Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 178

Chapter 8.22 – Goddess of the Harem

Bai mama had been passing her days full of worry recently ah~ Ever since Su Wan had left Xinzheku and Steward Wang also gave her a large reward, Bai mama couldn’t wait for the imperial edict to transfer her away from Xinzheku.

Would anyone want to die in this courtyard where even the birds won’t fly over?

The capital was cold in winter, but Bai mama’s heart was colder than the icy northwest wind. Just when Bai mama lost faith, Wang Yi finally came by with her latest job appointment from the Emperor.

An imperial decree made Mother Bai suddenly jump from being a little steward of Xinzheku to a manager in the left department of the Imperial Clan Court.

Although these two places were both places where sinners were held, there was a big difference, okay?

The Imperial Clan Court was directly in charge of the royals. Except for those who had committed serious crimes in the imperial city, most of the people in the Imperial Clan Court were imperial children who had made mistakes and were usually disobedient. These little lords were used to holding themselves at a lofty status. It was also very demanding in the Imperial Clan Court and as it happened, the Imperial Clan Court was under the direct jurisdiction of the Emperor. Every manager in the Imperial Clan Court received imperial orders directly from the Emperor and were not afraid of these royal children. So once you enter the Imperial Clan Court, everyone has to be obedient. If you want to eat, drink well and have privileges, it’s possible, but you have to hand over the money!

It could be said that the Imperial Clan Court was a place of many ill-gotten gains and a manager of the Imperial Clan Court was a fifth-rank official position that not only enjoyed the court’s salary, they were also allowed to apply for their own residence outside the palace – which was the privilege of every staff of the Imperial Clan Court – as they were considered to be completely separate from the imperial city.

When receiving the imperial edict, Bai mama’s hands trembled.

“Steward Wang has worked hard!”

After celebrating joyfully, Bai mama hurriedly took out a bank note of large value from her arms and handed it to Wang Yi, but Wang Yi shook his head and smiled mysteriously at Bai mama: “Mama ah, it’s not as simple as running into a windfall! You have to continue performing well when you arrive at the Imperial Clan Court! His Majesty is watching!”

Although she didn’t quite understand Wang Yi’s words, Bai mama nonetheless gratefully nodded and promised, bearing a smile on her face as Wang Yi escorted her out of Xinzheku.

After Bai mama left Xinzheku, her position was replaced by her confidant Yue Mei.

After arriving at the Clan’s Mansion, Bai mama changed into the uniform that belonged to the Left Zongshi of the Imperial Clan Court. The dark silk cloth was embroidered with the emblem of the Dashang Dynasty’s royal family.

Bai mama felt like the world was beautiful when she wore this new uniform! On the first day of taking office, she immediately brought a group of female stewards under her command to the left prison for inspection, and after that, Bai mama froze like a rock——

“Bai mama, what a coincidence, I can even run into you here too.”

In the clean and tidy prison, Su Wan sat while practicing calligraphy. From a distance, she heard Bai mama’s loud voice. When she brought her entourage closer, Su Wan couldn’t help but give her a greeting: “Oh yes, look at my bad memory. You are now Bai Zongshi!”

Blu: Zongshi – a manager of the Imperial Clan Court

At this time, Bai mama’s heart was conflicted. She immediately thought of the meaningful words of Steward Wang when he delivered the decree——

There’s a saying that it’s better to do something you’re familiar with than something foreign that’s to you!

Blu: Here it is, if you’re interested. 做生不如做熟 (zuò shēng bù rú zuò shú)

No wonder the Emperor directly transferred her directly to the Imperial Clan Court! He wants her to continue serving Su Wan!

This was fine. Did this at least meant that she served her well the last time? Bai mama just froze for a moment and immediately directed her subordinates to open the door to Su Wan’s prison cell. Then she waved everyone away and approached Su Wan with a smile: “Lady Su, just call me Bai Pei. This is this old slave’s humble name. If this place was not the Clan Court, this old slave would not dare to be arrogant in front of the lady.”

Bai Pei didn’t want to worry about why Su Wan was staying in such a strange place. She only knew that as long as she took care of this lady, she could constantly get promoted!


After hearing Bai Pei’s words, Su Wan just nodded lightly: “Having you here sets me at ease. If anyone were to visit me in these next few days, the men will not be allowed to enter but women are.”

Men will not be allowed in?

Bai Pei’s face changed slightly: “Then the Empe – …..I mean, that Lord?”


Su Wan smiled: “You don’t need to care about this.”

No matter if it was Xinzheku or the Imperial Clan Court, there was no place that could stop Su Rui.

Blu: Hm? Not even the female’s bathroom?

“Oh, this old slave understands, understands.”

Bai Pei nodded. She bent over and scanned the prison where Su Wan was now staying at. Huh, sure enough, she still had all the daily necessities she needed–

Could it be that the Emperor comes here every night?

Thinking of how she accidentally met the Emperor last time, Bai Pei’s whole body shuddered. From the bottom of her heart, she warned herself that she must never visit Lady Su so casually after nightfall…

The days in the Imperial Clan Court were actually more comfortable than in Xinzheku. Although this time she was confined in a small space, Su Wan could relax and comfortably rest on the big bed here.

But Dongfang Li, who was also confined in the right sector of the Imperial Clan Court, was not so lucky. Although his attempt to kiss Su Wan that day was unsuccessful, he had used his hands to hold her. So on the first night in the Imperial Clan Court, Dongfang Li’s hands were forcefully broken by Su Rui. Dongfang Li – who was in so much pain that he almost fainted – kept yelling for the Zongzheng and Zongling to uphold justice for him. At that time, Dongfang Li still didn’t know that before Su Rui came to this cell, he had already dealt with the Zongling of the Imperial Clan Court and his goons —

Blu: So according to my mad research skills (a.k.a. googling), the Imperial Clan Court is like jail but for them royals. There are 2 Zongzhengs, the left and right, who assist the Zongling. So the order is probably: Zongling > Zongzheng > Zongshi (which is Bai Pei’s position). In this story, there are 2 sides, the left and right for females and males respectively. Also, I think sugar has cured me of my headache. Hurrah for milk tea.

In the face of absolute power and strength, everything else is meaningless.

With the arrival of the first heavy snowfall in winter, the entire imperial city was covered with snow and there was a vast expanse of white everywhere.

Yan Yunuo finally spent money to find someone to let her sneak in and have the opportunity to see Su Wan in the Imperial Clan Court. This time Su Wan didn’t need to exaggerate too much in her act.

She just told Bai Pei to switch her to an ordinary cell in advance.

The sun was not visible in the cell with only the dim, flickering candlelight. When Yan Yunuo saw Su Wan, she was sitting quietly in the cell and writing something.

“Xiao Wan.”

“Sister Yunuo, you’ve come?”

Seeing Yan Yunuo, Su Wan gave her a small smile.

Seeing her smile and seeing the hideous scar on her arm that was vaguely showed under the white prison uniform. Yan Yunuo didn’t have the heart to look on and turned her face away a little: “Xiao Wan, I know the truth about that matter. I know that you are innocent. Yuqing, she…”

Su Wan shook her head at Yan Yunuo and hinted that the walls have ears: “Sister Yunuo, I know what you want to say. One person does it and the other person bears it, Beauty Yan is kind to me. I can’t implicate her.”

Blu: walls have ears – beware of eavesdroppers

With that said, Su Wan lightly wrote a phrase on the rice paper on top of the short table—return the kindness bestowed to you, virtue has its rewards.

Seeing that Su Wan was so optimistic, Yan Yunuo subconsciously bit her lips. Yan Yunuo asked herself if she could do this for her sister, but now standing from the perspective of a bystander, she felt distressed for Su Wan.

She knew that Su Wan was only passing her days so comfortably now because the people of the Imperial Clan Court had not yet started interrogating her case. Once the interrogation begins, she will definitely get tortured and it will definitely be a bloody endeavor….

When Yan Yunuo went to visit Su Wan at the Imperial Clan Court, Chen Shengbei, who was staying in the guard barracks, stayed alone in the room and drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Xu Bingyue had already told him about what happened to Su Wan, but even till now, Chen Shengbei didn’t believe that Su Wan would really have anything to do with Rui Wang.

Who was Rui Wang? If he had wanted a little palace maid, he only needed to speak to the Emperor and His Majesty would definitely have directly bestowed him the person he liked.

Chen Shengbei firmly believed that Su Wan must have been framed and wronged.

He must find a way to save Su Wan! Yes, he must save her!

Chen Shengbei’s eyes gradually became firm. Tomorrow he will go to the Imperial Clan Court. He wants to meet Su Wan in person and let her tell him everything.

Blu: So, what do you guys wager Su Wan would do? owo

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