no more than fourteen or fifteen years of age, so how could he have passed the Horse Stance stage? It was too amazing.

From the moment Yan Liqiang had first arrived at the Lu Residence to the current point in time, the two of them were unable to discern whether Yan Liqiang had passed the Horse Stance stage. If what he said was true, then they needed to thoroughly reassess the young man before them.

Old Master Lu’s eyes lit up and shone. He sized Yan Liqiang up with a serious expression, and then suddenly reached out a hand towards the center of the small side table. "I’m honestly curious. Young Master Yan, would you care to have a test of strength with me?"

After passing the Horse Stance stage, the great tendons in an individual’s thighs would be like a dragon, where their force would be released from their feet. Their entire being would achieve a state of unity of the horse and waist. Even if the individual were to remain still, the force from the feet, waist, and back could be circulated to the hands. This would allow the hands to gain an immense and volatile power within a narrow range, thus giving rise to an explosive force. By suggesting a test of strength, Old Master Lu really meant to test the explosive force which Yan Liqiang had attained after passing the Horse Stance stage.

"Of course I would…" Yan Liqiang smiled; he had also extended his hand across the small side table, moving it closer to Old Master Lu’s palm. He stopped when the two hands were about two fingers apart, roughly an inch away from each other.

Both palms were very close to one another, close enough to feel the heat gradually being emitted from their opponent’s palms.

"Young Master Yan, please!"

Old Master Lu had to maintain his reputation, so naturally, he wouldn’t make the first move.

Since he had been invited to do so, Yan Liqiang did not hesitate. He exerted a quarter of his strength and immediately struck his palm towards Old Master Lu’s.

A dull thud emanated from the room. Old Master Lu did not budge an inch, causing Yan Liqiang to smile as he withdrew his palm.

"Good...good...good…" Old Master Lu was ecstatic. After withdrawing his palm, he kept repeating the word, ‘good’ continuously. "I never expected Young Master Yan would be able to pass the Horse Stance stage at such a young age. For decades, not many people in the entirety of Huanglong County were able to pass the stage at your age. Young Master Yan is truly a martial arts prodigy!"

"Old Master Lu is being too polite! I was just lucky. By the way, I would like to know if the physicians that the Lu Clan hired are still present in the manor?"

"Hahaha! Of course, those physicians are still in the manor. They have yet to leave and have been scratching their heads, each of them grumpy and burning with impatience to ask for the method Young Master Yan used to save our child. But Young Master Yan need not worry. Our Lu Clan will definitely guard your secret life-saving technique!"

As the saying goes, when you have the skills, you can eat your fill. If this technique to save drowned victims were to remain a secret, then Yan Liqiang could eat his fill anywhere in the world. He could earn a living with this alone. During the summer, of the people living in the villages and towns, how many of them would drown in the pools and rivers of Huanglong County every year? Moreover, other places were in the same boat as well.

"I’d like to request for Old Master Lu to call those physicians over for a while. I would like to have some words with them!"

Although Old Master Lu didn’t understand Yan Liqiang’s intention, he still cast a glance at Steward Lu, who immediately went to make the arrangements.

By the time the physicians had arrived at Peony Hall, by Steward Lu’s order, the servants had already put away the gold in the main hall.

When they were brought to Yan Liqiang again, every single one of those physicians was overcome with excitement.

But before the physicians could speak, Yan Liqiang said in a direct and straightforward manner, "I know what everyone wants to ask. After the drowned victim is rescued, you will still need to provide emergency treatment first. Make them vomit out the water, then perform chest compressions as well as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If these emergency treatments are incapable of providing any results, and the victims had drowned within a day, then there is still a chance to save them. The method to do so is actually quite simple. It is to perform moxibustion on the Shenque acupoint, which is the navel. I was imparted the knowledge for this method through a deity who came to me in my dreams. Now in the presence of Old Master Lu, I shall then impart this technique to the physicians here. I hope every one of you can use this technique to show benevolence, and perform more good deeds..."

Upon hearing Yan Liqiang directly explain the secret technique to save drowned people, some of the physicians were shocked by the revelation, while some of them fell into deep thought. Soon after, Yan Liqiang turned his gaze back towards Old Master Lu. "Old Master Lu, this method to save a person’s life wasn’t mine to begin with. The reason I had that dream was probably because the deity couldn’t bear to see the heartlessness of the rivers, and intended to borrow my hand to make this method well known so more people can be saved. There is no need for the Lu Clan to protect this secret for me. Do your best to pass on this method to the surrounding villages and let more people know the better!"

Old Master Lu was emotionally moved by Yan Liqiang’s decision. "Young Master Yan, please do not worry. Our Lu Clan has received such benevolence, we will definitely spread this method around so that it can benefit others..."

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