Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 302 - Male Concubines and Mistresses (18

Chapter 302 – Male Concubines and Mistresses (18

Capital, Chufeng Restaurant.

“Master, who do you think the princess royal will marry?”

Seeing his master standing by the third floor’s window at Chufeng Restaurant in a daze, Lou Ning couldn’t take this anymore. He couldn’t tolerate his foolish master acting serious and a scholar, so he couldn’t help but ask.

Who knew that the moment Lou Ning said this, he wanted to give himself a slap. Nani! What’s with your mouth! Why did you have to mention that?

As expected, Lou Xiaoxiao’s expressions suddenly changed and he stood up. He grabbed onto the window sill tightly and half his body was almost over the window.

“Master! Master, don’t do something stupid!”

Lou Ning thought that Lou Xiaoxiao wanted to commit suicide so he immediately extended his arms and hugged him from behind, exclaiming out loud while doing so.

“Master! There are beautiful women everywhere! Why do you have to be fixated on one woman?”

“Master, master, think about our…”

Lou Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Nani. This master doesn’t know you. This master doesn’t know you at all.

Everyone on the third floor of the Chufeng Restaurant all placed their gazes on Lou Xiaoxiao after Lou Ning’s ruckus.

Lou Xiaoxiao really wanted to die now!

Damn you. I already don’t have a good reputation in the capital and now, I’m not going to have any face to see anyone~

“Let go!”

Lou Xiaoxiao struggled free and exclaimed, “This master was just watching the view. What did you think I was doing? Are you stupid?! You think I would…commit suicide over that woman? There’s nothing wrong with my brain!”

“Right. Master, there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m the one who is moronic.”

Seeing that Lou Xiaoxiao wasn’t going to commit suicide, Lou Ning finally let out a sigh of relief. Then he glanced outside. There was nothing to look at though?

There was obviously not any charming scenery outside the window. Lou Xiaoxiao had just seen princess royal residence’s horse carriage. If he was right, the man inside should be Feng Wuchen.

Lou Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but think back to the day he arrived in front of the princess royal residence. The man was invincible with his sword.

That day, everyone was shocked, even Lou Xiaoxiao. He never thought that someone could be so unbelievably powerful.

He’d never be so powerful.

Therefore, Su Wan was going to marry Feng Wuchen?

Only such a powerful man is worthy of her, no?

Lou Xiaoxiao felt bitter inside for a moment but in the blink of an eye, he forced himself to toss the bitterness to the back of his head.

What’s outstanding about him?

No matter how strong he was, he had to get married no? If you have the ability, then marry the princess royal!

Fine. Lou Xiaoxiao have had this grand wish since growing up. When he was young, he had followed his mother into the palace once. The first time he saw her, she was still a loli princess. He was in love with her at first sight. He was planning on marrying her shamelessly when he grew up. Mn. He prepared this for a decade. Then…

The princess royal was finally going to marry someone else.

Nani. This was a really sorrowful love story.

“Lou Ning, let’s head back.”

Lou Xiaoxiao stood up and quietly went downstairs. Seeing his master’s lonely figure, Lou Ning also sighed.

Master was a good person and treated his servants politely as well.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t talented in literature or martial arts. However, he couldn’t decide this!

Princess royal residence.

Su Wan and Su Rui only got out of the horse carriage after it entered the yard. Although everyone knew that Su Wan was going to get married, they didn’t know that Feng Wuchen was the groom. Plus, only Madam Feng knew about this so far. She froze upon hearing that Su Wan was going to marry into the Feng Family before she grabbed onto her hands tightly and finally letting go after a while.

She thought back to her past. She and the former empress were great sisters but because her young son liked Su Man and Madam Feng also really liked Su Man, she naturally didn’t like Su Wan.

However, who would’ve thought that her second son had died because of Su Man and her eldest son was actually able to marry princess royal, Su Wan.

God really enjoys playing with people.

“When we passed by Chufeng Restaurant, I think I saw Lou Xiaoxiao.”

Su Rui just got out of the horse carriage and couldn’t help but exclaim this.


Su Wan froze. She wasn’t as sensitive as Su Rui so she didn’t detect Lou Xiaoxiao’s figure.

Su Wan couldn’t help but lament with feelings recalling Lou Xiaoxiao.

They both desired love but they were destined to never cross paths.

Would they be able to continue their fate from their past lives if there was an afterlife?

“Don’t mention him.”

Su Wan looked down and grabbed Su Rui’s hands. “Liu Ying had already brought back the custom-made robe for the wedding. Let’s try it out.”


While the princess royal residence was anxiously preparing for the wedding, Su Man naturally received news of Su Wan preparing for her wedding at her temporary imperial residence too. Hearing this, Su Man froze and then glanced at Yue Qing who was also surprised. “Yue Qing, what do you think Su Wan is up to? Who does she want to marry? Can you guess the person? It couldn’t be Lou Xiaoixao could it?”

Su Man couldn’t help but laugh.

However, there wasn’t a smile on Yue Qing’s face. He subconsciously grabbed onto the beautiful brocade bag by his waist with his slender fingers. In it was the red cloth Su Wan cut to end their relationship

“From today on, you’re Su Man’s man and I, Su Wan, will find a man that belongs to me one day. I’m not asking for him to be wealthy or a scholar or a general. I just want him to love me. I’ll do anything for him.”

That day was his wedding day.

Su Wan’s words were clear inside Yue Qing’s mind.

At that time, he felt something towards her. He felt bad. Of course, that was only pity.

But now, thinking of this, Yue Qing felt something else.

Su Wan was going to marry someone else.

She was going to grow old with him?

Yue Qing suddenly felt a bit envious and jealous. He…regretted his decision.

He clutched the brocade bag tightly, his fingertips pinching his skin.

Clearly, one constantly thought about what they couldn’t have.

Things that you had but missed and would never come back were the deepest scars one would have for life.

“Yue Qing?”

Yue Qing had kept quiet the entire time so Su Man couldn’t help but call him.


Yue Qing snapped out of his trance and glanced at Su Man with a pale face. “Your Majesty, I don’t feel so well. I’m going to return and rest.”

Saying this, Yue Qing stood up and hastily left.

Su Man couldn’t help but narrow his eyes in the palace hall.

Yue Qing, do you…really still love her?

“Leng Ye.”

Su Man called out in a low voice. A black figure immediately floated out like a ghost. “Your Majesty.”

“Follow Yue Qing and monitor him.”

Hearing Su Man’s order, Leng Ye immediately nodded before vanishing…

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