Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 3 - Grandma

Chapter 3 - Grandma

"Bah! Brat, she's your wife! Why are you asking me if I'm satisfied with her? Miss, move a little closer to me. Let me have a good look at you." Jiang Jin motioned Song Ning to come closer.

Song Ning took a quick look at the room before she moved her eyes back to the elegant old lady who was lying in the middle of the big bed. The old lady's eyes were beautiful, but their beauty was eclipsed by the anger that shone in them. However, upon closer inspection, she discovered the old lady's eyes were actually twinkling with mirth. It was quite apparent now that the old lady was only feigning anger. When she recalled the soft pillow that was aimed at Mu Chen, realization dawned on her. She quickly glanced at Mu Chen and discovered he looked both nervous and helpless.

When Song Ning regained her senses, she calmly stepped forward and bowed. "Hello, grandma. I'm Song Ning."

When Song Ning stood next to the bed, Jiang Jin reached out and held her hand.

With this, the servant, Yu, hurriedly brought a chair over and invited Song Ning to take a seat.

In contrast to her treatment of Song Ning, Jiang Jin rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, who was standing at the side, and waved her hand impatiently as she roared, "You're blocking the light. Step aside!"

Mu Chen reluctantly moved aside, wondering where else he should stand in the 330-square-meter room.

Jiang Jin no longer minded Mu Chen as she held Song Ning's hand and looked at her carefully before saying in a gentle voice, "You're so beautiful. Tell me, did my lawless grandson kidnap you?" Then, she patted Song Ning's hand and continued to say with a solemn expression on her face, "Don't be afraid. I won't take his side. Tell me the truth. I'll teach him a lesson. Send him to the police station. I don't want this grandson anymore"

Song Ning patted Jiang Jin's hand with her other hand and said softly with a smile on her face, "Grandma, Mu Chen didn't kidnap me. Our marriage certificates are real. Here! You can take a closer look at them."

Jiang Jin looked at the marriage certificates on the quilt and raised an eyebrow. "It's a piece of cake for him to obtain fake marriage certificates."

Song Ning chuckled before she suggested, "You can ask someone to verify them online."

Jiang Jin nodded. "I'll investigate this thoroughly. I won't allow him to fool me! Girl, how much did my grandson pay you?"

Song Ning was startled when she heard Jiang Jin's words.

Jiang Jin confidently made a counter offer. "As long as you tell the truth and admit that your marriage with him is a farce, I'll pay you double of whatever he paid you." After she finished speaking, she shot a triumphant look at her grandson who was standing next to her.

Mu Chen was rendered speechless by his grandmother's words.

On the other hand, Song Ning burst out laughing. "Grandma, you're so cute."

Jiang Jin's eyes lit up when she heard Song Ning's words. "Oh, what a sweet talker! No one has ever praised me for being cute. Please tell me if he hired you. Did he fake marriage with you to fool me?"

Song Ning giggled before she swiftly changed the topic. "Grandma, do you have trouble sleeping these days? Do you have nightmares often and are easily awakened? Do you feel drowsy? Do you lose your temper for no good reason every afternoon? How about your appetite? Do you feel hungry but have no appetite to eat?"

A stunned expression appeared on Jiang Jin's face immediately upon hearing these questions.

On the other hand, Yu had an expression of amazement on her face. She looked at Song Ning intently and hurriedly said, "Yes, yes. Old Madam has been facing these issues recently. How do you know this, miss? W-what's your occupation?"

Song Ning chuckled and said teasingly, "I'm a fortune-teller."

Yu could not help but feel embarrassed when she heard Song Ning's reply.

At this moment, Mu Chen finally spoke up. "Grandma, Song Ning is studying Chinese medicine; she's a doctor. We are really married!"

Jiang Jin rolled her eyes at her grandson as she said, "So you didn't bring me a granddaughter-in-law, but you brought me a doctor instead? How long have you known each other? If you've known each other for a while now, why didn't you bring her to meet me when I first fell ill? Mu Chen, do you really treat me as a fool just because of my age?"

Mu Chen, who was at a loss for words, only muttered, "Grandma..."

At this moment, Song Ning gently explained, "Grandma, it's true that we don't know each other for long…"

Jiang Jin glared at Mu Chen with an expression that seemed to say 'I knew it'.

Song Ning looked at Jiang Jin with clear and calm eyes as she continued to say, "Grandma, haven't you ever felt as though you've known someone for a long time even though you've just met? The length of time we knew each other has nothing to do with us being married or not. What do you think?"

Jiang Jin's eyes brightened as she held Song Ning's hand again and said, "Girl, I'm only worried that you're being fooled by this punk. I forced him to find a girlfriend and even introduced girls to him, but he didn't take me seriously at all. All of a sudden, he brought you over when I threatened to die if he continues being single. Isn't this suspicious?"

"Grandma!" Mu Chen said through gritted teeth. However, he had no words to refute Jiang Jin.

Song Ning remained calm as she said, "Grandma, it's fine if you don't believe us. Time reveals a person's heart. We will prove it to you, okay? However, you have to get better before you can interrogate us. Why don't I give you an injection so you can sleep better? In the meantime, I'll cook something for you to eat. Would you like to try my cooking?"

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