Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 180

Chapter 8.24 – Goddess of the Harem

Imperial City, Shangfu Bureau.

Due to the fact that Xu Bingyue had asked for leave and was absent, Yan Yunuo was very busy the whole morning. She was finally able to rest for a while at noon, but Chen Ji suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pulled Yan Yunuo out of the hall.

“Chen gonggong, Chen gonggong, what’s the matter?”

Yan Yunuo was baffled by Chen Ji’s actions and questioned with uncertainty while passively following him along the way.

“How would Zajia know?”

Chen Ji rolled his eyes and hurriedly took Yan Yunuo outside of the Shangfu Bureau without a pause. Bai Pei was standing there with an anxious expression.

“Bai Sishi!”

Blu: Now in addition to Zongshi, Bai Pei is also being called Sishi (insert scream of frustration)

When Yan Yunuo saw Bai Pei’s face, her expression also became tense: “Why are you here, Bai Sishi? Did something happen to Su Wan?”


Blu: Ai – sigh

Hearing Yan Yunuo’s question, Bai Pei sighed and took out a letter from her arms: “This is what Miss Su left for you, you can see it for yourself!”

Su Wan’s letter?

Yan Yunuo took the letter and opened it quickly. The contents of the letter were very simple. It told Yan Yunuo to live well and also to tell Xu Bingyue and Chen Shengbei to live well. The whole letter looked more like a suicide letter.

“Bai Sishi, quickly take me to Su Wan! I’m afraid something will happen to her!”

Before she even finished reading the letter, Yan Yunuo’s expression drastically changed and she clutched Bai Pei’s hand, wanting to run out.

“Ai, don’t worry! Miss Su is fine for now!”

Bai Pei grabbed Yan Yunuo’s hand: “Just now, Su Wan hung herself in the Imperial Clan Court, but she has already been rescued. I found this letter on her desk, so I immediately came here to deliver it to you.”


Yan Yunuo and Chen Ji were shocked when they heard that Su Wan had committed suicide.

“How can this be? Why does that girl take things too hard?”

Chen Ji flicked his horsetail whisk and said with a sigh: “Is there any trouble in this world that you can’t overcome? Hasn’t the Emperor put off convicting her? What is she afraid of?”

“This…was also not about the matter regarding Rui Wang.”

Teh: Basically, Bai Pei is saying that the suicide is also not just about Rui Wang but also something else.

When Bai Pei said this, she looked troubled: “When I passed by Miss Su’s cell this morning, I overheard her conversation with someone else. That girl said that she and Miss Su’s fiancé truly loved each other and wanted Miss Su to fulfill their wishes! Ai, this thing is too improper. Miss Su is already so miserable and someone still kicks her when she’s down. It’s natural that she took things too hard!”

“Tsk tsk tsk!”

Hearing what Bai Pei said, Chen Ji narrowed his eyes: “There are so many b*tches in this world!”

“Could it be..… no, no.”

Yan Yunuo listened to Bai Pei’s words and then carefully looked at the “suicide note” left by Su Wan, her expression changed again and again——

The person who robbed Su Wan’s fiance, could it be… Xu Bingyue?

“Manager Bai, do you know the name of the girl who went to see Su Wan?”

Yan Yunuo suddenly grabbed Bai Pei’s hand and asked nervously.

“What was it?”

Bai Pei frowned: “This…our place did record it. It seems to be something Bing, oh, something Yue?”

“Xu Bingyue?”

Yan Yunuo said the name shakingly. Hearing her words, Bai Pei’s eyes brightened and fiercely clapped her hands: “Yes yes yes, it’s Xu Bingyue!”

“Xu Bingyue? Just now, Zajia saw her go to the guard camp in the middle palace with a look like some small person intoxicated with success. Hmph hmph, that damned girl, Zajia has long seen that she is not a good one.”

When mentioning Xu Bingyue, Chen Ji hardly concealed his loathing for her.

When she heard what he said, Yan Yunuo immediately grabbed Chen Ji’s sleeves with an anxious look: “Chen gonggong, help me! Take me to the guard camp! I’m going to ask Chen Shengbei and Xu Bingyue and make it clear!”


Chen Ji was a little troubled, but seeing Yan Yunuo’s anxious appearance and noticing that Bai Pei kept winking at him, Chen Ji’s thoughts quickly flit through his mind: “Okay! Zajia also wants to go and personally see how heartless this pair of dog man and woman are! Let’s go! Zajia will take you there!”

Blu: dog couple/ dog man and woman – cheating couple

“I’ll check it out too!”

Without waiting for the two people to invite her, Bai Pei took the initiative to follow after them.

This was the task that Su Wan had given her. She had to remember everything that will happen and then report to that great lady when she returns…

There were not many people in the guard camp at noon. At this time, most of them had gone to eat after the change in shift. Today, Chen Shengbei and Xu Bingyue were in front of a courtyard next to the training grounds.

Chen Ji took Yan Yunuo and Bai Pei around most of the guard camp and finally found Chen Shengbei after being given directions. At this time, Chen Shengbei and Xu Bingyue were talking, and Chen Shengbei’s emotions were rather agitated. His voice was loud and could be heard from a long distance away——

“I don’t believe it, Xiao Wan wouldn’t treat me like this! She must have said this deliberately just to make me give up!”

Chen Shengbei was stirred up and his voice was trembling: “I want to meet her in person. If she doesn’t see me, I will keep waiting for her outside the Imperial Clan Court!”

“Big Brother Chen, why don’t you understand?”

Xu Bingyue took out the jade pendant that Su Wan had returned to Chen Shengbei: “She has even returned the jade pendant to you! She really won’t see you again! She has stayed in Jinfangzhai for so long and is accustomed to her master’s fine clothes and food! She wants to be a Wangfei, she wants to be a master, this kind of feeling is understandable! Brother Chen, give up! Even if you really meet her, then what? Before I met her today, I didn’t believe that the matter between her and Rui Wang was true. I thought she was secretly sorrowful for not seeing you. I always felt that she was very kind and she didn’t want to implicate you, but… it turned out not to be.”

Xu Bingyue’s eyes were also red now. She raised her hand and gently grabbed Chen Shengbei’s sleeves: “Big Brother Chen, why don’t you forget her? Aren’t there many fine girls in this world? Why must you suffer so much for someone who doesn’t love you?”

“No, it’s not, it won’t.”

If Su Wan did not personally tell him, Chen Shengbei felt that he would be unwilling to give up. He would not believe and was not willing to believe in all this.

The three people not far away listened to the conversation between the pair. Bai Pei couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice: “This really is Miss Su’s good sister. Showing one face in front of people, but another face behind their back.”

“Hmph hmph.”

Chen Ji coldly snorted twice: “There are so many double-faced treachery in the palace. You can only blame Su Wan for being so foolish. To actually be willing to believe whatever people say and even wants to be a good person? Isn’t there a saying that good people do not live long while bad people live for a thousand years? The good people in this palace are going to go extinct!” At this point, Chen Ji couldn’t help but nudge the lifeless Yan Yunuo in front of him: “Yunuo, you usually work the closest with Xu Bingyue. You have to clearly look at her face. Learn a lesson from Su Wan’s mistakes! Don’t foolishly follow Su Wan and block spears for others all day. She is stupid! So stupid!”

Blu: It was actually ‘gun’ instead of ‘spear’, but I don’t think guns have been invented yet, so I substituted it.


Yes, Su Wan was a fool. She would admit any crime for her sisters and was even willing to surrender her beloved in the end .

But was it worth it for someone like Xu Bingyue?

The spectators see the chess game better than the players.

Yan Yunuo, as a spectator, a good-hearted spectator who had a sense of justice, she really couldn’t stand it anymore——

“Xu Bingyue!”

She suddenly rushed out and ran directly in front of Xu Bingyue and Chen Shengbei, raised her hand and fiercely slapped Xu Bingyue.

“This slap is on Su Wan’s behalf!”

Yan Yunuo has never done anything to anyone since she was a child, let alone slapped others. This time she was really angry that she moved on impulse. After hitting Xu Bingyue, Yan Yunuo felt the burden on her shoulders lightened considerably.

It turned out that slapping people could really give your irritable angry heart a lot of comfort.

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