Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 11 - Humiliated

Chapter 11 - Humiliated

Just then, Director Lin's secretary, Xiao Zhang, said with a smile, "There are many beautiful and capable women working in our hospital, and young men will often come here to propose to them."

Mu Chen glanced at roses before he asked solemnly, "It seems like this place doesn't need any equipment. After all, there's no space for the equipment at all."

The atmosphere grew heavy and tense immediately.

At this moment, the young nurses finally noticed the newcomers. When they saw the two newcomers, they could not help but inhale sharply. The two men with their strict director were incredibly handsome!

Meanwhile, Xiao Zhang felt that his attempt to lighten the situation had bitten his arse.

Director Lin's expression was stern as he barked, "What's this mess? Is this still the nursing department of a hospital? How can it be so messy? Secretary Zhang, hurry and throw these flowers out!"

Left with no other choice, Xiao Zhang hurried forward and grabbed the flowers closest to him, and began to throw them out.

The nurses were dumbfounded at this moment.

Secretary Zhang bellowed to the people behind him, "Why are you standing there in a daze?! Hurry and clean this up!" After he finished speaking, he snuck a glance at Mu Chen and Cheng Che. As expected, Mu Chen's expression had eased up.

Mu Chen pointed to the spot where the roses just vacated and said lightly to Director Lin, "We've taken an interest in a new type of nursing device. We'll send it to you for a trial first. The group will bear the cost."

Director Lin was overjoyed upon hearing Mu Chen's words. "Thank you, Mr. Mu! Thank you, Mr. Mu!"

Then, Mu Chen turned around and walked out. "Let's go to the canteen, and have a look. The doctors work hard so we must ensure that they have a healthy diet."

Director Lin hurried after Mu Chen and Cheng Che. He said with barely concealed enthusiasm, "Okay! I understand! Mr. Mu, this way! Please come this way!"

At this moment, only a group of dazed young nurses and the roses that were brutally thrown out by the director's secretary were left.

One of the nurses regained her senses first and asked, "Who's that?"

"I've seen him in financial programs on TV. He's Mu Chen, the president of the Mu Group and the favorite grandson of the Old Madam of the Mu family," someone replied softly in a voice filled with awe.

"Heavens! Is that true? Why did he show up in our hospital"

"Don't you know? Our hospital is owned by the Mu family. Didn't you see the director's attitude?"

"Where did he say he was going?"

"The canteen."

"Ah! I'm hungry. Let's go eat!"

"I'm hungry as well!"

"Me too. Let's go!"

With this, the young nurses all swarmed to the canteen.

Meanwhile, Feng Man who was left standing in front of the nurse's desk gritted her teeth as she stared at the roses in the trash can by the door.

Feng Man was annoyed. Those people only went after the rich and powerful. Were they not just flattering her a moment ago?

She scoffed as she thought to herself, 'What president? Fu Le will also become a president in the future. I'll be the future president's wife! What's so great about donating equipment? I can't wait to see the director bowing to me and flattering me after I marry Fu Le!'

Then, she picked up the phone, wanting to call Fu Le to complain to him. She wanted him to comfort her.

However, before Feng Man could place the call, the head nurse walked over with a fierce expression on her face and said, "Feng Man, are these roses yours? Clean them up immediately! As mentioned earlier, no one's allowed to send flowers to the nurse's station anymore! We are medical professionals who treat illnesses and save people; we must not forget our duty. Quick! Clean it up!" After she finished speaking, she walked away with her head held high.

Feng Man's chest heaved up and down and her breathing quickened as she tried to suppress her boiling rage. At this moment, she was even more determined to resign and leave this place in a grand manner so that these arrogant women would be green with envy.

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