Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 599 - Heartache

Chapter 599 Heartache

Jiang Jin sat on the chair next to Cheng Che’s bed and said, “Although I don’t have another grandson to marry off, I still like good girls. They’re hard to come by, after all.” After she finished speaking, she said to Cheng Che, “I really don’t understand how my silly grandson found a good girl like Jiahui. It’s really a blessing from the heavens.”

“Grandma…” Cheng Che looked at Jiang Jin, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Jiang Jin looked at Cheng Che with a smile on her face. It had been 28 years. In just a blink of an eye, the little baby had grown into a handsome young man. Just like Mu Chen, he was also her favorite.

“Your brother said you were distracted so you ran the red light and ended up in the hospital,” Jiang Jin said. She was angry, but she also felt her heart ache for him.

Cheng Che had a feeling that Jiang Jin had already known about the matter so he could not help but panic. “Grandma, I…”

Jiang Jin stopped Cheng Che when he was about to get up. Then, she held his hand and said, “Cheng Che, the Yin family came….”

Cheng Che’s eyes darkened. His grandmother’s grip was strong and warm. She was the source of his strength since he was young. He said softly, “Grandma, I’m your grandson.”

Jiang Jin nodded gently. “Of course, you’re my grandson.”

Cheng Che felt as though there was a lump in his throat upon hearing these words. Jiang Jin continued to say, “Your brother had already asked Han Mo to investigate the Yin family. There are quite a few problems with the descendants of the Yin family. Hence, I’m afraid they’re determined to bring you back to the Yin family this time.”

“Bring me back? For what? To carry on the family line?” Cheng Che quickly grasped the main point.

Jiang Jin gently pinched his hand and said, “Child, they want you to inherit the family business.”

Cheng Che scoffed. “I don’t care. I’m not going back!”

Jiang Jin smiled.

Cheng Che felt embarrassed when he realized he was acting like a child. Then, he said, “Grandma, I’m already 28 years old. I don’t want to acknowledge them nor do I want to inherit their business. I have my own ideals and career. I want nothing to do with the Yin family.”

Jiang Jin patted Cheng Che lightly after she let go of his hand and said, “Silly child, even if you express your feelings directly, I’m afraid the Yin family won’t let you off. Since they’ve already made up their minds, they’ll come to look for you again. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Cheng Che did not speak.

Jiang Jin continued to say as she sighed, “There’s also another thing you have to be mentally prepared for. Madam Yin has a niece called Guan Tang. It’s said that your mother arranged for you to marry Guan Tang, and the Yin family seems adamant that you marry her.”

Cheng Che’s eyes widened. “What?”

Sister Yu said, “They found a fiancee for you.”

Cheng Che looked at Jiang Jin and Sister Yu blankly before he shook his head and said vehemently, “No, no, I only like Jiahui!”

Then, Cheng Che instinctively looked at the door before he said in a hushed voice, “Grandma, Jiahui mustn’t know about this. Otherwise, she’d be unhappy with me. It wasn’t easy for me to win her over. We’re finally going to get married. Grandma, why don’t we bring the wedding date forward? I, I will marry Jiahui immediately!”

Jiang Jin looked at the flustered Cheng Che, feeling both distressed and angry. “Cheng Che, what are you panicking for?”

Cheng Che was taken aback.

Jiang Jin looked at him and asked, “What are you afraid of, Cheng Che?”

Cheng Che was speechless.

Jiang Jin sighed as she looked at him gently and said, “Silly child, it’s not good to hide from your problems. Think about the consequences if you continue to ignore your problems.”

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