Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love

Chapter 15 - Laid-Back Wife Time

Chapter 15: Laid-Back Wife Time

“The Princess shall be visiting us?”

Sasha looks surprised. Recently, I’ve been able to see Sasha with lots of different expressions, and I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s lovely no matter what kind of face she makes.

Of course, a smile is always best, however… that bashful face of hers had immense destructive power when it came to destroying my reasoning, and I feel like I haven’t even seen the true depths of Sasha’s abilities yet. As expected of my wife! Well… for now, the most important matter is…

“Laurier seems to be getting surprisingly close with Serena-sama.”

“Is that so…? Laurier is…”

I saw a glimmer of pride in Sasha’s eyes. Because I was the type to brag about my amazing daughter as well, I didn’t hold back.

“Well, it’s because Laurier is such a kind girl, like you. It’s only natural that your daughter would also be incredible, isn’t it?”

“That’s… I… I do not have such a pure heart like that child…”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve never known anyone kinder or more gentle minded than you.”

Sasha looked up at me with a sad expression as she shook her head.

“I am not kind at all… Because of my sullen childishness, I never truly saw that child for who she was. I think that child, who somehow decided to forgive me, is the one with a truly pure heart.”

“…That was my fault as well. I was far more of a failure as a parent to Laurier than you could ever have been. Don’t let it weigh on you so much.”

With those words, I brushed my hand against Sasha’s cheek.

“I really am full of regret that I neglected such a lovely wife and daughter in that way. Therefore… from now on, I’ll love you both twice as much to make up for it.”

“U-umm… my Lord? That is, um… as you said before, ah… not just as family, but… as a man you would… ah…?”

Sasha flitted her eyes back and forth between the floor and myself as she fidgeted… tightening my expression that almost fell into a lopsided grin, I barely managed to stay the gentleman as I beheld that insane cuteness.

“Of course, on my honour as a man, I swear to love you as only a husband can. Sasha, you are my beloved wife, after all?”

“I… I too… my Lord, I… I always loved you as well, even from before…”

“Yeah. I know. Therefore…”

Taking Sasha’s hand in mine, I took a knee in front of her, and placed a kiss on her hand like a knight would do before a Lady.

“I love you, my Princess.”


Sasha’s face turned completely red as I suddenly did that. It’s hard to believe just how innocent she was, considering she was already a mother, but… well, I sort of did this on a sudden whim, so even I’m feeling a little embarrassed at the silence now… the only reason I’m not retreating out of bashfulness myself is because I’m taking the opportunity to bask in Sasha’s cuteness.

Or, should I say… her reaction was so cute that I wish I could bring time forward a few hours, so that I could sweep her off her feet and carry her to our chambers.

Of course, flirting like this was fun as well, but… when I saw Sasha’s bright red face with tears at the corners of her eyes, I felt the urge to do a lot more nefarious things than just exchange honeyed words.

“My… my Lord…”

…Endure it! I don’t think Sasha would complain if I gobbled her up now, but I want to enjoy this kind of face for a little more! Besides, I’d lose all hope if Sasha hated me for being too demanding, so I have to endure!

Of course, I don’t think Sasha would ever hate me… she might look up at me with tears in her eyes, but that’s not hatred! Ah, wait! No good, no good! If I keep thinking like that, I’ll lose the last vestiges of my reasoning!

In other words, um… Excuse me, Miss Sasha!? Don’t you think that level of moe is criminal!? You could kill a man!

Whilst holding back the wolf, Sasha and I spent our time together in quiet happiness.

What happened that night, you ask? Well… my wife is only for me, so I can’t let you in on the juiciest of details, but… let’s just say that Sasha was cuter than ever.

It’s as if my wife is raising her cuteness stat each and every day…

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