Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love

Chapter 142

Chapter 142

[Greetings, Duke Fall.]

…To be honest, I’ve already given up on knowing how this person can just waltz inside my office however and whenever she pleases.

[Greetings. So? To what do I owe the pleasure, princess?] (Calis)

[I’m just here to hear the things you’re not talking about to my father. You’re still holding quite a lot, aren’t you?] (Serena)

…I guess we don’t have to hold back on anything when it’s just the both of us and speak frankly. That being the case, let’s give it to her. She’s a promising person to ally with, after all.



[I see… chances are, the new king is a reincarnation as well… If that’s the case, then I can see why he’s aiming for Akari. *Grins*] (S)

Hm? Perhaps she has more information as she was able to discover something that I didn’t. I wonder what those are?

[…And why is that?] (C)

[It’s because of Akari’s lineage. The girl after all came from the great emperor’s bloodline. The fact that he wants to abduct her, probably for marriage and continuing the lineage, is probably because he’s really a reincarnation.]

…Huh? Did I hear that right? Akari has the blood of the imperial family in her veins?

[I guess it’s to be expected you don’t know such a thing because you didn’t really play the otome game that much.] (S)

[Did Akari appear in the otome game as well?] (C)

[Ara, ara. You really didn’t notice. *GRINS* You see, the child that you took in is actually the otome game’s protagonist and your daughter’s rival, the villainess’ papa-san. ] (S)

…Akari is the heroine? For real? …Is that why she seemed familiar even though we just met for the first time? — ah… now that explains why the princess had a weird smile on her face when I saved Akari.

[Now I understand why she felt so familiar yet not.] (C)

[On that day, if you knew she’d be a threat to your daughter, would you still save her?] (S)

[Do you even have to ask? Of course, I will.] (C)

[Fufufufu. I just feel like asking.] (S)

Akari… In this world’s setting, she’ll be Laurel’s rival… or perhaps, the figure who will lead our family to ruin.

But that’s only based on the game’s setting. Aren’t I able to keep Sasha safe and sound until this day? The child hasn’t done anything yet at all. She poses no threat nor shows any sign of being a reincarnation.

Besides, if I keep Akari by my side, I’d be able to observe her and avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

But more importantly…

[Laurel happens to be quite fond of Akari. So there’s that. Also, isn’t it the role of adults to take care of children especially those who lost their parents?]

My personal opinion aside, I believe that if there’s anything that would happen to Akari, Laurel would be deeply affected. Would any parent want to see their child be sad? No. At the very least, not me. If Akari makes Laurel happy, then I’ll guarantee her safety.

Will there be any place in the kingdom safer for Akari than my estate? I don’t think so. If I turn a blind eye to that child’s predicament, would I still be able to look at my children the same way? I’m afraid that I can’t.

That’s why, regardless of the setting, I’ll protect her.

…I could only thank the princess for her info as she grins at me as if she can guess what I’m thinking.

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